KSEB electricity tariff and slab in Kerala

If you are looking for the KSEB electricity bill tariff rates and slab system, you are in the right place. Find out how your electricity bill is calculated and how the telescopic slab system works.

The Kerala State Electricity Boards (KSEB) has revised Electricity Tariff for domestic users in Kerala. The new tariff is applicable from August 16, 2014. The Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission is governing authority of Government of Kerala to look after power supply, consumption and related issues in the state. The domestic consumers using less than 40 units a month are exempted from tariff hike. The power subsidy is available to BPL families only.

What is telescopic billing?

KSEB follows a slab system for electricity billing. According to this slab system, there are different rates applied for different slabs of electricity consumption. As you move up in the slabs, the rate per unit goes up significantly. You will be billed different rates for the units consumed according to the slabs. This is called telescopic billing.

Under the new arrangement, KSEB follows a Slab System to bill consumers. The new rates for each category are given below:

KSEB tariff rates and slab systems

Electricity Charges and new slab system in Kerala

For the first 40 units who come under the BPL Category Candidates with connected load 1000 watts or below, the rate is Rs 1.50 per unit. Even for BPL category, if the monthly consumption goes above 40 units, the following general rates are applicable for BPL category as well.

Telescopic billing

Monthly Slabs (Units) Rates Per Unit
0-50 unitsRs 2.8
51-100Rs 3.20
101-150Rs 4.20
151-200Rs 5.80

The telescopic billing (rate goes up in each slab) applies only if your total monthly electricity consumption is less than 250 units. If your consumption exceeds 250 units, then the following non-telescopic slabs and rates apply:

Non-Telescopic Billing

Monthly Slabs (Units)Rates Per Unit
0-300Rs 5.00
0-350Rs 5.70
0-400Rs 6.10
0-500Rs 6.70
Above 500Rs 7.50

Fixed Charges

Single Phase: Rs. 20 Per Consumer Per Month

Three Phase: Rs. 60 Per Consumer Per Month

How to calculate the KSEB billing details

Let us consider few examples:

Example 1: Consider your usage is 240 units of electricity in a month. Your bill will look like this:

Fixed charge: Rs 20 (single phase)
First 50 units: 50 x Rs 2.80 = Rs 140
51 to 100 units: 50 x Rs 3.20 = Rs 160
101 to 150 units: 50 x Rs 4.20 = Rs 210
151 - 200 units: 50 x Rs 5.80 = Rs 290
201 to 240 units: 40 x Rs 7.00 = Rs 280

Total monthly bill: Rs 1,080/-

Example 2: If your monthly consumption is above 250 units, the non-telescopic billing is followed. Let's consider a sample consumption of 260 units per month. In this case, your electricity bill will look like this:

Fixed charge: Rs 20 (single phase)
Cost for 260 units: 260 x Rs 5.00 = Rs 1,300 (flat rate for every unit consumed)

Total monthly bill: Rs 1,320/-

** KSEB raises bi-monthly bill to most consumers in Kerala. Even in that case, the rates are calculated based on monthly consumption. They will just combine 2 months bill amount into a single bill.

The KSEB now follows Slab System to bill home consumers also called domestic users or domestic consumers. As we can see from the table above, the highest rate Rs. 7.50 Per Unit is applicable to domestic consumers using 500 units or above per month. Telescopic billing is applicable for all consumers using 250 Units per month or below. This implies, for first 50 units customers will be charged less, for the second 50 units more. The charges will go up for the uses gap of every 50 units. However, customers utilizing above 250 units of power will come under Non-Telescopic Billing System, which means the tariff is applicable for the wholesome units of electricity consumed per month. With the new tariff plans the average revenue realisation on a unit of electricity supplied to domestic consumers will be Rs. 3.75 for the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).

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Author: Timmappa Kamat19 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I have found many consumers including me who are confused about the exact calculations involved in arriving at the bills by the electricity department. This article is really a blessing in disguise to understand it. Your simple and easy style of writing is just too helpful.

