How to Find and Beat High Dragon in Dragon Age II

Want to know how to defeat the High Dragon in Dragon Age 2? Then read this guide to know the tips and tricks for finding and defeating the High Dragon in DA-II.

Dragons are among the most difficult foes in Dragon Age II, and the High Dragon that appears in Act III is perhaps the strongest boss. Only the Arishok is likely to give you a similar run for your money & that's only if you duel him.

Fortunately, fighting the High Dragon is optional, so long as you aren't dead set on getting the complete Champion armor set. Otherwise, you have no choice.

Preparing for the High Dragon :

The High Dragon requires at least a bit of pre-planning. In order to tackle the thing, you'll want the following things :
  • A strong melee fighter with area of effect attacks; a two-handed Warrior like Fenris is best or an extremely speedy Rogue that can deliver a lot of critical hits in a short period of time.

  • A tank who can attract the dragon's attention and sponge up a lot of damage, likely Aveline.

  • A Mage who can heal, cast Haste and deliver lots of cold-based spells, making Anders a staple party member.

  • An otherwise ranged fighter who can hit without doing elemental damage, or who does cold elemental damage - Varric with Bianca.

  • You'll also want a lot of healing, stamina & mana potions to keep your party's spirits, and to set their tactics so they can use these potions to heal themselves if necessary - though make sure your tactics are set to go off only if their hit points reach 20 or 30 percent.

  • And last, you'll want to ensure that everybody on the team has at least some form of fire protection, typically via Fire Runes on their equipment.

Finding the High Dragon :

Once you enter Act III, go to the Hightown Bazaar. You'll find the mine owner, Hubert, in a frenzy - his workers are all missing, and all that's returned from his mine, the Bone Pit, is a cart with a horse attached. He begs the Champion of Kirkwall to help him save his mine.

Travel to the Bone Pit. You'll find the area quite empty, save for a lot of flames and dead bodies. Check the wreckage for a path that leads to a large, flat expanse of rocky ground, then save just before you descend into it. Once you do, the High Dragon will appear.

Fighting the High Dragon :

The High Dragon has two phases during the fight;

- First, it will attack close up. During this phase it will swipe at your party members, breathe fire, roar ( this will stun any nearby characters for a few seconds ) & perform a biting attack. If it bites a character, it will shake that character around for a few seconds, performing consecutive damage, before dropping them.

- Second, it will fly up, rest on a nearby perch and shoot periodic fireballs at one or more members of the party. Dragonlings and the occasional normal Dragon will show up to fight while this happens. Once the High Dragon is ready to fight again, it will smash down among your party members.

During the first phase, you need to do as much damage as humanly possible. Have your tank draw the High Dragon's attention with Taunt so they'll take the brunt of the damage while everyone else peppers it with attacks. Stunning it doesn't work, so focus on affecting its hit point total instead. Cold spells work well in this. Try to keep your fighters behind the High Dragon, as it needs to turn around to use its worst attacks and won't be able to hit more than one person at a time. You'll want to have control of your tank during this phase, letting the other characters do the damage.

When the second phase kicks in, let your ranged attacker hit the High Dragon while everyone else performs quick area of effect attacks on the Dragonlings and Dragons. You need to clear these pests out before the High Dragon returns or you'll get overwhelmed.

Cold spells work wonders, as do several Warrior talents that strike multiple enemies, such as Whirlwind / Mighty Blow. Once the High Dragon returns, go back to striking it hard - and keep at least your own character on the run, as you don't want it to land on you. Stick with controlling your main area of effect attacker during the second phase.

The key to this battle is persistence and a steady eye on your HP totals. You can't let anyone get too low or the High Dragon is apt to take them down in one hit. Switch characters constantly to ensure each one is:
a) in a good spot for attacking &
b) healing when they should.

Rewards :

Upon defeating the High Dragon you'll receive a hefty amount of experience that will almost certainly level your whole party. You'll also earn the Dragonslayer achievement or trophy, depending on your platform of choice. And, last, you'll receive a horde of items, more than you've likely seen on any one enemy - and included in them is the armor of the Champion armor set. You should also be content knowing that, if you can beat the High Dragon, you can almost certainly beat the last boss of Dragon Age II.

So, this is all for now. I hope this guide will help you next time while facing High Dragon. Do share this post with your gamer friends & enjoy.

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