Lookeen - Outlook Search Product review

Read the review of Lookeen - an Outlook add-on that can make your search much more efficient. Know about its other features which help you to increase your business productivity by optimizing your email usage.

If you work in a big company chances are you are using Outlook. Then chances are that your company is giving you only 100MB of data storage for your mail box and the rest of the data you either delete or store it on your local storage. If you delete it then its good, but more or less we have important old mails that we don't want to delete and therefore choose to rather store it on our local storage instead.
Within a few years this storage can easily cross a few GB and searching for an old mail can be a real pain. And no matter what people say, from a business perspective email remains the most important means of communication even surpassing telephonic conversations and IMs.

Lookeen search

For businesses, email is even more important to business owners who have most of their regular conversations with the clients on email only. Orders and invoices go through emails only. To make this most used and important mode more efficient it is necessary that you are able to find answers to your questions as soon as you are expected and if you answer is hidden somewhere in the archive of your mailbox then Lookeen is the tool that you should consider using. Though the first thought that will come to your mind would be that Outlook already has a nice built in functionality for search and you don't need Lookeen. But as you read on you will know that you are not correct about this.

Once I had installed Lookeen 8 Enterprise edition, searching through my mail and my computer was just about entering the text and finding the results. Yes, you read it right. It is not just about indexing your emails but also your whole desktop and even network drives if you have those. By default it will index only your Documents and Outlook emails but you can change its settings to index other folders too. Indexing can take time according to the number of folders you have. I tested it with the old Android SDK folder I have which is more than 10 GB is size and to index that it took around 5 hours to index. This set up had too many small files which even copying to another device takes around 8-9 hours. So, if you don't have such a data then Lookeen can be quite fast. Once it has indexed the files though it is another matter completely, the search is lightening fast and very accurate.

Non-search features of Lookeen

Lookeen Analytics
This was not a feature I have ever seen in a such a product before. Analytic of the number of emails you have received on different days of weeks, months or years can be very useful for businesses who can schedule their appointments according to the frequency of email inquiries on particular day of week. For example if you receive more emails on Monday every week then you can schedule your appointments and meetings on days other than Monday. And the best part is that you can open those emails by clicking on the particular day, week, month or year section.

Wrap up

Lookeen is a highly customizable search tool which allows you to choose what to index and what to not and how frequently to index. By indexing the right data and Outlook email folders you can make your search fast and efficient. You can choose to index the shared folders, network folders, local folders or any other folder that you can access on your system.

Lookeen has further enhanced the search and indexing functionality of Outlook by giving the users the power to control what to index and search. You increase your productivity directly by using the Mail search, Analytic and Global search features of Lookeen.

Read more about Lookeen in the official website http://www.lookeen.com/.

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