One weird trick to use free internet on any USB dongle

Are you looking for a working trick to use free internet on any USB dongle? If yes, the trick is right over here. Read this article and know how to use free internet of any speed on any ISP provider. Also note that, this article doesn't support any kind of hacks. It is just a free internet trick with limited internet usage available.

Whenever I use internet on my laptop, I use it through a USB dongle and this time I have got Idea Nettsetter 3G USB dongle with a SIM from Aircel network. Since I very much use internet, I always used to search for the tips and tricks to use free internet, not by means of any hack but just a weird trick. I searched almost every corner of the web. Some searches got me to the results I wanted but my network area never supported any kind of trick. Then, finally one day my luck favoured me and I accidentally discovered a trick. So after applying this trick many a times, I found it 100% working in every network type of any region (not sure about the foreign countries). In this article, I am going to share that trick with the world and the one using such US dongle can apply this trick to his network ISP to use a limited amount of internet per repetition of the same trick.

How to use Internet for free via any USB dongle

To apply this trick to your USB dongle, follow the steps below:

First of all make sure you have an internet pack of desired speed i.e. 2G, 3G or 4G. Once you have got some internet data in your SIM account, connect the USB dongle with your laptop and then to the internet.

Once connected, start using the internet and keep it like this for about 5 to 10 minutes. You can just put it on standby or use the internet to surf any kind of thing.

After 5-10 minutes, open the panel of the USB dongle covering the SIM slot and remove the SIM card in the midway keeping the internet connected.

As soon as you remove the SIM card, the internet connection will not be immediately disconnected. So, till the disconnection, you can enjoy free browsing as well as downloading and believe me, once the connection broke after 1 and a half hour enabling me to download about 1.5 GB of data using a 3G connection and the speed was really amazing.

What if the connection is lost immediately after the SIM card removal?

Sometimes in some USB dongles, just after the removal of SIM card, the connection gets interrupted. In that case, connect the dongle again and set it to the "connect automatically". Connect to the internet and restart your PC in the same condition.

Once the PC is restarted, it will automatically get connected to the internet. Surf the internet for about 30 minutes and after that remove the SIM card. This time the trick should work and if it doesn't, you need to change your network provider or the USB dongle.

Note: This trick works for almost all internet service providers providers and if you have your dongle unlocked for just a specific network provider, you can learn how to unlock it by going through the following article:

How to unlock any USB dongle in a go

Precautions while using this free internet trick

1) Please make sure you have got zero main balance in your account because sometimes the trick fails and leads to deduction of money from your account.

2) Recharge your account with the minimum possible internet pack so that you can surf the internet for some time before applying this trick as said above.

3) Do not connect to the internet via USB dongle through the default settings (networks and connection settings) of your PC. Use the USB dongle software (pre-loaded in it) to connect to the internet, otherwise the trick will not work.

4) While using the internet without the SIM card, make sure the card is not used or put in any device like smartphone, tablet or any other USB device. Keep it isolated to prevent data usage deduction from the main balance.

Risks involved while using this trick

1) One of the major risks involved while using this trick is that sometimes it crashes the software of USB dongle and you need to re-install it. That is hectic!

2) Sometimes even after removal of the SIM card from dongle, the internet data usage is deducted from the internet pack and hence does not give you a free service

3) Sometimes, if the micro SD slot of the dongle contains any SD card, data is automatically erased. So make sure that you have not put one inside.


This trick is my personal experience. You will not find this trick anywhere on the web. Please make sure you go through the article fully and understand the precautions and risks involved in this the free internet usage trick. Further if you need any kind of help, mention it over here in the form of resource response. I will be happy to help you.

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Guest Author: pukhraj28 Aug 2015

This is a fake trick.

Guest Author: bb00710 Sep 2015

Cool! I will definitely try out this trick to use free internet on an USB dongle. I live in Morocco.

Guest Author: amila22 Sep 2015

It is not working properly. In my computer I can surf internet for about 20 seconds after removing the dongle.

Guest Author: Shon Max27 Dec 2017

Hi! Very Good method. But your second risk occurred me.
2) Sometimes even after removal of the SIM card from dongle, the internet data usage is deducted from the internet pack and hence does not give you a free service
The package data end.

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