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You might own the most expensive or latest gadget that's in the market but if you accessorize it improperly you won't be utilizing your gadget to its fullest. Learn ways to pick the best router, anti-virus software and power bank for your gadget.

A number of things need to be addressed when accessorizing a smart device. Have you ever wanted to buy a gadget, say a power bank and realized that the market is flooded with varieties in varying price ranges, hampering your 'buying' decision. Do you wonder why hard disks are almost outmoded? Do you know that the pirated anti-virus you installed is not going to protect you, and that the free Wi-Fi router that your service provider installed will have you cursing the internet speed? Do you know the anti-radiation chip is a reality not fiction?

If you have lingering questions and doubts to the questions above this buyer's guide is intended for you –

Power Bank

Leading mobile devices manufacturers may have designed the smartest gadgets but have so far failed miserably to provide enough battery back-up for the coveted devices. That is why mobile-gadget users have begun relying on power banks, for additional juice. Power banks are no longer just a fad; they are a necessity.

Things to consider while buying a power bank

Cheap is not necessarily good. If Chinese power banks at throw away prices attract you, then you need to do a rethink. Not everything in life is created alike - not humans, not gadgets. Things are cheap for a reason – they do not provide the same efficiency and productivity as a costly, more established variant. They often do not meet safety standards and are likely to damage mobile devices. Remember, you get what you pay for. That brings us to the question, what must you look for in a power bank.

A good power bank should be able to charge more than one device simultaneously. It should not take long to charge itself and be capable of charging other devices speedily. There should be no wastage of energy during the recharge process of another device. A good power bank will always offer intelligent features such as turning itself off automatically when idle.

Safety is of prime importance in a gadget such as this, hence the device should meet standard safety regulations and be certified by a competent agency similar to 6 Way Circuit Protection or the EEE.

A Guide on mAH Power Banks

  • 10000 mAH: A power bank having this capacity is ideal for charging multiple gadgets. A 10000 mAH power bank can be used for charging phones 5 times and an iPad 1½ times
  • 5400 mAH: This capacity is perfect for charging basic smartphones. On a full charge the power bank can charge phones 2½ times and an iPad just one time
  • 4200 mAH: Good enough to charge feature phones, the power bank charges iPads to just 80% capacity and phones 1½ times


Everyone has their woeful stories of snail paced internet connection and how bad their internet service provider is. Don't fall into the rut of blaming the mobile operator for slow speed internet; it is often the 'free' router that is to be blamed.

Features that you must look for in a router

The best way to resolve internet speed issues is to dump the free router and get home one that is designed to manage high-speed. Other features you'll need to look for in a router include the following -
  • Parental control and a simple procedure to create networks that allow limited use to guests
  • It should let you connect multiple gadgets and manage media
  • Another important feature that most people are ignorant about is the radiation emitted from the router. Your new router should be low on this count

Routers are the central hub of the digital ecosystem and if these hubs are developed using a thoughtlessly acquired router, all the kick that you anticipate from an exclusive and upmarket gadget will turn into a folderol.

Anti-Virus Software

Despite being the most vital of computer tools most people do not spend that extra buck to buy a licensed copy of an anti-virus software. There is this false notion that a pirated version is good enough to provide adequate protection. This myth borders around stupidity; how can a pirated software secure anything?

Buy an anti-virus software to protect your system

A pirated version will not provide you with support from the developer. If your system crashes you will be left to fend for yourself. You don't want happening that, so go in for an original software.

The things you will need to consider before purchasing the software are -
  • Is your system equipped with the processor and RAM required to run the software?
  • Does the software offer bootable rescue?
  • Does the system allow you to remotely erase data from the system if it is lost/stolen?
  • Will the software click images of anyone who tries to operate the lost/stolen system?
  • Is the antivirus outfitted to secure itself from viruses that try to disable it?

You won't go wrong if you keep the above factors in mind while accessorizing your gadgets. Be selective, take your time and don't make hasty decisions when buying accessories to boost the performance of your smart gadgets. Get the best, to get the best out of your gadget!

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Author: Timmappa Kamat28 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

That is a totally insightful article. You have helped me a lot by including power banks in your list of accessories. I have been searching for a power bank since long. Your tips are really helpful in choosing the one best suited for my smartphone. The tips on anti virus are equally impressive, given the fa the that we buy based on recommendations rather than. Paying attention to our requirements.

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