What I learned from my 10 years AdSense journey?

AdSense program is a wonderful ever product from Google that enables thousands of people round world to earn some decent money. AdSense is the most famous product of Google with a lot of potential and smart people explore it in such a way that it simply change their life style.

It is going to long ten years since I have been gifted the magic account of AdSense and it's my pleasure to share my experience with my dear friends. How I got that AdSense account? I had no idea about AdSense and once I accidentally started blog using the free service of blogger.

Blogger is a wonderful blogging platform and I just opened many blogging sites as the entire process were absolutely free. One of the blog was about traditional sports of Kerala. I just put five or six articles there. Then I happened to read an article on Google AdSense and I was impressed.

I applied for AdSense account using my personal blog on traditional sports of Kerala. Actually I did it in a funny mood as I know that my application would be rejected. But I got a surprising email from the Google that my application for AdSense account was accepted and I was accepted as a publisher. YES. I got a job and that's from the most reputed, famous and incredible company called Google.

I am not a full time blogger and am fortunate enough to earn my bread through a full time job. Still I use AdSense as a secondary income and started post more and more articles. Anyway the result was not so progressive as I was earning pennies. But I still took the game seriously and did not end the process.

One day I happened to visit Xomba and applied for it. Then I had remarkable changes in my earnings but the journey was not so fluent as my account banned there. I didn't do anything silly there, but they changed their policy and I was not able to post there anymore.

Then I landed the magic page of Hubpages and was gifted with great success. Hubs, articles in Hubpages have lot of potential and they paid the best ever. The hubs have great impression in search engines and Google loves to index good Hubs.

Squidoo is another place I like, and now Hubpages taken over Squidoo. All the articles on Squidoo now belongs to Hubpages and I am even more happy now.

The process of finding beautiful websites continues and today I have reached Techulator. I just went through this website and found some great tech articles here. This is my first post and I would like to have more friends here also.

Did I get blessed with AdSense cheque? The answer is YES. How many time I am have been gifted with the cheque? I am not going to disclose it here. Sorry. But I am very happy with the earnings considering the work I have done.

For long stretches of time I did not used to write article on my blogs. That affected my payment a lot. So the secret of AdSense is consistency and good keyword selection.

Just try to write with fun and passion. Don't try to write anything on a subject which you have no passion or knowledge. That will affect your writing and ultimately your earnings also.

If I can earn money through Google AdSense program then why shouldn't you? Start writing more.

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Author: Ankit01 Jan 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Hi Suresh,
Glad to see that you want to share your 10 years of experience with AdSense here but don't you think that the article is quite short for sharing 10 YEARS worth of experience?

Author: Suresh02 Jan 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Dear Ankit, Thanks for your valuable feedback. I know the article not fully covering the subject and I am trying to write more on the subject soon. Thanks

Author: Sameer05 Jan 2015 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

It is very inspirational article on your 10 years journey of Google Adsense. I really like these types of article because they encourage me to contribute more and more. And I also agree with Ankit about the shortness of article, If you like please share more about your Adsense journey.

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