How to save or convert all .spb contacts in .csv file extension using converter

This article helps you to convert .spb file extension contacts to .csv contact extension. Know how you can use Samsung Kies software to do this in a simple way.

Export and backing up contacts of mobile phone is usual process when user changes either mobile/manufacturer or version of operating system. This article tells how to convert and save all contacts from .spb file extension to .csv file extension.

When Samsung Wave or bada OS user backups the contacts, default file extension is .spb. However, .csv file extension is the common most file type by which one can save and upload all the previously saved contacts to new device. Thus, this is an important task to convert all .spb file extension contacts to .csv file extension.

Please follow these steps to convert all .spb contact to .csv contacts.

Step: 1
First, back up all your contacts of Samsung Wave or Bada OS. The saved contact file by default is of .spb extension.

Step: 2
Now, Download and install Samsung Kies software. Make sure you are using the compatible version as shown in the image given below.
How to save or convert all .spb contacts in .csv file extension?
Step: 3
Open the Samsung Kies software. There is no requirement of connecting your device or mobile phone while loading the Samsung Kies because you have already saved all your contacts. There is no need for further synchronization between software and phone.

Step: 4
Click on Contacts on the left side of the screen, and load the contact file with .spb extension

Step: 5
View all the contacts and right-click on any one of the contacts from the list.

Step: 6
Out of many options, you click on Select All and all the contacts will be selected. If you select only one contact name, only that name or contact will be saved or converted to .csv extension. Thus, you have to select all the contacts to enable complete file conversion to .csv.

Step: 7
Now, click on the Save As button on top of the screen.

Step: 8
Give the file name in the resulting window. Choose .csv file extension out of many extensions available viz. .spb, .csv & .vcf. If you do not do this, the resulting file will be in the same extension i.e. original .spb extension and all your efforts will be wasted.

In a nutshell,
How to save or convert all .spb contacts in .csv file extension?

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Now, the resulting file will be in .csv format and you can use it for uploading to any new device with a compatible OS.

How to convert all .spb contacts to .vcf card format?

For this operation, you need to follow steps 1 to step 5. The change is here. You should first make a folder at any desired location and browse that folder while doing the 'Save As' operation. Now, select .vcf option from a drop-down list of all extensions available. Click 'Save As' and all your contacts in .spb format will be converted to a single .vcf card file. Note: If you have selected all the contacts during 'Save As' operation and you have not specified any folder for that, all your newly converted .vcf cards will be scattered on that location or folder. Thus, you must save all your .vcf cards to a specific folder.

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