Guest Author: Brahmadathan K B25 Mar 2015

I am sorry there is a small error in your calculations. In example 1, you have considered the monthly consumption as 250 units but the calculation is only for 240. Must be a typographical error.

Author: Tony John25 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


Thank you for pointing out the mistake. I have corrected it now.

Guest Author: Sijo29 Mar 2015

Thanks for the information.

Guest Author: Anantheshwar15 Apr 2015

Hi Tony,

My consumed units: 431. What will be my bill amount? I got 2000 + 40 + 12 = 2052 charge.

As per your blog, Non-Telescopic Billing should be followed in this case and I fall in the 0-500 bracket for which 6.70 is charged per unit. 431*6.70 = 2887 should be charged. But I am charged only 2000.

Can you tell me how they arrived at the figure 2000, fancy number isn't it? :)

Guest Author: Maju Peter26 Apr 2015

Hi Tony,

I am billed bi monthly and consumption is 691 units, and I am charged 4333+40+12=4385. According to you, it might be 345 * 5.70 = 1966.5 * 2 = 3933, then how it came to Rs 4333/-?

Is there any hidden cost with KSEB? Am I right?

Guest Author: Harikrishnan A13 May 2015

Dear Anantheshwar,
As per my understanding, you will fall under telescopic billing ie consumption below 250 units/month.
50 4.2 210
50 5.8 290
15.5 7 108.5

"Fixed charge
(if single Phase)" 20

bill/month 928.5
Total bill 1857

Guest Author: ANVARPKHAN21 May 2015

Hi Tony< I also have same issue like Anantheshwar (456 units - bill came 2912+40+12=2244 for 2mnths). It is still not clarified. Please help.

Guest Author: syamkumar04 Jun 2015

What is the duty charges? They remit 10% duty charges on energy charges.

Guest Author: Narayanan.E.P.05 Jun 2015

How the calculation of 567 units comes to Rs.3171/=
I am charged Rs.3171=00.Bimonthly consumption is 567 units.
How this amount is arrived?

Guest Author: VAIDHYANAATHAN.P.R.24 Jun 2015

My consumption of electricity after changing to an electronic meter from 5/5/2015 to 17/6/15 is 334 units and the amount is 1531+Duty 153+fixed charge 40+meter rent 12+ as per the old analog meter reading I was charged 112(19 units)=total Rs.1848. Here the reading is taken bimonthly and the connection is single phase only. I wish to know how they are calculating?

Guest Author: Sunil Thomas01 Jul 2015

Please put the billing details on the reverse side of the bill so that each consumer can understand the billing system clearly without any ambiguity, and also publish in the newspaper occasionally.

Guest Author: Sanju19 Jul 2015

Would you kindly be able to shed some light on how the deposit is calculated for bi-monthly 3 phase users billing?

Guest Author: Thomas24 Jul 2015

I found the information in this article very useful. I was under the impression that 3 phase tariff rate is higher than single phase. Is that correct?

Guest Author: abhi24 Jul 2015

Hi Tony, Kudos for your efforts! I normally consumes around 169 units and I feel that I paid around 650. I looked for the Bill and it was misplaced so am not sure some pending bill amount was added. What should be the exact charge I would need to pay if it is around 165 units? I have bimonthly billing plan. If 540+ would be my energy charge?

Guest Author: jamsheed27 Jul 2015

Hi Tony,
How can I calculate my KSEB bill from a digital meter?

Guest Author: A C Vijayan29 Jul 2015

From May 20th to July 20th of this year, the total consumption is 412 units for 2 months for 3 phase. The monthly fixed charge is Rs.60. They charged Rs 1973 and as per my calculation I find only Rs 1804. I am in a flat. I think they charged Rs 169 extra. Pleas tell your views on this.

