Top 3 Most disappointing video games of 2014

Overall, 2014 was a good year for games where games like Dragon Age: Inquisition surprised most of us. Then there were some games we expected to be good, but they turned out to be quite underwhelming. Take a look at this article to get to know more about those disappointing games.

2014 can be better described as a year of delay in games. Nearly every game that was supposed to come out in 2014 was delayed to 2015 for no apparent reason. Perhaps, they wanted to polish the game a bit more; perhaps it was a marketing and timing issues, or something else. Who knows what it was which caused them to delay games like Witcher 3 by almost a year.

Then there were some great games released as well. Games like Alien: Isolation, while not an AAA game, still surprised us by its sheer quality. I mean, never before we had a good alien game, so it was kinda difficult to believe that they are going to deliver upon their promises this time around. As the say, once bitten, twice shy. They already know what's it's like to make a bad game and reach almost on the brink of bankruptcy. I don't think they are going to make the mistake of bring a half-baked game to market before it's ready. While Creative Assembly, the studio behind Alien Isolation, certainly learned their lesson, there were a few companies in 2014 that seems quite contend to release garbage games without thinking of long-term repercussions. I am going to mention some of them here.

Elder Scrolls Online

We all knew that it's going to happen, yet we believed that they could pull something as big as this game off without any issues. We knew that there are going to be issues with servers and being online, but we kind of instilled our faith on the developers as they have a good reputation. After all, their reputation was on stake. How could they not deliver non those game? As it turned out, though, the game was pretty mediocre with tons of issues that are yet to be taken care of after one year of launch. This is just to give you an example as to how big this problem is.

Actually, it's not their fault. Yes, some of it is their fault, but most of it is due to the nature of this game – it's an MMO. What else do you expect from those kinds of games? Just to make it clear, I don't hate MMOs. In fact, I have been subscribed to World Of Warcraft for last 5 years and am loving every moment of it. But I don't follow this game blindly. I like it because it's perfect.

One of the few things still working in this favor of this game is it's a MMO, so they still have chance to improve upon things, if they want. But will they do it? Well, it totally depends on how much revenue this game generates for the developers and whether thy think it's worth their time or not.



Titanfall released to a lot of hype and nose back in early 2014. A lot of people were singing praise songs for this game when it released. Everything was perfect; from servers to match making, there weren't much left to improve upon or fix. What could go wrong? Why this game in this list if everything is perfect? Well, it's is here because it deserves to be here. You know why it's perfect? The only reason is, there is so little in the name of content.

There is so much gap between what has been promised and what is delivered up until now that it's almost impossible to believe they will release anything else for this game. I believe they are already working on Titanfall, trying to figure out how to squeeze out more money from our pocket. After all, people are still going to flick over to this game no matter what. If they keep going to like this. I am afraid they are not going to be in business for long. This is the reason why THQ went bankrupt in a span of few years.

It's now or never for them. Good thing is, there are still millions playing this game, so they have got a chance to redeem themselves by releasing some content for this game for free, but I doubt they will do it as they are already well on their way to release the sequel that has been in making for quite some time now.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was promised to be the next generation game that will set the trend for other games to follow. To be candid, it looked like a game that could match everything by word. Back in 2012, when Ubisoft, the publisher behind this game showcased this game to us, everything looked perfect. The glamor of Chicago, the whistling, the perfect sunshine touching the rock surface of Chicago subway and the gloomy weather – everything seemed set in motion for this to be the ultimate game.

It seemed like this is the thing we could play forever, but did it turn out to be like that? No, unfortunately. There were a lot of things they could have improve upon, but they chose to release this game without those features, hoping that we would forget about their promises as accept the game as it is, but we didn't. Hopefully, they will take more risks with Watch Dogs 2 as they have stated, once again.

Are they being true to us this time around? I can't say to be honest as we have been burned too many times by Ubisoft in the past to trust them like the old company that they were once upon a time. It seems like a long time ago. Ties have change, and so have Ubisoft. They have changed themselves to be a money making machine, disappointing their worldwide audience and critiques alike. The drop in share value is not a surprise. All in all, it was a woeful year for Ubisoft. If you leave Far Cry 3, there is not a single other good game they have produced this year. Even AS: Unity was a big disappointment. I could have written separately about it, but it's from the same company so writing about it separately doesn't make sense when the issues are almost the same.

watch dogs


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