Tips and cheats Sniper Elite V2 PC game

In this article, I'll give you some tips and tricks to complete Sniper Elite V2 faster. I have suggested the best guns to use, tactics to kill enemies and how to use weapons wisely. Read this article to learn the tips and tricks of Sniper Elite V2.

Sniper Elite V2 is a third person shooter game. The game is about a sniper professional whose mission is to protect a scientist in World War II Germany. This game has weapons like trip mine, dynamite, land mine, grenade and several snipers guns. Completing all the objectives in a mission will take you to next level.

Best gun to use in game

Best sniper gun - Gewehr 43
Most of the time in this game you will be using a sniper gun to fill the enemy. By default, you will be provided with a M1903 Springfield sniper. My favorite sniper gun is Gewehr 43 which you will get after completing the third level. Gewehr 43 has long distance shooting ability, high velocity and accuracy. Also, this is the only sniper gun with 7 bullets per roll with 100 bullets max.

Best machine gun - M1 Thompson
M1 Thompson is the default machine gun. This is a good backup when you are sneaking up to the enemy. You will be provided with 60 bullets in total. Don't pick up the machine guns dropped by dead enemies unless you run out of bullets in M1 Thompson. The machine gun you pick from enemies will contain only 2 or 4 bullets and won't be sufficient.

Best pistol - Werold
Werold is the only silenced pistol in the game. Enemies can never spot you if you shoot using this gun. It is the best gun to use when you are moving inside a building or a closed path. It take 3 to 5 bullets to kill an enemy if you aim anywhere other than the head.

Tips and tricks to complete this game faster

1. Never get closer to the enemy. Always choose a place very far from your enemy and always use the sniper gun to kill.
2. When you are inside a building, use trip mines if you think it is possible for AI to get inside the building.
3. If you are inside the building and enemy is too close then always use Welrod (silenced pistol) to shoot. Using sniper or machine gun will attract other enemies towards you.
4. If the enemy hides behind a wall and if you feel it taking too much time for him to show then use a grenade.
5. Always put land mines near dead bodies. Whenever a soldier finds a dead soldier, he will go near the dead body.
6. Always aim at the head of the enemy no matter which gun you are using. If the enemy is moving then aim at the chest.
7. Remember you will always get more bullets for sniper guns so try to use it as much as you can.


I finished this game by following the tips I have suggested above. You can kill any enemy using one of the above seven tips. You can complete 80% of the game by following tip no 1. On certain other occasions, you may need to devise your own other strategy using the other six tips I have offered.

Please feel free to add your tips in the comments section below.

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