Unique video editing apps for smartphones

Eager to make a good video from your collage of photos? This article provides information on some great smartphone apps which you can utilize just for this very purpose.

Some of you love using your smartphone to capture images, whether on the spur of the moment or for a specific occasion. So perhaps you have used the MoviePro app or maybe some other unique video capturing app. Then you are eager to develop the video further in such a manner as to give it an enhanced, professional-like quality. There are plenty of video editing apps for exactly this purpose! Have a look at 3 popular ones...

Lumify Video Editor app


The Lumify Video Editor app developed by Shnap makes an analytical assessment of your video first. Then it turns the video into a professionally edited movie via a couple of taps. You can also use the app to automatically synchronize varied scene transitions to your own sound track.

Lumify Video Editing app image

What's so special about it

  • Whatever you edit, a touch of professional quality is guaranteed, thanks to the 1080p HD.

  • There are special HD filters which you can utilize for specific effects, such as converting a scene with colour into an old-fashioned black & white one. There are over a score of such filters to help you create special effects & changes in the environment.

  • There is an in-built trimming feature which allows you to precisely sync the video with a given soundtrack. This trimming can be done manually by you or let the Lumify app itself do it automatically.

  • You don't have to restrict yourself to making use of a single song or a specific number. The sky's the limit! Lumify is fully capable of managing multiple songs.

  • Not happy of the speed of your video? You can speed it up or slow it down as per you liking. Unusually, you can even completely reverse the video with the Lumify app. The app supports a slow motion video which has been captured on your iPhone 5S smartphone.

  • You can add just about any title to your video, as also photos.

  • Use the Lumify app to record a voiceover so that is in sync with your final result. You can additionally insert whatever sound effects you wish or even dub over the original captured video.

  • The Lumify app is an expert at cropping out needless stuff.

What is required

The Lumify app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later version. You can install it on various Apple devices, including your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It has been optimized by the creators for the iPhone 5 smartphone.
Additional details:
  • 4.3.1 version (last updated in September 2014): What's new from the earlier versions is that with this one you can use in your movie a video saved from Snapchat. Also, unlike earlier, reversing videos works correctly in iOS 8

  • It occupies 29.8 MB

  • It is available in both English & Spanish

  • For queries & feedback email: support@lumify.me

Important Note: The app store mentions that it there is infrequent mild adult content.

How to use

All you need to do is follow the easy to follow tutorial step by step. If that too is too much of a headache, tap on the Then tap on the video which you wish to use and the Lumify app will process it in a few minutes, the entire processing being visible to you via the volume bar which is located at the bottom of the video. Then select the music you want, which could be one from the list provided by the app or your own music. Give a nice name to you video & showcase it on your Facebook page or even present it at Lumify's social network. If you don't wish to share it all, no problem. Simply save the video to your camera roll. Note that you can preview your video before the final completion, during which time you can utilize the various filters available.

Public opinions

Novices at editing videos have praised the Lumify app for it being dead simple to edit a video, not to mention it being astonishingly intuitive, seemingly understanding exactly what needs to be done & which are the best parts of your video. The only grouse of users is that no matter what the video, it gets fitted into a very short 20 seconds package. So naturally you cannot use the app for, literally, a creating a full length feature film.
Where to get it: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/lumify-video-editor/id551833518?mt=8

InstaShot app


The InstaShotapp has been developed by Cameras.Ideas, primarily aimed at those who love sharing videow at Instagram. The app includes a video maker and tools for trimming and compressing. You can add borders and frames to your video. It even supports video collages. All the work of a video editor – cutting, trimming & compressing - can be done without a sweat.

InstaShot Video Editing app image

What's so special about it

  • The InstaShot app is an all-in-one app for both videos & photos. It is, in the words of the developers, "no crop, instagram video cutter and editor, video trimmer and video compressor, video converter."

  • The editorial app ensures that your video (or even a photo) fits into a precise square ready for Instagram. You can even put in a desired frame or border for an enhanced look.

  • The trimmer can be used to trim a video as per your liking. A convenient video compressor too is incorporated in the app.

  • There is a mixing feature in the InstaShot app with which you can perform sound mixing functions.

  • You can easily share your completed video to any app like Vines videos, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • You can resize images, rotate & flip them too, with the instasize feature for Vines videos.

  • You can use the InstaShot app to create a collage of videos and insert music easily.

  • The app allows you to do reposts of your instagram video.

What is required

To use the InstaShot app you need Android 2.3 and up. The app size will vary with the device on which it is installed.
Additional details:
1.233 version (last updated in February this year): The developers have fixed online bugs, incorporated the Android 5.0 UI style., provided a blur background for photos and thumbnails for photo filters.
  • Content Rating: Everyone

  • In case you are having problems in using the InstaShot app, you can contact the developers directly via email: cameras.ideas@gmail.com

  • Public opinions

    Many users have complained about the annoying ads in the app. Others are disappointed with the fact that the InstaShot app did not work on a tablet. It is also not as quick as expected in creating a video and does not have any way to control slow motion speed, a useful tool available in many video editing apps. Generally, though, the InstaShot has been voted as being easy to understand and use. For those who complained about being unable to save the video after using the app, the developers state that it should be tried with a lower a lower resolution.

    Where to get it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.camerasideas.instashot&hl=en

    Magisto Video & Maker app


    Your amateur video can be converted into a professional film within a couple of minutes with the aid of the Magisto Video & Maker app, named after the app's developer Magisto. You can put in graphics, music and special effects as per your choice.

    Magisto Video Editing app image

    What's so special about it

      The analytical mind of the Magisto app will assess your captured video, splice it appropriately & create a marvellous professional quality movie.
    • Create a memorable old era style film from your video using the vintage filters.

    • The are filters to suit specific types as per the subject. For example, there is an editing style suitable just for creating a food adventure film.

    • Video stabilization is also available.

    • A facial recognition features ensures that only the most important people in your video get detected.

    • You can select your very own graphics, special effects and music to convert your simple video clip into a great film. The music can be selected from your devices' Add soundtracks or you can opt for one from Magisto's library of licensed music.

    • Available for purchasing are various premium video editing styles, such as for birthdays and weddings, capturing baby videos, etc.

    • You can share your completed movie directly to Google+, Instagram, Twitter, email, YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp.

    What is required

    The Magisto app requires Android, the size varying with the device on which it is installed.
    Additional details:
    • It was lasted updated in January 2015. It incorporates Pro HD, meaning that your movie created with the Magisto app will be in High Definition. You can add 50 photos & 50 videos per movie. Those who are already Premium users can upgrade to the Pro HD plan. Various bugs have been fixed too and improvements made in the performance.

    • Content Rating: Medium Maturity

    • In-app Products: Rs. 50.00 - Rs. 1,740.00 per item

    • For support email: Support@magisto.com

    Public opinions

    While most agree the Magisto app is easy to use, there do seem to be a lot of drawbacks. Some users have warned that when they add their own music to the video they create using Magisto & then share it on FaceBook, it gets pulled off the FaceBook site. Also, it seems that you can use only 10 pictures for the free version, after which you need to upgrade to the premium version for which you need to pay. However, those who did upgrade say it is worth the cost as it truly makes you feel like a pro movie maker!

    Where to get it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magisto&hl=en

    [All images source: from online apps store as mentioned where available]

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