Is Kickstarter still a good place to fund your game or invest your money?

Kickstarter has been kicking as* for last couple of years but recently, it has shown some signs of slowing down in funding. As 2016 draws nigh, investors have started speculating whether this site would survive another year. Peruse this article to read more about it.


For those who don't know what Kickstarter is, it's better if you head on over to and peruse more about it before continuing this article. As much as I would love to delineate what this platform exactly is, it's too complicated. It would take a lot of time for me to explain everything to you. I don't want to derail the topic for sure.

Kickstarter: A Phenomenon

Kickstater was a phenomenon for last couple of years after Double Fine's game managed to amass more than 3 million in funding for their first ever crowd sourced game. It was surprising, but it showcased the true potential of Kickstarter. It showcased how powerful this platform can really be if people know how to leverage it properly. Not only some people were taken aback by the way Kickstarter exploded in terms of popularity, but it managed to shut down its critiques for once and for all. Now we know that if a product has potential and there are right people behind it, it's likely to catch some attention and get funded. This is how Kickstarter works – if you have some great ideas for a product, but you are lacking funds, Kickstarter is always there to help you provided you know what to do.

You might not notice it initially, but when you delve deeper into this website, you will find there are a lot of things that have been fully funded by the crowd, which should never have been funded in the first place. Yet, people still throw money at every game they see without researching more about it. And when they get robbed off their money, they start complaining about how shady Kickstarter really is. The truth is, it's your fault if you are not vigilant enough to do a research before investing your money in it. Nobody is going to bear the loss for you. It's you who is going to suffer when your money is lost in Kickstarter. So my advice to people is to throw money at games very cautiously.

Is Kickstarter any good now

If you have been supporting Kickstarter projects for some time, you might have noticed an increased rate of dubious looking projects. They seem too good be true and they are too good to be true. While it's really incensing to see those projects floating across the front page of Kicsktarter, there is very little users of this website can do about it. I wish we were vested with some power to tackle this annoying situation.


A lot of people have conveyed their intention to volunteer for the website, but the founders don't buzz. They are adamant on maintaining a sense of distance from their users, which is what is going to bring them down.

They will have to listen to us. Otherwise, I am afraid that they are going down. Given the plummeting funding of games and other projects, it's pretty clear that they will soon be sent packing from the crowdsourcing market if they don't take the right steps immediately.

Don't get me wrong. I love this site; I still do despite all the technical hitches. I just wish that they were more transparent about what is happening in the company right now. I wish they would let us know more about the direction Kickstarter is heading into.

What should we do

This is a million dollar question right here. What should we do now? It seems that they are finally starting to come to their senses and start taking action on some of the complaints, but they are still miles away from becoming the site they once were.

My advice to you would be to continue using this site for as long as you can without coming in harm's way. As long as you are wary about investing your money in games, you should be fine.

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