Guest Author: James Austin06 Aug 2015

Hi Tony,
My connection is 3-phase. Energy consumption during July &August 884 units. That equals to an average monthly consumption 442 units, of course. What should be my bill amount? I thought it should be :442*6.7=2961.4*2=5922.8+120+30=6072.8. I hope you can give a decisive answer.

Guest Author: James Austin06 Aug 2015

Hi Tony,
Here is my yet another querry. Suppose I tried hard and brought down bi-monthly consumption to 490 units. Then what would be my bill amount? My calculation gives: 1275+meter rent+fixed charge. Please give me your verdict! Thank you

Guest Author: Adith17 Aug 2015

My connection is single phase and I have consumed 410 units. My electricity bill is 1837+40+12 (Energy charge + fixed charge + meter rate). I am not able to arrive at the mentioned amount in the bill by both the methods.
Can you please tell me how they arrived at 1837?

Guest Author: sharaf23 Aug 2015

Can anyone help me to understand my electricity bill calculation as below (new connection):
1st Bill on 21/04/2015 energy charge 717.35, fixed charge 50.67, duty 61.25 and rent 15.2 total 844.47 consumed energy is 240 for 76 days.

2nd bill on 17/06/2015 energy charge 446.76, fixed charge 40, duty 38.24 and rent 12 total is 537 for 57 days.

I don't understand how the calculation has been done.

Guest Author: PN ANWAR24 Aug 2015

Please write an article with information on on-grid solar connect system of KSEB.

Guest Author: James Austin30 Aug 2015

It is no fun everybody's problems but no solutions given.I thought questions would be answered?

Guest Author: James Austin06 Sep 2015

This is no fun - only queries and no answers! Can somebody give me a link where I can get answers?

Guest Author: GOURI SANKAR SARKAR11 Sep 2015

I want the break up of different component of industrial billing systems in India. How contact / maximum demand is calculated for industrial customer connected through 11/33/66/132/220kv system? Please also inform about duty, surcharge etc .

Guest Author: John19 Sep 2015

I was under the impression that meter reader was cheating me. But when I calculated the charge as per your slab it is the same. Thanks for clearing my doubt

Guest Author: SUPRIYO DAS20 Sep 2015

Is there a limit on how much I consume with a single phase?
I have 4 split ACS connected of which 2 may be running simultaneously during peak hours.
A washing machine & clothes drier are the other two Hugh consumption durable.

I am told that KSEB imposes heavy fine if there is "high" consumption. In Delhi my consumption used to be maximum 1400 units over a 2 month billing cycle.

Guest Author: saeed28 Sep 2015

My units 341. Fixed charge 40+energy charge 1258+duty 126+ meter rent 12. Total 1436. What is the electric charge per unit calculated?

Guest Author: Joseph06 Oct 2015

Hi Tony, You are doing a great effort. One more suggestion from my side is if it is possible: could you create a calculator of electricity charges, taking into account all charges, such as energy charges, fixed for 3 phase, meter charges and also the subsidies, if any applicable, for a particular no. of units given in the electricity bill? A person can simply enter his bimonthly consumption i.e. no. of Units and he would get the net amount to be paid to the KSEB

Guest Author: suresh rajan09 Oct 2015

I understand that the Unit price is Rs.14/- in Kerala, for hospitals consuming more than 1000 units in ONE DAY. Is it true? If not what is the exact rate?

Guest Author: Saji K Jose16 Oct 2015

I had a LT-5 connection, used for agricultural purpose and domestic purpose. But without any notice the Board changed my connection to LT-4A and now I have to pay Rs 200/- as fixed charge. This month I consumed only 20 units but the bill is Rs.327/-. How can I get it corrected?

Guest Author: PREM26 Oct 2015

I need some guidance. I have a business concern of software developing, but the owner of the shop took the connection (3 phase tariff LT-6F) scmg (fixed rate -2160/- ) and I enquired with KSEB, but they said I need to replace with single phase and it can't be done by the owner. Hence I need to know the minimum plan in the 3 phase and the load.

