How to Become a Better Halo 4 Multiplayer Mode Player on Xbox Live

Halo 4 Online Multiplayer mode can be frustrating if all you can manage to do is get killed. Here are some tips, tricks, hints and strategies for being a better allround player of Halo 4 for Xbox Live.


Halo 4 was released in Nov. 2012 for Xbox One & Xbox 360. It is a first person shooter sci-fi video game developed by 343 Industries published by Microsoft Studios.

The games contains two modes; a single player mode & a multiplayer mode via Xbox Live. This article will hopefully give you a few tips on how to survive in an online battle. Best Teamwork strategies and tricks for Halo 4 Deathmatch mode. So, let's start :


Whenever you can, use a DMR. The DMR is arguably the most effective weapon in the game and is an invaluable tool when playing Halo 4. Five shots to the head with the DMR should finish your opponent. If you aren't so good at getting those essential head shots, I would recommend you to use the Needle Rifle. While not as powerful as the DMR, the Needle Rifle will cause a supercombine explosion if enough needles hit your opponent in quick succession.

Use Needler

Another particularly effective weapon in Halo 4 is the Needler. The Needler has been given a great boost since its days in Halo 3 and has become considerably easier to use. The Needler has a 'lock on' effect which causes the needles it shoots to curve toward your opponent, making it considerably easier to hit someone with it. The best way to use a needler is to plug your opponent to full of those pesky pink needles that they explode. The Needler will cause a supercombine explosion with a little short of a full clip and with practice you can get the timing down to a fine art and conserve ammo.

Power Weapons

The best way to gain control of a Halo 4 deathmatch is to gain control of the power weapons. In any normal slayer match, most maps will have a combination of the following power weapons.

- Energy Sword / Gravity Hammer.
- Rockets / Plasma Launcher / Grenade Launcher.
- Shotgun.
- Sniper Rifle.

Every map contains 1-2 power weapons, but no map contains all those weapons at the same time. In Halo 4, if your team controls the power weapons, your team controls the game. Even if you do not want to use a particular weapon, it is always a good idea to stop the other team from gaining control of it or they may end up using it on you.

Always Watch Your Radar

The radar is an essential piece of equipment in Halo 4. With the exception of game types like Slayer Pro and SWAT, it will always be there at the bottom left of your HUD. Enemies show up as red dots on your radar and allies as yellow. Unlike Halo 3, Halo 4's radar will tell you whether your enemy is above or below you. If they are above you, they will show up as a red arrow pointing upward. If they are below you they will be a faded red dot.

Keep checking your radar at regular intervals to prevent someone from sneaking up behind you and assassinating you. Keep in mind, the radar does not detect someone who is crouching or standing, still you should check you radar at regular basis. There's nothing worse than turning a corner and finding yourself being assassinated.

Use Melee Attacks

If you are close enough to an opponent, the best thing to do is hit them. Two good hits with melee will kill an opponent and if you can get fast enough, one hit on his head will kill him.
The best part is that, you will not lose any ammo with melee attacks.

Use Grenades

Be careful with grenades, they are a very effective weapon to someone who wants to storm a room full of enemies and survive. I cannot recommend just running into a room without some sort of pre-strike to deal a bit of damage first. If you know there are people in a room, particularly a small enclosed room, then stand back and throw in a grenade before entering. If the grenade hits them it will destroy their shields and leave them vulnerable to a follow up attack by you and your team, and if it misses, it provides an excellent distraction.

Where possible use a plasma grenade, they are more powerful than a frag and they can stick to an opponent like glue, causing an instant kill.

It's All About Teamwork

In Halo 4, you will get the best results out of a game if you work with your team. Try and stick together and help each other out, even if you don't know who you're playing with. Try not to stay too close together or you risk giving one lucky person an overkill extermination with a stray grenade, but do at least defend each other. If you have a mike, use it to tell your team where your opponents are and what weapons they have. If you communicate that sort of information your team will not be taken by surprise if someone with a sword.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with anything else, practice will help you improve. When you start playing Halo 4 online, don't expect to instantly pick up that controller and win every single game. It takes practice to get good and more practice to get better still. If you are new to the Halo franchise you will most likely encounter practiced Halo 3 veterans and others who have logged hours and hours into Halo 4.

Wrap up

All in all, have fun, it's no use getting frustrated over a game and the more frustrated most people get, the higher chance they will make a mistake. If you're not having fun, it defeats the purpose of the game doesn't it?

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