Top 3 paid food and nutritional apps for Android

Are you tired of surfing the internet to know the diets compatible to your health? If yes, read this article and know about the top 3 paid food and nutritional apps available for your Android smartphone in the Google play store. The apps mentioned in the article are low budget nutritional apps which will help you to keep a good track of your health.

Dieting has become a very sensitive topic which nowadays is trending on top on some of the major social networks and search engines. In today's busy life one almost forgets about his/her health, nutrition, physical and mental well-being. So, now one need not to worry about such things as the smartphone which remain always in our hands will care for us and our health. One just needs to guide his smartphone well enough to make it really caring for us. This can easily be done by using the apps available in the Play Store. Some are available for free, some just for pennies. And according to my opinion, paid ones care more for you as money always talks! So, the below paragraphs will help you to choose among the variety of paid nutrition apps or diet checkers, the top ones to give value to the money you pay. Here we go!

My Diet Coach – Pro

This is really an amazing app available in Play Store compatible with the Android smartphones having the OS version 4.0 or above. This app has got over 50 thousand downloads indicating that it is among the popular apps in the paid marketplace.

Features of My Diet Coach-Pro
My Diet Coach – Pro really acts as a coach to keep you fit and devoid of all the extra and unnecessary weight gains. Firstly, it acts as your personal dairy to help you keep the record of your diet, what to eat and what not.

The second feature is the moral support. The app is preloaded with lots of motivational quotes by experts to help you control your hunger, eagerness to eat take your favorite fatty meal and much more. It always encourages you mentally to keep away from those eatables which you are not supposed to take at any cost for effective results.

Third feature is the graph monitoring and point system. This feature analyzes your work and gives you the graphical representation of what you gained and what you lost. This app judges your work and gives you points accordingly. The more points you get, the more you are doing well.

This app also contains exercises for you, the list of foods best for you, the mistakes you make and much more. In short, this app is an overall record of your dietary intake.

Ratings: 4.6 stars out of 5, voted by about 8,000 people till date.

Pros: The pros are already mentioned above as the features of this app. The thing adding up here is that it is a low budget app i.e. available only for 99.99 INR in the play store.

Also, the reviews of the users are 90% positive, encouraging one to download the app without any threat of devaluing the money they pay.

Cons: One of the cons is that for older smartphone i.e. those having Android OS version 2.3, this app does not work.

The second con goes for the 'Force close' dialog box which appears in the middle of using the app for the Android smartphone having v4.0 OS.

Diet Watchers Diary App

This app is developed by Croc Software solutions and has proved an effective healthcare app. This app keeps full record of your nutritional intake and gives you preplanned lists containing the names of the eatables you have to take daily at different timings e.g. If you want to take 3 gram fat, 10 gram protein, 20 gram carbohydrate etc, this app will give you the diet plan for the day containing not even a single milligram more than the prescribed nutritional limit.

It is also preloaded with the BMI calculator which helps you to plan your daily food accordingly. The example goes like this; if your BMI comes to be greater than 30, it indicates that you have gone into the obese category and Diet Watchers Diary App will give you the list of dont's and do's accordingly.

It comes with almost 7 different languages which include English, German, Dutch, and French etc.

Ratings: 4.6 stars out of 5, voted by about 1500 users.

Downloads: About 10 thousand. Lesser than the above app due to slight higher price.

Pros: Diet Watchers Diary App contains the Click2Sync option which helps to sync between your tablet and mobile via Dropbox.

The processing is really very efficient and the app never hangs up in the middle.

Cons: The cons include weak User Interface and lack of attractiveness. The data presentation is very simple which bores a person reading it.

The price of Diet Watchers Diary App is 120 INR which is little more than it deserves. The price tag should be somewhere in between 50-60 INR.

Food Diary app

This app serves as your personal doctor which always remains ready to guide you through a proper diet chart for good health. Food Diary app is best for those who are suffering from any kind of nutritional disorders, migraines or heart related disease. All you have to do is input your problem and you will get a list of the diets you can take along with the quantity prescribed. So, one need not to go for regular hectic checkups by a doctor rather get this app and make your smartphone capable of the modern artificial intelligence technology.

This app also possesses some customs functions like exercise monitor, meditation, checking the anxiety level and much more such features. Also, you can get the information about every diet i.e. its nutritional value, quantity required by a normal or diseased person etc.

Ratings: 4.2 stars out of 5, rated by about 200 people (reason being the recent launch)

Downloads: 5000 + downloads

Pros: The pros include the small size of the app as it is just half MB so no fair data usage by this app.

Costs you just 55 INR in the Google play store.

Works even in the Android versions below 4.0

Cons: This app has got mixed reviews. Many of the users think that some free apps are providing better features than the Food Diary app.

Also, the UI is really very poor i.e. the lack of attractiveness.

This app does not have a BMI calculator or any other interesting feature.

Note: All the above mentioned apps are available in the Android Play Store and you can get them by paying the above mentioned amount via credit/debit card, PayPal or through mobile balance. I have not given the download links for any of the above apps as their compatibility varies with different devices. You can easily search for them in Play Store and purchase them accordingly.


This was all about the top 3 paid nutritional apps available in the Android play store. This app has pros as well as cons at their places which have been put forward to you in the above information. Now the choice is yours that which one suits you and what your budget is. There are also many free apps available in the market place but the features do differ. So, for pro features, you will definitely have to pay anyway. Rest, if you need expert advices over here about this topic, don't hesitate to post your query below in the resources response.

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