Most popular Moto G covers at Amazon India

Looking for cheap covers for your Moto G smart phone? This article provides a comprehensive list of over ten popular Moto G first and second generation covers which are currently available at e-commerce portal Amazon India. Check out the unique features and price of each.

With online shopping sites making it easier to check out smart phone covers, there is a huge variety to browse through before you make your final purchase. To save you even more time, here's a list of some of the popular covers available at the e-commerce portal Amazon India. The list is not exhaustive, of course, but is a general spectrum ranging from the dirt cheap to the high priced ones, not to mention varying materials and hues.

One major tip for buyers is to check the dimensions provided rather than considering the budget first and hence I have mentioned the dimensions of each flip cover in this article. What's more, do confirm for which model of Moto G the cover is suitable. Ones for the first generation may not be a good fit for the later generation one.

Budget covers

Mono flip cover

In ordinary black, this is the cheapest of the lot at just Rs.89 and does not look very appealing actually. It weighs just 41g. The Mono flip cover will protect your Moto G smart phone from scratches and bumps and it does not involve much effort to get it fitted to your phone or to remove it.
Moto G Mono Flip Cover
Dimensions: 19 x 12.7 x 3.8 cm

User likes: Only for its price!

User dislikes: Quality not "premium" as claimed. It tends to peel off and even cracked after one user dropped his smart phone. In short, it has a very short life of a couple of months.

Generic flip cover

9g more than the aforementioned Mono cover, this Generic flip cover comes in white with a price tag of Rs.95. It is supposed to save your Motorola G from dust & scratches.
Moto G Generic Cover

Dimensions: 17 x 10.4 x 1.8 cm

User likes: Available at half the price for same product at a retail store & looks elegant.

User dislikes: Does not fit the Moto G too well as it tends to have little space for the power button, which puts pressure on the button.

Mid-Range Covers

ENVY flip cover

Meant for the second generation Moto G as clearly stated by the company, it is in black colour. At 68g it has more weight than the other budget flip covers. The ENVY flip cover gives a stylish look to your smart phone & is said to be water proof. Price tag: Rs.136.
Moto G ENVY flip cover
Dimensions: 20 x 14.1 x 2.3 cm

User likes: Nobody seems to have liked this flip cover!

User dislikes: There are plenty of angry criticisms of this product. Apparently the image of the product is deceiving in the first place because while it shows slits over the speakers, in reality there is only a tiny one for the top speaker. Others have complained about difficult access to major buttons due to the bad fitting. One buyer makes no bones about the fact that this flip cover is a "design disaster".

Cablesetc S Line TPU

Made of soft silicon gel, this model in black is for the first generation Moto G smart phone. The company promises that it will protect your Moto G from suffering from bumpy experiences & its anti-dust property ensures your phone retains its good looks. Further, despite its incredible lightness at just 9g, due to the material, your Moto G can have a good rest on your vehicle's dashboard without fear of sliding around the surface. All functional buttons can be easily accessed due to its good fit. Price of the Cablesetc S Line TPU: Rs.118.
Moto G Cablesetc S line TPU cover
Dimensions: 13.4 x 8.7 x 1.4 cm

User likes: Everybody who bought it loved it. It is said to do exactly what it is supposed to do, namely, protect your Moto G from getting damaged due to an accidental drop. Those who have actually dropped their smart phones have found that the flip cover indeed protects the phone. Buyers have loved the design too, as it provides a good grip and the matte-gel combo material does give the Moto G a superior look.

User dislikes: Incredibly, nobody has really given a thumbs down to this product!

Cablesetc rubberised frosted hard back cover

From the same company which sells the S Line TPU flip cover and of the same weight, this cover comes with clear instructions: "Please make sure you have the same model before purchase." The rubberised hard cover is tough & durable, giving easy access to all the requisite ports and buttons of your Moto G smart phone. Price: Rs.138.
Moto G Cablesetc frosted rubberised hard cover
Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 1.4 cm

User likes: Other than good grip and non-bulky, not much to like about this product.

User dislikes: Buyers complain about the very poor quality of the inner surface of the flip cover, stating that it is likely to damage the Moto G over time.

0.3mm TPU

From brand Defender, this is a soft & clear transparent back cover for your Moto G first generation smart phone. It fits well, with access to the phone's speakers, camera, flash & microphone. At 41g, it is slim & lightweight. What's more, it is flexible too – a fact represented through the images which show the cover being bent and crushed in the hand (why anybody would want to remove the cover & crush it though is anybody's guess!!). Price: Rs.150.

Dimensions: 13.2 x 7.6 x 4.4 cm

User likes: One of the few people to have liked the product did have a grouse that the space for the camera is not enough.

User dislikes: Not much favoured by buyers, apparently of poor quality.

