Review of Kingston MobileLite Wireless Card Reader

I recently reviewed Kingston MobileLite Wireless, which is a wireless card reader. It is a very handy device to access contents of SD cards and microSD cards on your smartphone, without having a computer. Read this review to learn more about Kingston MobileLite Wireless and find out how it is useful.

I use a Canon DSLR camera and I often come across situations where I want to quickly upload some of my newly captured photos to the web. But often it is inconvenient since I have to take out the SD card from the camera, find a computer with internet connectivity, insert the card and upload it. I have been thinking about a digital camera which can be connected to internet to upload photos directly from the camera but unfortunately, there are no budget cameras that come with the kind of connectivity options I am looking for.

An alternative approach is to capture photos using my smartphone and then use its mobile data connectivity to upload the photos. However, this is also not a feasible approach since the camera in the smartphones are not professional quality cameras and hence the photos are not really high quality.

There are many Android based point and shoot cameras but that too don't often give good quality. I was looking for some alternatives to solve this problem.

Last week I came across a gadget called Kingston MobileLite Wireless, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Kingston MobileLite

What is Kingston MobileLite Wireless?

Kingston MobileLite Wireless is primarily a portable wireless card reader and also a power bank for your gadgets.

It has a full sized USB port, a micro-USB port, a power button and 3 LED indicators.


Few of the functions of this device are explained below:

1. You can insert an SD card into the SD card slot to access its data wirelessly from other devices like mobile phone. The device comes with a microSD to SD adapter as an additional accessory, which allows you to use a microSD card as well.

2. Once you insert the SD/microSD card and turn on the WiFi on the device, you can connect mobile devices to Kingston MobileLite Wireless by using the MobileLite mobile App on your mobile phone.

3. In addition to the SD card/microSD card, you can connect other storage devices like external hard drive, USB drive etc using a microUSB cable and access the content using the mobile devices.

In order to access the files from the cards or other storage devices, you need to install an application called "MobileLite" on your mobile device. Just launch the MobileLite app on your phone or tablet and you can quickly setup the private network to share files.

Kingston MobileLite

MobileLite as a Power Bank

If your mobile phone's battery is running out, you can use this device as a battery charger. Just connect the device to the phone using the USB cable and your phone will be fully charged quickly. The 2600mAh battery is good enough to charge most of the smartphones for one time. Even though MobileLite is not designed to be used as a power bank, it comes handy when you are travelling.

Kingston MobileLite

How to use MobileLite

MobileLite has a power button and 3 LED indicators. The first indicator shows the power ON/OFF status. The second indicator is the WiFi indicator. If the device is ON and the WiFi is turned, this light will be ON. The third light turns on when you enable WiFi on this device.

Kingston MobileLite

A single press on the power button will turn on the device. You can use this as a mobile phone charger in this mode. If you like to turn on wireless and use it as a wireless card reader, long press the button when the device is off. The third light will turn on first and in a few seconds, the second light will turn on, indicating the WiFi is ON.

When the WiFi is ON, you can see this WiFi network from your WiFi enabled computers and smartphones. Connect to this WiFi to make the data available over the network.

Kingston MobileLite

When you launch MobileLite app on your smartphone, you will be prompted to perform some basic tasks to setup the app and connect to the WiFi network of MobileLite device. Follow the simple instructions to wirelessly connect to the MobileLite device and the storage devices connected to it. You can access the photos and videos and also perform basic tasks like uploading to the web.

Overall review

Kingston MobileLite is best used as a wireless card reader for smart phones and tablets, which does not have a built-in SD card slot or USB drive. You can insert storage devices such as SD card, microSD card, external hard drive, USB drive etc to this gadget and access the files from the mobile devices.

The primary use of this device in my case is to upload photos to the cloud from my camera without having to find a computer to copy the files. I can easily insert the SD card from the camera to MobileLite and then access it from the mobile phone to upload to my Facebook or other social profiles.

On disadvantage I found is, it may not work with certain hard disks that require significant power from USB to work. The USB output from this device doesn't provide a lot of power required by many external hard disks. However, it will work perfectly with SD cards, USB flash drives etc.

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That is an excellent share. The wireless mode of operation is really innovative. Thanks for this valuable information.

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