Prestige induction cooker models: compare versions

I have been shopping around for an induction cooker. In this post, I will discuss the difference between various versions and models of Prestige induction cookers and which model we ended up buying.

After seeing an elegant Prestige induction cook top with my sister, we decided to go and get one for us. We started looking around for a good induction cooker. Induction cooker works with electricity and is very efficient compared to traditional electric stoves. However, one of the biggest challenges we faced was, which model to choose. After reviewing many brands, we decided to go for Prestige. However, Prestige has many versions and models of induction cookers and even the multiple dealers failed to explain the difference between models or versions of their induction cookers.

After walking from shop to shop asking the difference between Prestige induction cooker models, I decided to write down the features and compare it my self.

Prestige induction cooker reviews

We found several models and brands of induction cookers. After some research and considering design, price and ease of use, we decided to go for a Prestige model. But choose a model from Prestige was more confusing than choose the brand itself. Prestige has several models and the newer ones are PIC 3.0 Ver 2 and PIC 6.0. They have other versions like 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0. Their version system is as confusing as Microsoft Windows version system (Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 8 and so on....). The serial number is not in the order the product was released. Prestige induction cooker model 3.0 v 2 is newer than version 4.0.

After some research, I figured out the difference between various versions of Prestide induction cookers and I have shared it here for the benefit of others.

Version 1.0:

This is an old version. It is a basic model and have push buttons (new models have touch buttons).

Version 2.0

This is biggest induction unit available from Prestige currently. The biggest just means it has a bigger surface and can hold cookers with larger bottom. It cannot hold any higher weight than any other models. All models of Prestige induction cookers currently available can hold 5kg weight.

One unique feature of the version 2.0 is, it has a big metallic ring on the surface, probably meant to avoid slipping off the cooker from the surface. This ring spoils the look of the glass top and also could make it difficult to clean the surface.

This model has a touch menu. In fact, most models have the touch menu and some have push buttons.

(The push buttons do not look very ugly since they are projecting only 1mm from the surface and looks like touch buttons on a quick look)

3.0 version 2

This is one of the latest models of the Prestige induction cookers and has a menu customized for Indian recipes (like Dosa, Idly etc). Additional recipes/menus do not do any good since the only purpose of any such quick menu is to set the cooking temperature instantly. But I doubt if anyone is going to depend on a predefined cooking menu. Rather, everyone would want to choose a cooking temperature according to the volume of food to be cooked, type of vessel and various other parameters.

One disadvantage of this model is, there is No child lock.

Version 6.0
This is one of the recent models like 3.0 ver 2. Looks pretty elegant and have few additional features.

Some of the features in this model are:

1. "Keep warm" button
2. Pause button
3. Child lock

Latest model of Prestige induction cooker
The model PIC 6.0 is the latest model of the Prestige induction stove. Unless you prefer a previous model due to some specific features in it, it is a good idea to go for the latest model. Most models of the PIC series are very similar except the PIC 2.0. This particular model has larger base and can hold cooking vessels with larger bottom. Also, this model has a metallic ring in the surface, which could make it difficult to clean but will help to hold the vessels from slipping off the surface.

Disadvantage with induction cookers

Induction cookers are energy efficient and can cook faster than normal stove since it has transfer heat to the food pretty quickly through the induction mechanism. The main disadvantage is, the inductions cookers are more expensive than normal stoves and normal cooking vessels and utensils cannot be used with induction cookers. Only steel vessels or utensils with induction base and flat bottom can be used with any induction cookers. However, buying special utensils is a one time investment and is worth going for it especially if you have difficulty in getting LPG.

NOTE: We ended up buying the Prestige induction cooker version 6.0. So far it works fine. No complaints from my wife yet (which is a very hard to achieve certification for any brand!)

Prestige Induction Cooker Models

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Guest Author: Pait21 Nov 2011

Thank you so much for this atricle, it saved me time!

Guest Author: Bono21 Nov 2011

Extremely helpful article on Prestige Induction cookers and good comparison.

Guest Author: Sriram12 Dec 2011

it was very useful and good comparison of Prestige induction cookers!!! Thank you so much dude!!!

Guest Author: Anurag03 Jan 2012

Please let me know which version is the best to use. I am confused with these version numbers.. With the above info I found 2.0 is quite comfortable. Please suggest the best.

