Android Game Walkthrough: Hay Day

Here in the article a detailed walkthrough of Hay Day game is given. It's an absolute fun pack for farm game lovers. I have shared a complete walkthrough, pros, cons and few tips to play the game.

Hay Day


Hay day is available for free to download game for Android users. The game is about 60 MB to download. It is an online only game and runs well on Wifi. Hay Day is a simple farm game which can make you hooked to it within a day. Farmville type game lovers should definitely try it. Connect with your Facebook account to get more neighbors/helpers. The player is supposed to farm and sell the resources. As he levels, up many more interesting activities will be unlocked. The player can buy animals and decorate the farm as he wishes.

Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5
Pros: Lively graphics, Realistic sounds of animals, Easy to play.
Cons: Hard to get diamonds, Online game.


Connect to Facebook: Hay Day is an easy farming game which can be easily understood by anyone. Farm game lovers would definitely love the game for its graphics. The player is supposed to farm, sell the goods and expand the business. The player can expand the size of the land, grow animals and decorate the farm. Player will be given the introduction and how he needs to farm like seeding, selling and buying goods. Connect to Facebook to get hooked with your friends who can become your neighbors and help you to buy any necessities.

Diamonds & Coins: The player will be given 30 diamonds when he starts the game. The diamonds cannot to be gained very easily so the player should use them carefully. If needed, he can buy with real money. The diamonds can be used to finish up few tasks immediately. Coins are easily earned because the player will be farming and selling goods daily.

Farm plots: The player will be given about 3 farm plots first. Later he can buy more. Whenever the player level ups he gets more plots to unlock. Firstly the player is allowed to grow only wheat and corn. Later on other crops will be unlocked. One benefit from the plots is, one square of farm plot to plant gives you 2 crops. The harvest can be done instantly using diamonds.

Trees and Animals: Trees and animals can be purchased by leveling up. During introduction chicken coop shows how to purchase animals and how to sell the products. In coming levels more animals will be unlocked like cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, goat, horses etc. You can sell eggs or can use them in baking bread. Same goes with milk, wool etc. Make sure you feed the animal's on-time. You can switch on the notifications to stay updated.

Buildings: Feed mill is available to the player from level 1 itself. Feed mill helps in preparing food for animals. The player can buy other production buildings like Bakery, Dairy, Sugar mill, Popcorn pot, Pie oven, Cake oven, Smelter, Jam maker, Candy machine etc. The production buildings unlocks as the player level up. Even the items in each production buildings will be unlocked slowly.

Mining: Once you reach level 24, mining will be unlocked. Here you can get silver, gold and even diamonds. Shovels and dynamites help in mining. The mining helps in giving more coins and diamonds. Your earning can be increased.

Selling products: Once you reach level 3, your orders can be seen on the notice board. When you click on notice board you can find the list of items. You can check the XP and coins gained in that particular order. It's not compulsory to take all the orders. Check your resources and then sell them.

Fishing: Once you reach level 27, fishing boat can be repaired. It costs lots of coins. After 3 days, the boat will be ready. On clicking on the boat you will be taken to an island where you can start fishing. First you will be given free lures to fish. Later you have to get them prepared. Each type of fish gives you diamonds or coins or XP. Nets, lures can be prepared in certain time which you have to wait for fishing.

Decorating and expansion: Decorating items are available from the market. No rules in decorating. The player can decorate or sell the decorative items when not needed. Expanding the land can be done when you have enough coins.

Tips to play Hay Day

You get free diamonds when the player levels up he gets diamonds, follows the Hay Day page on Facebook, uses Hay Day connect to Facebook which gives 5 diamonds and if you are lucky enough you can get 2 to 5 diamonds when you watch a game trailer while playing the game. You can also find diamonds in mystery box, mining can give you diamonds and by finishing up the achievements. To get coins, only one way is to sell more products. Buy the items in bulk from your neighbor's store and sell them individual. While clearing up the land you find mystery boxes which can give you diamonds, coins and other resources. By playing once in a day you can play "wheel of fortune" which gives you resources and other things. You can play once for free and later on you have to use diamonds.


Being a farm game lover, I just loved Hay Day and I suggest it to others as well. I am in 80th level so I am able to give detailed information about the game. I would have given 5 stars if the game wasn't a completely online game. To connect with other farmers we need to be using internet. As a conclusion I suggest farm gamers to try it and enjoy the game. It's very easy to play. Even kids can play it very easily.

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