Borderlands 3 game wishlist

Borderlands 2 was an amazing game. It certainly revamped our preconceived notions of how a cell-shaded game should be. So where can the series go from here?


I have been a big fan of The Borderlands series for last couple of years. I was skeptical about this series at first, but as the first game rolled out, it was pretty much clear that I am going to play the heck out of it. So I picked the first game up after a couple of days of its launch and played it for more than 100 hours. It goes without saying that I absolutely loved the loot-focused game in the Pandora. It was something else – a fresh breath in the air. It was a respite from other FPS games where all you had to do was shoot some people and you were done. Borderlands' lore is a rich one. The story goes much deeper than what you might think in the first look. But I am not talking about any of it today as I am going to focus on what Borderlands 3 should be all about. Here are some things that must be incorporated in Borderlands 3.

Different weapons

Let's face it. It's all about heavy bulky guns in this age. You can't turn away from it even for the slightest of moments. Your life depends on your gunning skills after all. If you are not good with aiming fast and instinctively, the psyches will tear off your pieces and feed it to pigs in no time. It's pretty fun but cruel game, so you will have to be on your toes all the time to stay alive. What I would love, though, is some variety in guns. No, I am not complaining about guns at all. I am just saying that they should ponder adding more types of guns and bullets in the game. How about starting from a silencer? The lack of silencer in this game just baffles me. I can't kill them silently even if I want to. They should give player somehow option to complete their mission in the ways they like instead of imposing their own way to complete missions. That would really be a welcome change.

Better graphics

The cell-shaded graphics have been a trademark of Borderlands for so many years now, but don't you think they ought to change that in favor of something better. Imagine a Borderlands game in some powerful engine like Frostbite 3 – The same engine used to develop Battlefield games and the recent Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now, that would be amazing. The question is, though, are they going to take such risks? I personally believe that if there is a change for the better. They should do it immediately. They shouldn't delay it.

Less repetition

While the gameplay is really innovating, it's really repetitive at the same time. They should do something to change that as soon as possible, otherwise they risk alienating their fans. Your foes respawn moments after you kill them. Why? Even if they were to respawn, give it some time so that I don't have to feel dumb for wasting my bullets on something which revives moments after I kill them. I don't know when and how they are going to do that, but it would be a welcome change for sure.


Any open-world game is incomplete without vehicles. How are you supposed to go from one place to another after all? We can't move on foot as it will take forever to reach from one place to another. While there is a vehicle in Borderlands series, it's just too tedious to handle. I don't even want to drive that anymore. Some variety in vehicles would surely be appreciated by everyone.

More variety in enemies

We can talk all day long about lack of varieties in everything in this game as we move on to our next wish. While there are tons of monsters to kill in Borderlands 2, they look all the same to me. "Wait, didn't just kill that guy 5 minutes ago?'

These are some of the thoughts that will come into your mind when you'll run across same kinds of enemies more than once in your gameplay. You are bound to come across them for sure as there are not a lot of enemy character prototypes. It seems that they are too lazy to do that. At first, these enemies will frighten you as they come charging at you out of nowhere, but once you know their moves, you can easily splatter their heads with your shotgun predicting where they are going to come from and how they are going to move.

Stating as an intriguing mission, it soon turns into another daily mundane chore you are supposed to carry out. They must change that in my opinion as it undermines this otherwise amazing game.

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