Top 3 SMPS manufacturing brands one can trust

Are you confused about which SMPS brand to trust? Here I am to help you. Go through this article and know about the 3 best SMPS manufacturers and the variety of their devices in the market. This article gives you an idea about which SMPS brands is trustworthy and which one provides the best Power Supply Units for your desktop PC.

SMPS, short for Switch Mode Power Supply, also known as Power Supply Unit (PSU), is a device fixed in every desktop PC that controls the power supply according to the requirement of various components. Citing an example here, you must have observed while playing a heavy game on your PC, you sometimes hear a heavy exhaust noise from the cabinet. Due to more power usage during tasks like these, the system gets hot and various fans in the cabinet (one in SMPS) start rotating to cool it down. This is how an SMPS controls the power needs of the PC i.e. more power when there is extra load and less power when the PC is doing the regular everyday tasks. So, choosing a good, trustworthy and durable SMPS for your PC is very important.

There are many SMPS manufacturing companies in the market and the users often get confused about which brand to trust. So, here I am with this article to help you gain information about the 'Top 3 SMPS manufacturing brands' that you can trust!

Antec Power Supply Units

I will place this company at the top. This is the one I use in one of my old PCs and believe me, I never had to change or replace it. The slogan of this company, 'The power you can depend on' really means what it says. This company has a large range of SMPS for desktop PCs:

Power Supplies from Antec:
Basiq Series | VP Series | CP Series | Earth Watts Series | High Current Gamer | High Current Pro | Signature Series | TruePower New Series | TruePower Quattro Series | NeoPower Series

antec power supply units in the market

This variety from Antec gives their customers a great choice to choose the best SMPS for their PCs. One of the newest SMPS series from Antec is the NeoECO series. The NeoECO series boasts of small sizes, efficiency (up to 90%), durability (3 years manufacturer warranty), less power consumption, silent (no significant noise generated) and more importantly the new CoolSense technology which enables it to maintain the temperature of the system evenly at almost 25°C. In short I must say that Antec is one of the leading SMPS manufacturers and always provides their customers quality and durable products.

For more details, please head onto Antec's product info page:

Corsair SMPS

Corsair is another leading PSU manufacturing brand and also has a good variety of the Power Supply Units available in the market. Since this company has not collaborated with any PC manufacturer, it is not no popular among the branded computers. However, you will find Corsair PSUs fixed in many of the assembled desktop PCs. Below is the list of the top SMPSs made available by Corsair for PCs with different requirements.

PSUs from Corsair:

corsair smps in market

PSUs from Corsair have great quality and durability. The power wattage varies from as low as 250w to as high as 1500w, the efficiency of these PSUs from Corsair are up to 80% which is very much considerable. The warranty periods provided by Corsair are different for different PSUs ranging from 3 years to 7 years which is really appreciable. These PSUs have the ability to maintain the output temperature between 30°C to 50°C. These features provided by Corsair compete aggressively with the other SMPS manufacturing companies.

You can get the details of their SMPS devices via the below URL:

Sea Sonic PSUs

This is another top manufacturer of Switch Mode Power Supply units, albeit with an average range/variety of PSUs available in the market. This Chinese company is popular for providing cheap yet quality power supply units for PCs. Sea Sonic gives users 3 choices regarding SMPS for your computer. Below are those three variants.

PSUs from Sea Sonic:

sea sonic PSU in the market

The above three mentioned variants are their PSU categories and under each category, there are about 10-20 SMPS models which you can choose according to your PC needs. The prices of SMPSs by Sea Sonic are worth mentioning. Comparing to above mentioned SMPS manufacturing companies, you can save up to Rs 1000 per device, but it is obvious that the quality and service will differ. For detailed information of Sea Sonic SMPS, please go through the following URL:

Wrap up

These were the top 3 SMPS manufacturing brands you can go for. My conclusion is that if you want a high quality and long lasting SMPS for your computer, then go for Antec and if your budget is too low, you can choose Sea Sonic as an alternative. The mid rated Corsair is also a good choice to go for in case Antec is not available in a particular location. That is all for the best SMPS brands in the market. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to respond via the resource response box below.

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Author: Timmappa Kamat03 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Good list of SMPSs. You seem to have covered almost all major brands out there. Great compilation indeed.
An SMPS can be compared to the heart of a system because it pumps in the power to various components within a PC as and when the need arises. So to stop a machine from suffering a "Heart Attack" - one should be wise enough to choose a better SMPS -keeping in mind the requirements and the configurations of one's system.

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