Sniper Elite: Ultimate Edition preview: What's new in this edition?

Sniper Elite: Ultimate edition is about to hit the market in the west. While it may take some time before it heads to India, there are enough reasons for you to be excited about it. Take a look at this article to know what's in store in this edition.


Sniper Elite – most people who love sniping games are familiar with this name. It's all about sniping. It has always been about that. There are only a handful of games that are solely focused on sniping missions. Heck, you can easily count those games on hand as they are scarce. The thing is, as much as it's fun to snipe people from afar, there is a certain risk attached with this gene that not a lot of people will buy this game. This is true to some extent unfortunately.

Sniper Elite series
Look what happened with Sniper Elite 1 and 2. Weren't they good games with some controlled sniping? Yes they were, but they never tapped their true potential due to the lack of budget. They could have easily done it had you and I bought this game. But they couldn't even sell a million copy of the first game. It was disappointing for them as they would have liked to reap more reward for their years of hard work and persistence.

Mind you, it's not an easy job to create games, especially the sniping genre. You have to account for the precision and test rifles in real life. Otherwise, there are always going to be some people who'd complaining how it feels totally different from a real life fun. Not only it's costly to make a game, but it takes a lot of time as well. So what happens when the game fails to break even? Most companies stop making those games and move on to something that'd be less risky and time-consuming. Thankfully though, nothing like that happened with this game and they went on to make the sequel. While it was mediocre, it still was amazing in one thing we care for – sniping.

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One cohesive package

They are packing all 3 games of Sniper Elite series in one package. If you don't know much about this series, a simple explanation would be that it involves taking a vantage point a shooting enemies in the head and watching them fall down in a x-ray vision. The thing is, you are not going enjoy it all that much if you are not much into sniping genre. You see, there is nothing to do apart from finding a vantage point and shooting other soldiers and spies in the head while they go about their business as usual. Sometimes, it feels as if you are cheating as they don't know anything about our position, but that's the same reason why this game is so fun to begin with.

The ultimate edition brings all the 3 games of Sniper Elite series packed in one cohesive package with enhanced graphics and more polish than ever. You are simply gong to love the experience as it's been designed keep the sheer power of next-gen consoles and PC in mind. Granted, there are no new content to churn through for those who have already played all the games of this series, if you still want to see how these game look on new generation consoles, this is a good opportunity as you can get all of them for a meagrely $60. Sniper Elite is never a big AAA hit, and it doesn't need to be.

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