APS Silicone cover

Claiming to be a "genuine imported product", this silicone cover for the Moto G 2nd generation has gaps for the utility buttons, ports and camera of your smart phone. Price: Rs.149
Moto G APS Silicone cover

You can barely see the APS Silicone cover in the image, so it would likely be practically invisible in reality too!

Dimensions: 15.6 x 10 x 1.2 cm

User likes: It seems to be good enough in the given price range, but that's about it. Nothing that outstanding about it.

User dislikes: Quite a few buyers have rubbished its quality, stating that it tends to acquire a yellowish hue or a brownish tinge over time and that it is far too thin to actually be of use as a protection against damage in the event that you do drop your phone.

High range covers

Cubezap Mercury Goospery Diary Wallet flip cover

Tipping the scales at 82g, the uniqueness of this cover is that it has a magnetic locking button. That is, it locks the flap of the cover in place. This is a big plus point as if you drop your Moto G smart phone, the locked flap ensures it does not flip open & damage the screen. So essentially it is like a button-down wallet! Price: Rs.284.

Moto G Cubezap Mercury Goospery Diary Wallet flip cover

I loved its looks, just looking at this image!

Dimensions: 21.6 x 16.2 x 0.5 cm

User likes: One buyer has endorsed the locking feature as a great utility tool in case the phone is dropped. Others have liked the design with easy access to the phone's buttons.

User dislikes: I had a good laugh when I read the complaint of one buyer as it being "too girly looking"!! Nit-picking, I should say.

There is a similar Diary Wallet flip cover with a green colour on the inside and blue on the outside at the price of Rs. 295. The case has dual slots which is very handy to keep a couple of currency notes or visiting cards or even credit cards. Of course, if you are the forgetful type and tend to leave your smart phone here & there, best to keep those slots empty!

Dimensions: 20.2 x 12 x 2.7 cm

User likes: A couple of buyers have liked the colour combo, saying it makes their Moto G look really stylish, while others have endorsed its utility in protecting against damage.

User dislikes: A thumbs down has been given to the inner lining for not being a good fit. A criticism also for it not being easy to clean when it gets dirty.

Armor Hybrid Bumper hard cover

A most unique cover of 59g, it has a detachable dual layer & the company claims that it even reduces the chances of a signal loss! As implied by the name, it is like an armour for your Moto G. The 2 layers comprising the cover are: (i) a shock absorbent polymer layer and (ii) a tough polycarbonate shell. The outer layer fits around the inner shell to absorb impact when the smart phone is dropped or gets bumped against something. Scratches and smudges are also kept away. At the same time, there is full access to the phone's buttons. The coolest feature of this cover: a built-in stand which allows you to watch movies or browse the Net. Mind you, all this comes with a hefty price tag: Rs.499.

Dimensions: 20.4 x 10.2 x 2 cm

User likes: Lot's of things to like about this product! Buyers have loved not just the convenient stand as it is useful even while travelling on a bus, but also the fact that the cover slightly overlaps the boundaries of the phone, thereby protecting the front screen too somewhat. The slits for the very buttons are seemingly at the right places. Everybody has generally agreed that it is definitely value for money due to being sturdy & definitely protecting the Moto G when dropped.

User dislikes: Only one buyer complained that the stand did not last & a piece broke off after short use.

The above from brand Heartly comes in black. They also offer one in red, this one weighing in at 82g and thus being more bulky. The price tag too is heftier, the product costing Rs.799. Phew! Let me tell you, though, this was my favourite – it looks stunning! See the images of this product from all angles and I am sure you'll agree with my assessment. If I owned a Moto G smart phone, I would definitely spend those extra bucks on this cover as it gets brownie points on all aspects - looks, utility, sturdiness. So what's not to like?!


By no means this is an exhaustive list of Moto G covers available at Amazon India. I have just tried to give you a wide range as per prices to save you time! Also, don't think I am endorsing any of them - just providing information on each of the products listed. However, I must mention here that Amazon India is very prompt in delivering what you order, based on the products I have ordered from them (not the ones mentioned in this article).

Important Note: During the entire process of writing and submitting this article, the prices of some of the products changed dramatically. So a cover listed in the mid-range would likely be available in the least expensive budget range. Readers are therefore advised to check & compare the price of all the products at the Amazon India site.

[All images source: Amazon India]

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Hats off for such great compilation. What is most important is the fact that the article caters to each of the budget or ranges. Right from entry level to go high end buyers- the list appears quite exclusive.

A word of advice to the prospective buyers though - even if a cover appears expensive, it would be durable than the generic ones. So instead of spending over and again for the same item, it would be a wiser decision to spend once , though a bit hefty , and save on subsequent expenditures.

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