Mad Max preview: Is it going to be any good?

Mad Max was scheduled to be released in 2014. Having being delayed by more than 1 year, has it been able to win our hearts yet? Let's find it out in this preview of Mad Max.

So we were all expecting something new like Just Cause 3 but what we got instead of that? Mad Max – a new drive-on-road shooter based on the film of the same name. We were all a bit skeptical about it as all they were showing were concept art and bits and pieces of information about this game. Now that they have finally showcased some footage from this game, we can finally talk a a bit more about Mad Max as we know what this game is all about and what to expect from this game when it finally releases later on this year. So without any further ado let's talk a bit about Mad Max and what it has in store for us –

Graphics are unbelievable

I had a look at the trailer as soon as it came out and all I was saying to myself was "Don't get hyped, don't get hyped". Of course, it was already a bit too late. I had already seen the full trailer and was looking for a place to pre-order the game. Unfortunately, you can't pre-order the game right now. It looks like we will have to wait a bit before they start accepting pre-orders. Honestly, it looks so great that its worth pre-ordering just for that trailer alone. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you go to YouTube and give it a glance. You'll be amazed.

All about driving

Yes, this is going to be mostly about driving across the huge wasteland that has nothing to offer to you. There are no hues, buildings or anything else for miles. So if you are getting stuck somewhere in between the dessert, you are dead. There is absolutely no doubt about it. You need to ensure that you have your bags filled with necessary life-saving goods as well as some weapons. Yes, there is no sign of life on the roads, but you never know when you may come across bandit adamant on looting all of your stuff and your car, thus leaving you to die in the middle of nowhere. Are you ready for the challenge? Grated, it's grilling, but it certainly looks fun. What I can tell from the trailer is, if not for anything else, this game is going to worth it just for the driving part.

More to be revealed at E3

Before you make any decisions about buying this game, you should know that there hasn't been much revealed yet. So you may never know what's going to come. Don't worry though. They have stated that they are going to reveal much more about Mad Max when the time is right. And by that they meant, they will be showing some gameplay footage and explaining a bit more about this game at E3 convention to be held in June this year. So brace yourself for some awesomeness. What wee can say for now is that it's going to make for a great show. The trailer has a lot of people hyped already, Here is hoping that it will live to the high expectations of people. At the end of the day, everything is up to them. Knowing their records though, one can safely assume that they are busy creating an awesome game right now. Surely, Mad Max is not going to let us down.

The world is huge

There are going to be hundreds of hours of adventuring in this game. If you are thinking about covering up the whole map by just walking, it's going to take hours before you can reach from one place to another. Besides that, waking alone and without any vehicle in the desert is sheer foolishness. Why would anyone want to do that? You have tons of vehicles to choose from. Just pick up one of them, customize it to your preference and you are ready to go.

While everyone is speculating how big this world can be, one thing is sure – it's going to be a lot bigger than Skyrim or Witcher 3. If it's going to be all about driving, how can this game be not at least bigger than those games? Moreover, Avanchale Studios is renowned for creating huge worlds. Just take a look at Just Cause 2 – their last game. That was so huge that it took hours to drive from one place to another. Heck, some places was set up so a from urban areas that there was no way you could reach there by car. You can expect something like that from this game. The world is going to be dizzying.


There are tons of open world games to look forward to this year, but Mad Max should be on top of your list, if it already isn't after watching the latest trailer. Mark my words – it's going to be one of the sleeper hits of 2015.

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