Are PS4 and Xbox One already outdated?

PS4 and Xbox One launched to critical acclaim in 2013. So how come they are already irrelevant in the context of 4K gaming? Read on to find out more about it.


People have been talking about these current-gen consoles ever since they have been out, with both of the console having been sold in millions. While we Indians are more inclined towards gaming on PC, and rightly so, westerners and Japanese people still wait for hours in queues to finally get their hands on these consoles, especially PS4, which has been shot of supplies for last couple of month in alt of countries.

Here is the thing though – both Xbox One and PS4 are already outdated. You might not believe it when I say it, but when you look at the embarrassing reports in news, talking about XBOX One's inability to render games at 1080P resolution, which by the way, is child' play for low-end PCs, you realize that there is not much of a contest between PCs and consoles. We, the PC gamers, are far-far ahead of the console generation.

I am not saying that arbitrarily – in fact, I have proof to prove that what I have stated above is true, for the most part, at least. They have been living on borrowed lease life ever since they have launched in market. Why, you might ask? The reason is simple – 4K support, or the lack of it.

4K Support

This is the main reason why the consoles are already starting to fade ways and lose its value. What else can you expect from those consoles that are finding it hard to render anything on 1080P resolution? Yes, PS4 somehow is managing to churn out a game every once in awhile that supports the above resolution, and start giddying around like a true PS4 fan boy, forgetting how quickly outdated it's becoming. You won't even know before 4K comes knocking at your doorsteps. Don't believe me? Just look at how quickly 4K screen productions are being implemented right now! It's unbelievable to say the last. Even though It's far from being a "thing" in India and other countries, for that matter, it's not going to take more than 12 months to become a sensation at this rate.

It looks pretty

If you look at some of the 4K screenshots of games, you'd realize what you are missing on. No, I am not anything that one should buy it right now. Hell no – it would cost you much more right now that it would in few months. Just wait for the right time before you buy a 4K screen. What I am saying instead is, just Google the word "4K screenshots" and take a look at some of the beautiful stills of games taken by lucky ones who already have the next big thing installed.

It might not seem coherent right now but 4K screen TVs, which has already captured more than 6% of TV market, will become a normal part of everyone's life by the end of 2016 as price continue to plummet in the wake of more market penetration. Even at the unbelievably high price rates, people are flicking over to get a taste of the awesome. Once can only imagine how things would be like when it would become affordable to a huge Indian middle-class people.

As these consoles can't support 4K, it's certainly going to become a frustrating for gamers who'd find it incredibly difficult to continue enjoying games the same way they used to on their 1080P TV. Things will never be the same again!

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