Guest Author: Leela Joseph04 Nov 2015

I am a LT-1A 3 Phase consumer billed monthly. My energy consumption this month is 321 and billed Rs.5384/-. Please clarify the calculation. Connected load is 20120W.

Guest Author: Sajith18 Nov 2015

What is the difference between single phase and three phase tariff rates? And we should pay that 20, 60 Rs extra every month or our exact bill amount?

Guest Author: Sarika V01 Dec 2015

Thanks for the article Mr. Tony.. Really helped me in calculating our bill amount.

Guest Author: Ramesan Madhavan23 Dec 2015

Dear Tony John, this is completely confusing information. When I am checking with this calculation to my Bill, it is not meeting any criteria. Please provide correct billing. What is telescoping billing and non telescopic billing? What is meant by duty? How it is to be calculated? How do I know my connection is slab base or direct? Please provide full information. Thanks.

Guest Author: Deepu08 Jan 2016

Hi Tony,

How can I get the latest tariff details for Construction power sector? Please help with a Pdf file if you have.

Guest Author: 02 Apr 2016

Your article is absolutely helpful. All the very best.

Guest Author: 03 Apr 2016

Dear sir, KSEB has a system of getting security deposit from consumers. How is this amount worked out and how is this adjusted from the monthly bills?

Guest Author: LAILA RAHMAN28 May 2016

This site is very informative, but how many people have access to a computer much less an internet? KSEB bill should give breakdown of rates, exactly as is being done for BSNL telephone bills. Are not we in the forefront of technology? What is the hindrance to introducing computerized billing system? I am getting half-typed (customer name, issuing office etc.) and half handwritten (units consumed etc.).

Guest Author: Jacob23 Jun 2016

The KSEB tariff is fixed on a MONTHLY BASIS. But when they prepare the bill on a bi-monthly basis the charges we pay would be according to a higher slab.
As such are we being charged excessively by KSEB?
Example: First month suppose usage is 300 units. Charge should be 300x5.00 plus other charges
Second month ,, ,, 250 units Charge ,, ,, 250x5.00 ,, ,, ,,

But when the bi-monthly bill is prepared the charges are in the following manner ..usage 550 units x 7.50
Kindly clarify my doubt.

Guest Author: P J John27 Sep 2016

In my bills an amount of Rs 30/- is shown as "duty" which is not falling into any of these heads. What is this amount for?

Guest Author: Jithin Mathew14 Jul 2017

Could anybody update me with the previous tariff rates(The current one is wef. 18.04.2017) I would like to know hike in tariff.

Guest Author: Jaleel24 Sep 2019

What does it mean by Energy Charges Rs. 0.92, if the units consumed is 0, Fixed Charges 100 and Meter Rent 7.08?

Guest Author: Musthafa02 Jun 2020

Now KSEB is doing bi-month billing. So how they consider the billing slabs. Suppose a consumer using 260 unit per month. If KSEB doing bi-month billing in the second month their units reaches to 520 unit. And KSEB will charge them the slab rate of Above 500, ie RS:7.5/-.
But the consumer actually in first slab of 0-300, ie he only want to pay (260*5)+(260*5)=2600,but here KSEB is charging 560*7.5=4200.Almost 62% extra.

Guest Author: 12 Jun 2020

Other than Energy charges (EC) and fixed charges(FC), they are applying some additional charges such as Fuel surcharge (FS which is charged @ 10 ps/unit), Electricity Duty ( ED which is 10% of EC), Central Government GST (CGST), State Government GST (SGST) Meter Rent Flood Cess (MRF which is 1% of MR ), Meter Rent (MR)
You have to download the bill from their self service website.

Guest Author: Vinod. K08 May 2021

Hi sir,
Now I think the homestay tariff can change to normal charge because nowadays I read in the newspaper... Govt remove all homestay from commercial to normal tariff correct? So can I change my tariff to the normal stage? Pls, clarify sir.

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