Guest Author: SUJAN BHATTACHARJEE27 Jan 2012

Excellent post. I was looking exactly for this info on Prestige and was baffled with the sheer impractical model numbering. I wish yr post was higher up the ladder on google! reached this post after reading at least 15 mdeiocre posta. Cheers

Guest Author: 27 Jan 2012

Thanks to everyone who posted the comments. We ended up buying the Prestige induction cooker 6.0 and works good so far.

Typically, all you need is the ON/Off button and another button to set the minutes. Every other button on an induction cooker are just fancy buttons and are almost useless.

Guest Author: nagachandra Gargish31 Jan 2012

Thanks buddy, it is really helpful to me. I was really in confusion with version PIC 2 and 6. Now I made up my mind to go in for PIC6.0

Guest Author: mahendra07 Mar 2012

Good information as its making the shopping job simple a lot.

Guest Author: Vijay17 Apr 2012

Excellent post. The best post on prestige induction cookers with crystal clear differences til now! Thanks a lot!!

Guest Author: mac30 Apr 2012

Thanks for this beautiful review. made my job easy.

Guest Author: manoj10 Jun 2012

Thank you very much for the information.

Guest Author: Yuvraj01 Oct 2012

Really good Comparison, and thanks for sharing this valuable details. Though I have gone with all the websites and Shopping portals. Were as many of them offering some Omega Deluxe products/ Prestige induction cooker 5ltr Pressure cooker. But as i have inquired in Malls Bazaar and come to know that buying Induction cooker (PIC 2.0/PIC 6.0) Separately is more worth it saves around Rs. 1550/- which we can invest in whatever other Induction Kitchen item we can buy

Guest Author: Yuvraj01 Oct 2012

Really good comparison and thanks for sharing the valuable details. I have visited all the websites and Shopping portals. Many of them offering some Omega Deluxe products/ Prestige induction cooker 5ltr Pressure cooker. But I have inquired in Malls and market shops and come to know that buying Induction cooker (PIC 2.0/PIC 6.0) separately is more worthy as it saves around Rs. 1550/- which we can invest in whatever other Induction Kitchen item we can buy.

Guest Author: Yuvraj01 Oct 2012

Really good Comparison, and thanks for sharing this valuable details. Though I have gone with all the websites and Shopping portals. Were as many of them offering some Omega Deluxe products/ Prestige induction cooker 5ltr Pressure cooker. But as i have inquired in Malls Bazaar and come to know that buying Induction cooker (PIC 2.0/PIC 6.0) Separately is more worth it saves around Rs. 1550/- which we can invest in whatever other Induction Kitchen item we can buy

Guest Author: Vaibhav12 Oct 2012

Fantastic job Bro. Thanks man. After the recent announcement by our government to increase burden of petroleum gas on common man, induction is a must buy for people now. Your explanation helped a lot bro!

Guest Author: Abhi23 Oct 2012

Are there any brands of induction cookers that can be used along with the normal curved base steel utensils? Because I just saw one in a local shop. He quoted Rs 4,000 for that. It's a local B'lore based company.

Guest Author: Jennifer25 Oct 2012

Would like to know if you are paid to write this review on behalf of Prestige.

Guest Author: Johnson02 Nov 2012

Thanks a million for the effort.

I got 3 models of Prestige induction cookers as gift for house warming and wanted to know the difference between them. Ended up in this good article. Thanks again.

Guest Author: Lakshmanan03 Nov 2012

Thanks for your comparison. The pic6.0 is latest and it is for non Indian style, i.e the menu option. Compared to pic3.0v2, the pic6 has time setting of increase of 1 minute where as in pic3.0 v2 it is step of 5 minute. So I plan to buy pic6.0. Can anybody give power setting display wattage of pic3.0v2 for Indian menu? The pic2.0v2 also has 1 minute step increase, but size is bigger and the dust or anything may accumulate in the metal ring. So please let me know the power setting of pic 3.0v2.

Guest Author: Debashis Goswami09 Nov 2012

Extremely helpful for those who are looking for Prestige IC. It will save time and help us buy the right model.

Guest Author: Debashis Goswami09 Nov 2012

Extremely helpful for those who 're looking for Prestige IC. It will save time and help us buy the right model.

