Should you buy GTA V for PC?

It might be a possibility that you have already brought and played this game and are considering it again for your PC. Are you still on the fence as to whether to buy GTA V for PC or not? Let me help you out with your situation.


For those who have been living under a rick or those who don't like to keep up with the current events of gaming industry, let me tell you what GTA V is first, before we move on. GTA V is developed and published by Rockstar, a studio renowned for the unprecedented quality in games. You will be shocked to see how big and amazing the gaming world of GTA V is. There are games to play, people to shoot, places to explore and clubs to go to. Heck, you can even choose to spend hours teasing and blocking pedestrians on the busy streets of Los Santos.

There are tons of things to do in this game that will keep you engaged for a pretty long time. There is no doubt about its quality. So when people ask me if they should go ahead and buy GTA V, I wholeheartedly suggest them to go for it as it's one of the best games ever produced on consoles. Ever since it launched on all 4 consoles, it has sold more than 20 million copies and still counting. If the trend goes on, I strongly suspect that it's going to break the world record and be the most successful game ever until, of course GTA VI hits market. Till then; it's going to be the boss.

Simply put, this is one of the best games available on console right now. For the lack of raw power in both PS3 and well as Xbox 360, GTA V performs reasonably well on both those consoles. I have played this game on Xbox One and I can tell you that with assurance. You are not going to be disappointed by the experience of playing GTA V on even the last generation consoles. Everything from anti-analyzing to shadows to graphics, looks really amazing. They have managed to squeeze out every last ounce of juice from those consoles, something other devs would be pretty jealous of as they also want to put their games on last-gen consoles but can't do it due to the lack of power on those consoles. The prime example is The Witcher 3, an open-world RPG that is going to arrive only on PC and current-gen consoles. They are not going to launch this game for old-gen consoles.

Performance on PS4 and Xbox One

So how does this game perform on the current-gen consoles? If you are planning to buy this game on PS4 or Xbox One, you must want to know the answer. Simply put, it is way better than what you have played on those last gen consoles. Having brought this game for my PS4, I can tell you that not only the game performs better, it also looks and feels better on current-gen platform. You will be amazed by the sceneries of GTA V.

If that's not enough to bring you back to GTA V, how about some first person experience. Yes, now you can experience GTA V in the first person mode. I for one am having blast with this mode so far. You have freedom to switch back between the conventional third person mode and first person mode at your ease. There are no boundaries. Even if you have already been to most of the place of GTA V during your last playthrough on PS3 or XBOX 360, you are still going to find something new as you wonder around on the streets in the first person mode. Let me tell you that it feels a whole new game in this mode. You must try it.

PC performance

We have already talked at lengths about consoles. What about our beloved platform PC though? What about its performance? Well, the thing is, even after being launched more than 2 years ago, GTA V is yet to make an appearance on PC. Scheduled to launch this year sometime in January it was delayed once again to March in the name of better polish and adding some more content exclusively for PC.
Now, we don't know what it is that is stopping them from releasing this game on PC sooner than they intend to, the thing is, this game is delayed once again. So we are going to have to wait for a bit before we can see it on our platform.

Is it going to be worth the purchase? If you look at their track record, I would say yes and no. Their last GTA game performed pretty horribly on PC. There were countless bugs they never resolved. Moreover, stutterer in this game has rendered this game unplayable for many, even with high end PCs. It was a forgettable experience.

On the other hand, if you look at Max Payne 3, their latest game on PC, it is one of the best looking game available on this platform. Even if you don't have a high end PC, it's still going to preform reasonably well. I have played this game on highest setting and I didn't have to lower it down anywhere in the game. It continued performing and running at 60 FPS throughout the game. For a low-end PC, it's a great thing, which means that they had put a lot of time in optimizing this game for PC.

So have they learned from their previous mistakes? I think so. I think it's worth giving them a chance this time around and buy GTA V on PC.

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