Best upcoming FPS games of 2015

Just like 2014, this year is also packed with some truly amazing looking First Person Shooters. Here are some of them that stand out from the rest. Take a look at some of them in this article.


First person shooters are one of the most successful genres in gaming. There is no doubt about it when you see games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield selling millions of copies across the whole world even when they probably don't deserve the number one spot. The thing is, people are crazy about those sort of games where you can run around with a gun in your hand and go frenzy on other people without the fear of any personal repercussions. 2015 is not going to be any different when a new iteration of Call Of Duty and Battlefield with other FPS games will hit the gaming platforms. So let's weed out the worst and talk about some of the best upcoming FPS of 2015 –


Battleborn is going to be one crazy ride. We all know that already, don't we? It's Blizzard who is behind this game after all. Where can things go wrong when they are pulling all the strings! I don't think there is any possibility of it. The game puts you in the shoes of one of the many heroes who is trying to save the world from the aliens who are hell-bent on having the full control over all of the Earth by diminishing the whole human race. But there is still some hope. You are going to be doing all the work with your friends in various online modes with the only purpose to get rid of all those pesky creatures either by persuasion or by going all guns blazing. Yes, you will have an option to take the game in a whole new direction.

Before you start jumping in joy, I must warn you that this game is going to be a free to play game. Granted, you will get access to the whole without being charges a single penny, there are some items you won't be able to use without paying for it. So, those who'll choose to pay, will look a lot better than you in the game. On the other hand, if you don't care about your character's looks, you should be doing fine here. Let's see how things are going to turn out once it launches sometime this year.


Evolve is quite similar to the nature of the above mentioned game. The only difference is that it's not a free to play game. You will have to pay for it only once and then never worry about any kind of micro-transactions ever. That's the beauty of buy to play games. There are no hidden costs whatsoever. They have not announced a release date yet, but if rumors are to be believed, they are planning to realize this game sometime early this year. So the wait is not going to be for that long, I hope.

If you are still skeptical about this game despite seeing so many gameplay footages, let me tell you that it's an awesome experience. I had played this game when it was in Beta and had a blast. I totally loved everything about this game. The only issue was that you had to be online all the time to play this game, but I have heard that they are working on an offline version of it as well. So for those who were requesting for an offline version, your wish has been granted. Congratulations!

Battlefield Hardline

EA, the company behind this game, has always been notorious for not giving their games the time they need and releasing them in a broken state. Things are going to change this time around as they have decided to delay this game and release it sometime in 2015. Originally scheduled to be released in 2014, they decided to give it more than 6 months to give it the time it needed to properly polish the game and weed out all the bugs.

You play as one of the American cops who is tasked with a job to keep the streets clean from the robbers that have been going frenzy recently. The law and order is nowhere to be seen as the chaos and unrest has spread all over the New York City. Will you be able to tame them or will they take over the whole city? Both scenarios are possible. It's not a type of game where the good guys are necessarily going to win. If you are going to be harder for your team to claim it back from the claws of devil. Are you ready for the game?


2015 is still in its infancy and there is no doubt that there are going to be more FPSs announced that will just blow us away. But for now, above mentioned games are the only ones I am really looking forward to. Are there other games I should have included? Did I miss something? Feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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