GTA V PC Review: The System Crusher

GTA V has finally released on PC after a long wait. So how does it stacks up against the PS3 and Xbox versions? Let's delve in deep and find out more about it.


How does the Los Santos off PC version stack up against the console version that was released more than 1 year ago? Is the PC port good enough to justify a hefty sum off Rs. 3000 that you'll pay to get this game? Should you go for it? Considering the past records of Rockstar, the company behind GTA V, these questions are quite obvious. It's pretty clear that they have learned from their past mistakes though. They made it pretty clear in the beginning that they are not going to make a PC version of this game without polishing it up properly. And that's exactly what they have done. So how does the CP version stacks up against its console counterparts? Is it a letdown or is it going to live up to its own reputation? Let's delve in deep and find out more about it in detail –

The PC version was in the making

Yes, you heard it right. The PC version was in the making with the console versions from the very beginning back when they started taking about the game in public. Unlike the other Rockstar games, the PC version was not an afterthought. In a recent interview, Rockstar stated pretty clearly that they wanted to make the PC version as the best platform to play GTA V. Have they fulfilled their promises? Well, the answer is a bit subtle than a mere yes or no. Yes, in the sense that it's the best thing ever released on PC. They have got it all covered here. The PC version is the best version to play. Everything from Graphics, sound, Ambience to textures and dust particles, is so vivid on PC. That's the magic of a strong platform with tons of sheer raw power behind it. You can experiment with PC as much as you want without the ear that you will run out of sheer power. Rockstar has utilized the versatility of PC platform to perfection. That's for sure. You couldn't ask for more from a PC version of a game, especially considering that its Rockstar who is behind this game – a company that has a taunted history when it comes to porting games to PC. Better late than never. They have finally realized what they were losing on by not giving due attention to PC platform. Now that they have, the result is pretty overt. It's already raking second on Steam in terms of most popular games. Yes, people are lining up to buy this one gem of a game.

If Rockstar was skeptical about their games being profitable on PC, here is the proof. They don't; need to look at anything else. Here is hoping that they also bring Red Dead Redemption, the long awaited game, on PC.

A great port

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this is not a great port if you have played GTA IV and have presumed that GTA V is going to be another pile of shit. Ditch that thought right now. GTA V looks far better on PC that it will ever look on old-gen consoles. Heck, even new generation consoles don't come close to achieving the level of graphical detail that PC version offers. There is no comparison to game made here folks. Can you imagine playing GTA V on 60FPS on consoles? Yes, you can only imagine. On the PC, tough, this game actually runs pretty smoothly even on highest settings. I am more than 16 hours in this game and yet to encounter any kind of crash or anything like that, which is testimony to the fact that they have worked hard on this port. They have really optimized this open-world sandbox game for PC. Props to Rockstar for their dedication and staying true to the roots. PC is where it all began for Rockstar back in 1991 when they released their first ever GTA game. I am glad that they are finally starting to see the potential this platform holds. In short, if you want to give this game a shot, PC should be your best bet.


How can you not talk about mods when you talk about PC gaming? It's like committing a sin. Even though Rockstar haven't allowed anyone to or realised any tool to help gamers mod their game, some people have already managed to find a way around and mod the game to their liking. If you browse through the web, you'd find tons of trainers available or GTA V, some of them being unlimited life, money and more. Now, I know that cheating in a game is not seen as a good gaming habit, but do you really care about what's good and what's bad when you are crushing little kids under your car and shooting people in the head like a maniac? We all want to have a little bit fun, right?


GTA V has been my guilty pleasure for quite a long time now and if you are like me, I am sure that you'd love what this game to offer. It's a must play if you have like the previous games off his series. So get your hands on it while it's selling or cheap on Steam. The price is going to sell back up again to $60 before you know it. So get it for $40 and enjoy it for months to come. GTA V is one o those games that gives you every bang for your buck.

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