Food and nutrition fun apps for kids

Would you like your kid to know about fruits and vegetables? This article provides information on apps which are fun for kids to know names of fruits & vegetables and also learn nutritional facts from some of the apps in a fun manner.

There are plenty of self-help books, online sites and even smartphone apps to give tips and guidance to parents on how to provide the right foods to ensure a healthy diet for their kids. They provide in-depth details of which foods provide good nutrition and those which do not, which food is a source of a specific essential vitamins, which fruits are a must on a kid's daily food regime, etc. The problem is that kids who are fussy about eating are a nightmare for many a parent. So why not let the kids themselves learn and at the same time have fun with food and nutrition facts?

Here are some really fun apps just for kids (adults can enjoy them too!)

Funny Stories – Colorful Vitamins App

Funny Stories – Colorful Vitamins App

As implied by its name, this app provides a fun way to learn about vitamins. It is narrated in an interesting way via a story. After all, most kids do so love stories! It is in an autobiographical style, with each fruit or vegetable talking about itself and explaining which vitamin it contains that would benefit the child.

Did I say talking? Yes! The app is actually a talking one, meaning it incorporates not just visuals but also audio. When a picture is touched, the words zoom up and "talk". The narration is done by an inbuilt male/female voice (both options available). There are background sounds too. What's more, each character (the fruit or vegetable) is not sketched in the usual boring manner. While the character does retain the correct shape so that the child can identify it easily, the art work used is beautiful, giving a charming effect. The text is also very simple and easy to follow. So if the child does not want the voice-over narration, there is the option of reading it.

Thus there are 3 ways to use this app:
  1. Listen to the story by using the "Read to Me" button.

  2. Read the story by using the "Read it Myself" button.

  3. Play the story like a film reel by using the "Auto Play" button, this feature reading and & automatically going to the next page.

Tech specs & requirements

  • Current version: 1.4 (last updated on 18/02/2013)

  • Size: 11M

  • Requires: Android 2.1 & up

Developer: Jojo Mobile Polska


Contact email:

User feedback: Some parents have complained about the boring font of the words in the text, while others mentioned that their kids found it difficult to follow the dialect. There also seem to be some issues about the app not opening after an OS update. However, the unanimous verdict is that the app is 100% fun and one parent even reported how his kid is fussy about eating fruits but on playing with the app found fruits more interesting!

App available at:

Fruit Fun for Kids App

Fruity Fun for Kids App

This free app for kids two years and upwards is totally focused on fruits. It is an interactive app which incorporates various types of activities. These include:
  1. Memory based games with the help of flash cards. Your child simply has to match the various cards to get the correct fruit.
  2. Block games which are designed along the same lines as a tetra puzzle .
  3. Simple puzzles which are for kids 4 years & up. The puzzles will help the child to develop basic math skills as also motor skills. All the child has to do is try to align the puzzle pieces. Since there is no time limit feature, there is no pressure to complete the puzzle within a fixed time frame. At any time, the 'randomize' button can be tapped to re-shuffle and pop up another puzzle. A complete picture of the puzzle is also available for a preview at any time as a reference to how the completed puzzle should look like.
  4. Sing-along karaoke song titled 'Fruit is Amazing' which will aid in easy learning about fruits.

Tech specs & requirements

  • Current Version: 1.0 (last updated on 25/11/2014)
  • Size: 8.2M
  • Requires: Android 2.3.3 & up

Developer: Datura Studios
For any problems with the app, send an email to:

User feedback: This is a completely kid-friendly app with options for randomization of puzzles and no time-limit emphasis. It creates tons of great fun with both the kid & adults having a great time together, especially with the fun song.

App available at:

Go Go Mongo! App

Go Go Mongo App

This is one of the most popular nutrition-based educational apps for children. Developed by QwikMind, Inc., it has even entered the top 25 educational games apps. Toddlers and kids up to 5 years will not only learn about various foods but also develop good eating habits with this app.

The app's learning process is thanks to the cute character named Mongo who falls ill on eating an unhealthy food and depicts happiness on taking a healthy food. The various types of food drop from the sky. Mongo runs across the screen to catch the food, with the child making Mongo move with a simple tilt of the screen. The food groups cover not just fruits and vegetables, as is the case with many such food apps, but also dairy products and meat. The animations are downright goofy, resulting in a lot of giggles! Also, there is not one single boring background but 4 different ones. What's more, the app consists of various levels – up to 40, which sustains the kid's interest for a long time.

Tech specs & requirements

  • Current Version: 4.0 (last updated on 06/02/2014), includes Sphero control.

  • Size: 65.0MB
  • Requires: iOS 6.0 or later. It is compatible with Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod touch and has also been optimized for Apple iPhone 5.

Developer: QuikMind, Inc.

User feedback: Quite a few people have complained about the new Sphero control which causes the app to crash. However, overall it has got a thumbs up from most parents who find the app to be a genuinely useful learning tool for young kids.

Available at:

Juice Maker App

Juice Maker App
This free app, as the name indicates, allows your child to make his/ her very own juicy drink. Your child can not only select a particular fruit, but also select some interesting decorations and even dunk in ice cubes. Colourful straws and a selection of side platters adds to the fun of making a yummy fruit punch. For example: a mix of strawberry and pomegranate with a side dish of toast. There are over ten categories for selecting a decoration for the juicy cocktail. Thus the end creation is your kid's very own personalized fruit punch!

Once the final drink has been blended nicely, your kid can then share it with friends and other family members. The app is really very simple to use and there are no annoying locks to any of the features, so are easily accessible.

Tech specs and requirements

  • Current Version: 15.0.1 (last updated on 09/01/ 2015).

  • Size: 4.3 M

  • Requires: Android 2.2 & up

Developer: ICAW (I Can And Will)


User feedback: While parents may find it extremely boring as it involves just mixing and matching, kids do find it great fun. There are never-ending combinations so the interest in the app lingers for a long time. The vibrant colours does attract kids to play around with the fruits and learn their names.
Available at:

So what are you waiting for? Check out these food & nutrition apps and let your kids have a fun time!

[Images courtesy: Google/iTunes play store]

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