How to buy the best air conditioner in India

The summer season is here again and the sun looks scorching like never before. If you are planning to buy a new AC then you need to consider some factors for selecting the best one. In this article I have covered all main points which need to be considered before buying an AC

There are numerous companies in the market manufacturing Air conditioners. Notable among them are LG, Samsung, Haier, Sanyo, Godrej, Hitachi, Videocon, Onida, Panasonic and Fujitsu. All these companies manufacturer's produce ACs of different cooling capacity and different BTU ranges, though most ACs have BTU ranging from 8500 to 24000.

How to select which Air conditioner to buy is a big question and to help you out I will explain the three main factors to keep in mind while buying an air conditioner. There are:

  • BTU value

  • Voltage

  • Window size

What is BTU in air conditioner and for how much BTU to go for?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the globally accepted standard for measuring the cooling capacity of a AC. The cooling capacity of an AC depends upon the tonnage of the device. For example, a 1 ton AC will have a BTU of 12000 and similarly a 2 ton AC will have a BTU of 2400.

You should not think that the AC having the highest BTU will be the best device. BTU of an AC should be decided upon the requirements of the room where you are going to install the air conditioner. These requirements will depend upon the number of people, sunlight in the area, normal room temperature of the room and of course the size of the room.
Here are some approximations for tonnage of air conditioners which you should go for according to the room size
  • For less than 90 square feet go for 0.8 AC tonnage

  • For a room having area between 90-120 square feet go for 1 ton AC

  • For a room having area between 120-180 square feet area go for 1.5 ton of AC

  • For a room area greater than 180 square feet go for a 2 ton AC

Electrical consumption of the Air conditioner

With the continuously rising costs of electricity and even for saving our environment it is necessary to select an AC which is power efficient. The lesser the tonnage of the AC, more will be its electricity consumption.

The amount of electricity which will be consumed by an AC is written in the manufacturer guide which cones with the packaging. Alternatively, the best method is to go for the energy rating mentioned on the air conditioner. In India BE ratings are mentioned of electrical appliances which have a rating out of five. Select the air conditioner with the highest rating. This rating is given after taking the equipment through some stringent efficiency tests. Good rating is given to those products which do not compromise on the performance and features of the air conditioner and are still able to operate with minimum power.

Noise from an air conditioner

Obviously you would not prefer an air conditioner which makes noise while you are trying to rest. Though you will not find a air conditioner which does not make any noise but the noise produced should be low and not an irritating one. One thing worth noting here is that split air conditioner produced lesser noise than other types due to the reason that these have their compressors placed outside the room.

If you are not ready to change the dimensions of your windows you need to check the manufacturer's specifications related to the dimensions of the air conditioner.

Compressors of the air conditioners

The life time and reliability of an air conditioner will be best when it has a powerful compressor. A good air conditioner manufacturer will give you full assurance of their product. When buying an air conditioner always look for a minimum of 5 years of warranty on the product. The compressors of air conditioners are very reliable and sturdy devices and on an average work without any hindrance for a minimum of 10 years. Anyhow, it is possible that the compressor malfunctions due to problem in other parts which may cause a failure or even a leakage of the coolant. But you need not worry about that because most good companies will cover this in their warranty.

Price of air conditioners

Select you AC after choosing from a list of specifications, manufacturer reputation and your own requirements. Don't only consider the cost of AC but also include in the stabilizer cost, installation costs and power and management costs. Split ACs cost more than Window ACs but uses less power than Window ACs.

Other features which need to be considered while buying an AC

Anti corrosive body

Air conditioners from reputed companies are coated with a chemical to minimize corrosion. This will extend the life of the product.

Auto restart

In case of a power failure (which is quite common in most parts of India) the user has to reset the settings and cooling levels. Prefer those AC which have the capability of remembering user settings in case of a power failure and on switching on the power start automatically with the previous settings.

Deodorizing filter

It removes the smell of cigarette, decaying organic material and alcohol by absorbing them. It will keep the room odor free as well as fresh.

Electrostatic filter

It is a filter which attracts dust particles and germs from the air by ionizing them and thus keeps the room healthy. It will also extend the life of your air conditioner because it will keep the dust away from the important parts like cooling coil and blower assembly. Clean inner parts of the air conditioner will prevent quite a bit of wear and tear.

Remote control and timer

Obviously you would not like to get up to change the AC settings while watching TV or sleeping and the timer would help in energy saving and maintaining the room temperature especially at night.

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Guest Author: Binu Mishra04 Feb 2015

To buy the top AC in India, you can look at brands like LG. This is one of a largest manufacturer of home appliances in India. Visit at and browse all latest LG Air Conditioners & grab best deals.

Guest Author: Suvojit19 May 2015

I am from Kolkata. I want to buy an AC for my house. Based on the following criteria can someone please advice me which Brand (Hitachi, Samsung etc), Star (5 , 3) and Volume (Ton) should I buy considering economical product, worth of money, electric consumption, quality and of course service?

1. Area of room (length*width*height): 3.2*3.8*3.01 (Meters) OR 10.49*12.46*9.9 (ft) - Top floor (1st)
2. Usage probability: 5 months (Max) and 5.5 hours (Max) in a day -- In a year.

It will be a great help if I get guidance as I am not much aware of the calculation of electric consumption and overall idea on Air conditioners.

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