Guest Author: j.r.victor13 Nov 2012

Thanks so much for all that info. Its going to be very useful for people like me who have no idea about these numerous models and their fancy numbers!

Guest Author: NAGENDIRAN.S13 Feb 2013

Thanks a lot. You have helped so many people by sharing your views. Excellent work.

Guest Author: Liza Joseph24 Mar 2013

Thank you Tony. I was on the look out for an induction cooker. You have painstakingly done great work. I'm not going to think further, just move to a vendor and pruchase a Pic 6.0 version of Prestige induction cooker....tra la la la!

Guest Author: Dr P K Chhotray20 Apr 2013

Very much informative to arrive at buying dicision criteria. It is one of the educative articles for the prospective buyer. Thanks a lot.

Guest Author: Vijay18 May 2013

Thanks to you. Very useful & informative comparison. Have decided to buy 6.0 and this is surprise gift to my wife. Thanks once again.

Guest Author: Kannan27 Jul 2013

Nice article, I had the same problem with version numbering, unable to understand the ordering. I personally feel pic 6.0 should suit us best.

Guest Author: Just Looking10 Aug 2013

Thanks a lot for this comparison. I went to the Prestige Smart Kitchen website to look at the products, but there is no easy way to compare product features or to really understand why a product with a higher version number is cheaper than one with a lower number (both being sold on the site). They don't even have a website form to contact their website department to put up such a comparison.

I wish product manufacturers make their websites useful by providing useful comparison tools.

Guest Author: puja sinha02 Sep 2013

Please guide me about the timer function - for the various types of food how much time to set?

Guest Author: Senan18 Nov 2013

I brought this cooker 2 year back. Last week it stopped working and there is some shortage due to IGBT break down. I have given it for service in Prestige authorized service center. When I went there I found lot of people having similar issues with their induction cook-top.

Replacement of IGBT costs 450 Rs and replacement of power board costs 1100 Rs as per service center. Prestige induction cook-top is not a good product.

I would suggest everyone to buy Philips Induction Cook-top as it is a very reliable cooktop in terms of quality and service.

Guest Author: kranthi Kumar07 Mar 2014

You have done a great job. I really thinking what all these PIC are?

Guest Author: Madhu23 Sep 2014

You did a pretty good job on sharing your reviews and Analysis. This helps people to choose the right one.
Thanks a lot.

Guest Author: Saravanan03 Dec 2014

Wonderfully scripted information about various models of prestige induction stove...
Cleared my doubts abt the various models..
Really useful one

Guest Author: Raj27 Jan 2015

Are there any models available in India, in which we can use the rounded bottom vessels on the induction cookers?

Guest Author: Avinash K30 Jan 2015

Thanks a bunch for this article! Will probably go for PIC 3.0.
But can induction cooktops be used to boil large quantities of water considering they can hold only 5kg weight?

Guest Author: Shreerupa Dutta02 Feb 2015

Thanks so much, for taking all the pain in compiling all the data in such an organised form!

Even I faced the same difficulty, I have wasted so much of time in comparing all brands and all models of prestige. I wish I would have found your post earlier. It would have saved me so much of confusions.

Hats off to your efforts. Thanks a ton.

Author: Timmappa Kamat17 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I have been searching for a good induction cooker since long. Every search made me more confused with no details on what differs in each of these models. They just provided technical jargon. I was not aware of this article in spite of being a TEC member. Accidentally, came across this today, and must say it is a comprehensive and informative article on the topic. Thanks for making me understand the exact difference and helping me decide the model.

Author: Mukhtar11 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I already have one and planning to buy one more. As of now a gas cylinder is costly and involves a very difficult procedure to get it. Moreover behavior of the suppliers are very rude. So it is better to go with Induction Cooker. We live in joint family of 10 people and 2 kids. So it is very good to buy version 6 of PIC. Thanks for guiding with this useful information.

Guest Author: gajanan16 Jun 2015

Excellent information about various induction cookers. My own confusion is over as I was searching for this information and your article was really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Guest Author: Sai Ram T10 Oct 2015

Good job! Really informative and deals with the required data about various Prestige induction cooker models.
Thank you for the details.

Guest Author: Dr. Apurva Pathak14 Oct 2015

Can somebody update me about the latest model in induction cook top from Prestige ?

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