How to join Google Consumer Surveys to make money?

Google Consumer Surveys is a new opportunity from Google for the publishers to monetize their premium online content. Learn how this program works and how to join.

Google is expanding "Consumer Surveys", their new platform for online publishers to monetize online inventory. This program works along with AdSense and you need an AdSense account to join. Google has been testing this platform for about 2 years with some selected publishers and now it is available for all publishers from selected countries.

How Google Consumer Surveys program works?

Publishers have to integrate a special script into their webpages and also wrap certain part of the premium content using a special tag provided. When the page is loaded, the wrapped content will be grayed out to the reader and a short survey will be displayed in that place. Publishers can choose only a specific portion of the page to be hidden for the survey.

Readers have the choice to answer a few questions or skip the survey. Once the questions are answered or the survey is skipped, the content will become visible.

The bottom line is, big publishers can use this platform to hide certain premium content from the readers until they respond to a survey (or, skip the survey).

Publishers will be paid US$ 0.05 per question answered by the reader. Each survey can have a maximum of 10 questions, which means publishers can earn a maximum of US$0.50 per survey. The earnings from survey will be credited to the AdSense account of the publisher.

The survey content is not contextually targeted.

Once a user completes a survey, no other surveys will be shown to the same user for next 7 days. This means, even if the user access other premium content that are wrapped in survey script, they will still see the content directly without being grayed out.

How to join Google Consumer Surveys

If you are an online publisher from USA, UK or Canada, you can join this program. Visit to join Consumer Surveys program as a publisher.

Google Consumer Surveys

Integrating consumer surveys into your website involves a few steps:

1. Place the survey script in your web page

2. Wrap certain premium content in the page using a special tag and script, as shown below:

<div class="p402_premium">
<script type="text/javascript">
try { _402_Show(); } catch(e) {}

3. Start seeing surveys on your page.

Test surveys will run on your site for up to 30 days, until the site is reviewed and approved by Google. Once your application to join this program is approved, you will start seeing paid surveys.

Criteria to join Google Consumer Surveys

In order to participate in this program, publishers must meet the following criteria:

1. Publisher should have an approved AdSense account associated with the Google Id from which he is applying for the program. This account is used to receive the earnings and publisher is not required to show AdSense ads on the site.

2. Currently this program is available for publishers from USA, UK and Canada only. Eventually, the program may be extended to other countries.

3. There is no minimum impression requirement. So, you can choose to show surveys only in your premium content pages.

4. Survey earnings are credited directly into the AdSense account and paid out as per normal AdSense payment schedule.

5. Publishers are required to maintain a 10% completion rate to continue to serve microsurveys, which is the average calculated per month.

User experience

I have integrated the survey script in this page and wrapped the above paragraph using the survey tags (heading: Criteria to join Google Consumer Surveys). You will see it in action if you try to read this article from USA, UK or Canada. The entire content in this page will appear normal, except that the above paragraph will be hidden and the survey will appear in that place.

In my opinion, the consumer survey doesn't provide a good user experience. The content wrapped in the special tags are hidden with gray lines. The images in the page are shaded out. The survey appears in the beginning of the tagged content and the survey format resembles other ads in the page. Readers may misunderstand the survey with an Ad and may not realize that they are expected to complete or skip the survey to read further, even though there is a small label that says the same.

See how the survey appears in this page, when viewed from USA
Google Consumer Surveys
If you are reading this article from USA, UK or Canada, you can see this survey in this page

It is difficult to distinguish the survey from the other elements in the page. The page appears a bit confusing to the readers since they might ignore the survey thinking it is an Ad and will be wondering why the rest of the page is grayed out.

I think Google should work on this user experience problem. Many bloggers have reported that they have already pulled out the survey script due to the negative user experience. If the survey appears as a popup or sliding layer, that would give a clear indication to the reader why the content is hidden and would let them skip or answer the questions to proceed.

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Author: Timmappa Kamat19 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A great earning opportunity for the publishers. Your tips on how to join and configure the consumer survey make excellent reading. Just hope to see Google coming up with solutions to the issues you have raised.

Author: Namita Terse20 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hello Sir,

Can this system be used for sites through blogger? If yes, please put some light on procedure.

Author: vishwanath nayak20 Feb 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

Thank you for sharing this article with us. You are source of great inspirations and ideas.

But it is showing this below error:
Element type "scr" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>" whenever I am trying to save HTML code in my Blogspot / Blogger site template. Please help.

Author: Bhakti Savla26 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Kudos to the author for coming up with another great alternative for bloggers and publishers to make money from their websites. I quite liked this Google surveys option.

I have a finance-based site developed for my Indian client and after India, the most number of visitors for this site are from US, UK and Canada. So, can I embed Google Consumer Surveys on my website where I am already displaying ads from networks like Infolinks, Madadsmedia and Revenuehits. In simple words, I am not using my approved Google Adsense account to display Google ads as of now because the site is still just 2 months old. In such a case, can I go for Google Consumer Surveys?

Guest Author: Alec01 Apr 2015

NOTE: I am currently consulting for Survata.

We offer a similar product, and have our own Survata Publisher Network. We pay $0.20-$0.50 per validated response to qualified publishers. Also, we work with several sites that are also using Google Consumer Surveys, as higher traffic sites can run into survey inventory limits using just one surveywall provider. We are also very simple to integrate, just a JavaScript tag. For more information, shoot a note to publishers AT survata DOT com

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