Best upcoming PC games of 2015

As we already know, 2015 is going to be one of the most exciting years for PC gamers as there are a ton of games about to be released this year. Let's see which of those games have the most potential.


And we are on the cusp of strings of awesome PC games once again. Yes, it's that time of year again folks! Christmas might have gone already, but for PC gamers, the fun is about to begin as there are tons of games that are going to release this year. Why isn't there any buzz in the market this time around? Well, the thing is, there is a lot of noise, but you just gotta be wary about it. If you haven't heard about those awesome games yet, this is your chance to get to know more about them as I am going to list some of the most promising upcoming games of 2015 here.

The Witcher 3

This game is going to be in the list most of the times whenever we mention the best upcoming games as it's poised to become of the biggest hits of 2015 for sure. Heck, some people are betting that this might as well take The Game Of The Year awards as well. While only time will tell if it's going to be able to achieve that mile, but for the moment, I am pretty certain that it's going to be one of the most optimized PC games we will ever get to play.

Remember how well Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 turned out to be? Well, it's going to be similar to those games in a lot of manners for sure. The only noticeable difference is that they are going to release this game for consoles as well as PC simultaneously unlike the first 2 games that were PC only games. Should it concern the PC gamers though? The answer is always going to be no. They are not going to be compromising with the quality of PC port just because they are also releasing it on consoles. Unlike other devs out there, they are not sellouts. Heck, they don't even have any DRMs in their games – something which is unfortunately pretty common nowadays. They believe that if someone is going to pirate their games, they are going to do it anyway, despite all the hurdles you put for them. They are always going to break the barriers and enjoy your games for free. It's the legitimate buyers who suffer because of your DRM policies. Props to them for maintaining the same stance throughout the years. There is absolutely no reason to believe that they are not going to deliver upon what they have promised to us this year. It's going to come along pretty well overall.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break might as well prove be one of the stellar hits of 2015 if everything goes right for this game. Produced and published by Microsoft, this Xbox One exclusive looks to deliver a spectacular first person shooter where one can control almost every aspect of the game. The protagonist has an uncanny ability to stop the time whenever he wants to and engage enemies in a manner he would like to do. This leaves room for a lot of manipulation and twisting, but that's where the real fun lies. A game doesn't have to be as hard as Dark Souls to be enjoyable by everyone. There certainly exists a niche for those who don't want to put up with the frustration of not being able to clear a particle stage just because enemy is too freaking tough to beat. They have made sure that this is not going to happen with Quantum Break. While there is no certain release window for this game yet, we are hoping that it won't take them long for this game to release this year. All we know so far is that this game is coming in 2015 for sure. We just gotta wait for them to announce a release date soon.


I am surprised to see that there is still no major press cover for this game like other games get so often. We are being so unfair to this game by completely ignoring the potential of this being one of the biggest surprise hits of 2015. Originally scheduled to be released in 2014, they pushed the release date a little ahead to polish the game and build on some other areas of this game from scratch. Apparently, they were not satisfied with some of the things in the game. That's why they decided to put this game on hold for a while and release it much later on when it's finally ready to be released in the market.

Unlike so many devs out there in the market, they are not eager to cash on the earliest opportunity. Instead, they are making sure that we are going to get the best bang for our buck. If everything goes right for these devs, this dungeon crawler should definitely be worth our time. I can say that by the looks of this game. You should check out some of the gameplay footage from this game if you haven't yet. Just go to YouTube and type in "Hellraid gameplay footage". You should get more than 5000 result for that keyword. Have a look at first few of them. It's awesome!


While it's certain that there are a lot of other PC games that deserved the spot here, but most of those games haven't shown much, so it's not worth hyping things up when there is not material to back up my claim. O9n the other hand, the above mentioned games have been shown on various gaming conventions like E3 and Gamescom time and again, which again proves that fact that if you have nothing to hide and nothing to be afraid of, you are not going to back away from showing some of the gameplay footage from your games to public on a more frequent basis. That's what confident developers do. Thy know that there games are going to be liked by the people.

To know more about what other games are releasing for PC this year, we are going to have to wait for a few more months till E3 convention. Till then, this is the best I have got.

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