Hitman Go game tips, tricks and walkthrough

In this game I have given the tips and tricks to complete Hitman GO game. You can download Hitman GO for Android and iOS. In this article you can get the game play, tips, walkthrough of Hitman GO game. Read the below article to know more about the game.

Hitman GO - I am a big fan of Hitman game series for PC. However, this game is not the usual third person shooter instead it is a strategy based game. Each stage in this game has different board styles, new enemies and layouts. The aim of the game is to tactically reach the target without getting spotted by the enemies. You will be provided with limited moves to reach the target.

Hitman GO gameplay

Hitman GO requires simple swipe action to move the player. Once you play your turn, the enemies on the board will make their steps which might interfere the way to your target. Each enemy reacts to your move in different way, like moving forward only, moving to and fro or making turns.

If you end up colliding with the enemy then you need to restart the game. You can avoid collision by throwing items which will be hidden in each level. Even with this option it is hard to make through the level. Only after several attempts you can make it to a new level.

The game does not give you much resources to reach the target. So it is better to give some thought before making a move. This limitation may frustrate you but it will make you a better thinker.
Hitman GO

Some tactics to complete the game faster

The hidden items and hiding in the bush is the key to complete the stage. You can use the hidden item only once in a level and it therefore it should be used wisely. Use the hidden item to kill the person who is blocking the way. Only after you make several moves the enemy will give you the way. To make many moves without colliding, you need make moves to and fro from the bush.

Memorize the movements made by AI (enemy). The AI will make the same set of moves in each level. If you think you are getting closer to the target, note down the moves that you made in a paper. You can save time by noting down. You may feel that you can memorize on your own but at times it is confusing. Spend more time in thinking rather than figuring out the possibilities.

Hitman GO cheats

I found some cheats to get unlimited hints but they are not working. If you are asked to install a file in your Windows PC to get unlimited hints don't go for it. I installed several application in my PC to get unlimited hints but it seems none of them are working.

If you get frustrated with any level after trying hard you can always use the walkthrough available in YouTube. As I said, the AI will make the same kind of moves and it means you can use those walkthroughs in your game.


Guest Author: Manish18 Feb 2015

Thanks for sharing the excellent tips and tricks of Android game Hitman Go. Can we install this gave on Windows PC. What is latest version available of this game. How to install this game windows PC.

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