What is occupying your hard drive without your knowledge and how to get rid of it

As phones and tablets have adapted to our life, a problem that seemed to have eased in traditional computers has reappeared on mobile platforms: the lack of space to store data. So now the added difficulty is that we need to free not only of our computers but also our phones and tablets. And you can not fix it lightly with an external hard drive and some organization, because sometimes you do not even know what are filling the storage space. Let's see how to fix it.

OS X: discovering which folders hide more gigabytes

In the latest versions of OS X, it is very simple to find out which files take up more space, there is a button on the toolbar where we find folders classified by size so that we can go entering the folders occupying abnormally large space and discover the culprits files.

Once we find them and depending on our judgement, we can move these files to an external hard drive, or simply upload them to a directory on the cloud to free up space on your Mac. Remember, always make a backup of anything.

iOS: ranking of the most "obese" applications

If we go to the iPhone and iPad, the process is reduced to a step: access the Settings section and enter Manage Storage. We will find an ordered list of applications that occupies more space, with the option to remove them if you click on its name.

Here we must bear in mind that what occupies space can be the app itself (as with games) or the application data. If your device has only 16 GB, you always have to spare, you can always follow these tips to depend more on the cloud and be more demanding in installing programs.

Android: solutions for each model

Cleaning up Android systems is not difficult, but you need to take an extra look depending on the phone you have because each manufacturer offers its own customized version of the system. In addition, it also comes with SD card, which can be used as a "drawer" to save data when the internal phone storage falls short.

Some things we can do before is sacrificing some applications cache. You may delete these temporary data and get the space we need. If not, access the Android settings and click Storage. There we can see where our memory is used on both your phone and SD card if you have one.

It is from here that we can also choose whether you want to install third-party applications on that card, or we can go to Settings > Applications to see detailed description of each program records along with what they occupy and activate the option to move all the data to SD card . Or if you want to see a much more direct way, you can use the free application DiskUsage that will generate a graph with all your occupied space.

Windows / Windows Phone: the advantage of SD card

Windows has also suffered the same problem of the latest iOS that the storage devices and systems are required to be updated. Those on a Surface with 32GB of storage can start with 5 GB of free space on Windows 8 virtual memory reducing and eliminating the paging file,

As for our personal files, Windows Phone have the Storage section from which to check what type of data is the occupying more space. And like Android, if you have an SD card you can also check what's being filled and select where you want to store applications and data.

In Windows 8 with the Metro interface, we can manage storage for applications and data in the same way accessing Settings -> Change PC settings -> General and clicking on available storage. It's all about distinguishing between applications, data each store's, and the possibilities that each system gives to move that data to cards or cloud services. We are in the best time because for that, Microsoft provides 100 GB of free space in OneDrive when you buy Windows 8.

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