How to make the best use of smartphones

Smartphones are called smart for a reason. Their inbuilt technology is enabled to perform some pretty neat, time saving tricks most of us are generally not aware about. Most of us use our smartphones for playing games like Candy Crush or Asphalt 8, using common apps like Facebook and Whatsapp and as saviours to get us out of awkward situations at large social events.

Here are a few things your smartphone can do that you probably didn't know about:

Identify Songs

I'm sure you've had that moment when a really catchy song is playing on the radio and you memorise a few lyrics to download it later but alas once you go back home after a tiring day you hardly remember what the song sounded like. With apps like Shazam and SoundHound , let your phone identify what's playing and save it in its history so you need not have to remember it later. The apps also provide lyrics to songs in a karaoke theme so you can sing along your favourite song!

Monitor Data Usage

If you've fallen prey to telecom companies who have not warned you about your data plan about to go kaput and then charge you for internet usage from your balance, then you my friend are not alone. Many a times we use the data more liberally than we intend do and almost all the times data companies take advantage of this and do not inform us that our data pack is reaching its end. From now on let your phone tell you about your data cycle, how much data you've exhausted and when it's time for a new recharge after feeding in the details. Never worry about exhausting the internet again!

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Manage Apps

If you're a parent or grandparent then you've probably been through the drill where kids come to ask for your phone to play games. You give your phone falling prey to their puppy eyes, only to find it loaded with games using up space and making it inconvenient to use your phone. From now you can manage apps better but creating "guest user accounts" to give each person a different account on the phone where they use their share of apps without being given access to the apps you use most. This is also a great tool to improve the privacy of your phone.

Advanced Lock Options

Forgot your 4 pin password or the intricate pattern you had set? When it comes to setting passwords we all tend to go a bit extreme as if our phones store high confidential data and we're undercover spies. From now on make the task simpler by enabling a Face Lock where your face acts as the password to unlock your phone. The software is so powerful that sometimes if you're wearing glasses your phone will not open the lock even to you. Give your phone that added security with face lock.
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Sharing Data with just A Tap

Long gone are the days when you used iTunes and Bluetooth to share data. Most smartphones are now NFC enabled which means you can share songs, photos, videos and even apps with other NFC enabled phones just by tapping them. Want to share a cool game with someone or want to let them know the new Shazam Song you discovered? All it takes is a tap from now on.

Streamline your Phone

Wouldn't it be nice if your phone could just obey you like a minion or a tiny robot? It's possible to achieve this with a few apps like Tasker which let your phone perform certain tasks once it's been programmed to do so. Want your phone to connect to the Wi-Fi when you come home? Want your phone to tweet on your behalf when you post something new? All you have to do is use apps like ITTT to make your phone obey your commands making it very simplified to use the phone.

Customise your Dictionary

This one is a real boon for those who like to text in Hindi as well as English. It is almost every person's nightmare to write something in Hindi only for your phone to change it using auto correct. Now you can use slangs and words from your local vernacular by teaching your phone new words by pressing on it long and letting it store in your dictionary. Your phone will then give you suggestions after you type a few letters to better speed up your texting and helping you chat more.

Sending Calls straight to Voice Mail

There are a few people we much rather avoid than have an embarrassing confrontation with them. Maybe an ex partner or a friend you no longer see eye to eye, you no longer have to disconnect their phones on purpose or ignore answering their calls. Just open the contact setting for that person and enable the feature of sending his calls straight to voicemail so you no longer have to be disturbed about having the talk you dread to have.

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Offline Map

We have all used the GPS feature on our phone telling us where to go or where we currently and it has greatly helped transform our lives. We however feel cut off in a place without internet connectivity. You don't have to feel insecure again. Just open the place you're likely to go to in Maps ands type "Ok Maps" in the page's search window to let it download that particular part of the map so you can use it in offline mode without internet and Wi-Fi as well.

Now allow your smartphone to do more by exploring it and discovering ways in which your smartphone will really amaze you and leave you thinking as to how far technology has come.

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Author: Timmappa Kamat16 May 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Good compilation and a great article. I, for one , use my smartphone for almost all my needs. I have been performing all my financial transactions like cash transfers and bill payments via the phone. One of the features I constantly use on my phone is the offline map. HERE maps from Nokia is my all time favourite in this section.

Other options to use the smartphone in the best possible way is to identifying the song tracks (I prefer Shazam for this), Banking applications( which will help you avoid using banking transactions on public PCs), scanning barcode/QR codes, booking LPG refills( via official apps),gathering train/bus information and many more.

In short, a smartphone can make your life more smarter.

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