5 Games Similar to Age of Empires - Best Real Time Strategy Games

Are you a fan of Age of Empires series? Are you looking for some good real time strategy games like Age of Empires? Then, scroll down to see these five awesome games like AoE.

Age of Empires series and its success brought this genre to a whole new level and contributed to its popularity. But there are many more great RTS games like AOE and this list features the best of them. This is one of my favorite game genre and I have played a lot of them and this list my personal selection. The list is based on my personal gaming experiences, countless hours spent in game and a comparison with Age of Empires releases.

Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology is one of the best real time strategy games and it has been developed by the cool folks behind the AOE series. It focuses on the times of mythology, ancient Gods and antique civilizations. It's an awesome game for history fans and fans of highly developed RTS games.

The main structure of the game is a classic RTS scenario where you build your own city, gather resources, command an army and evolve through time. Everything is related to mythological themes and buildings are themed in the ancient style. You start as a small village and expand in a mega civilization with a huge religious structures and a glorious army.

There are three major mythological civilizations to choose in this game. You can select Greek, Egyptian or Norse civilizations and your entire interface will be themed based on your selected nation. Building inventory will reflect your decision, religious themes will be themed like your picked civilizations and you will evolve accordingly to historical facts of your nation.

Empire Earth

Empire Earth is a game that summaries the entire history of mankind and transforms into a futuristic adventure. It's a classic real time strategy game with all standard features like building your civilization, gathering necessary resources and taking care of your defense system. But the game really shows itself in the structure of different civilizations and the evolution of the entire gameplay. You start in a prehistoric age and need to advance in the cultural, academic and scientific ways in order to move to a greater level of humanity. Your skills and plan will determine your game because your opponent can attack you with a nuclear bomb when you're still riding horses in the Roman empire. It's a fun game with great challenges and awesome building inventory that reflects your current development.

Empire Earth is also one of the first strategy games that was released as a 3D game. You can freely change the view of the game, zoom in or zoom out and set the angle of your game until you have a total control over the situation.

Stronghold (series)

The first Stronghold game was released in 2001 and like all its advanced releases it focuses on middle ages and medieval warfare. It's the best medieval strategy game and its detailed in every aspect to bring the best possible medieval experience. You will get all the best parts of RTS games in one package - building your city, commanding your glorious army and managing your economy. You need to care for your people and rule them well, provide enough food for your nation and build a strong defense to prevent attacks from invading enemies. The game is a fun take on medieval life and medieval warfare and it's the best possible version of RTS game for history fans and fans of the middle ages.

Stronghold games offer many great campaigns that you can choose from (starting with the first choice between Economy campaign or War campaign), cool custom scenarios, multiplayer interface and an awesome free build mode. You can also create your own custom maps with the detailed map editor and make your own medieval worth from scratch.

Anno (series)

Anno games bring a great combination of classic real time strategy gameplay, great campaigns and warfare experiences. The series feature many different games that focus on different civilizations and eras. And each release has a detailed view on its time, a great inventory of buildings related to the particular time and an awesome story behind each mission. The gameplay is fantastic, based on actual events in human history and requires a lot of hard planning if you want to keep your role as a great ruler of the Anno world.

All your cities are based on island, from Europe to the Middle East. Each island is fruitful with different resources and you will manage to build a huge civilization if you control few islands. You should make great plans with your economy, religion and army because your opponents evolve fast and you need to work hard to compete with your enemies.

Rise of Nations

If you like RTS games then you should definitely try this one. Rise of Nations is developed by the folks behind Civilization and it's one of the best game like AoE. It's a great strategy games with all important features, awesome gameplay and lots of things to do while playing.

The game lets you choose from 18 different civilizations and evolve through 8 different eras of mankind's history. It's based on true facts and it's a great experience of history fans.

Game system is quite similar to Civilization interface where the area is territory based and you rise to power when you command more and more land. It's a great race to the ultimate domination and it requires clever strategies and great plan to overcome your opponents and become a leading force in your virtual world. Evolve through different civilizations and advance your scientific improvements to have the best possible army and the most sophisticated warfare machines.

So, these were some top quality PC games like the age of Empires. If you have any suggestions or comments you can share them in the comment section below.

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