4 Smart Things to do with your old Smartphone

Got yourself a new smartphone? Don't throw away the old one, thinking it to be worthless. There are a lot of ways to put your old phone to use. Let's show you how.

Is the old smartphone that was once your lifeline sitting neglected in a drawer somewhere? Do you think you have no use for it because you have a newer, more technologically advanced device now? Well! You are wrong if you think so, as there is so much can be done with an old device other than using it as a phone.

While reselling it on sites like Olx.in and eBay can be an option, it is not a very viable one and I'll tell you why. You'll probably make just a pittance for all your effort. There are in fact a lot of savvy things that can be done with a an old smartphone; you can be put to work in numerous ways around the office and home, and even while you're on the move.

Turn it into a wireless router

Now here is a smart idea that you probably haven't thought of. Use the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot feature in the device as a portable router. It's simple to do – simply activate a 3G SIM card in the device and check with the service provider for the best data plan to meet your requirement.

Once done, you can take the device along wherever you go, place it in your pocket, on the dashboard or wherever. You will be able to connect the phones, tablet and laptop to the hotspot and get simultaneous data access on all devices, instead of using separate SIM cards on each.

Just setup a secure access password as you normally would for a Wi-Fi connection, so no one else can access the hotspot.

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How about a GPS navigator?

Did you know you can turn your smartphone into a standalone GPS navigator? If yours is an Android phone then you can use Google Maps and navigation features that come free. Or else you have the option of downloading the MapmyIndia app. The latter is better equipped for Indian users as it provides detailed streetwise maps.

So, if you want a GPS navigator in your vehicle install a mount on the dashboard/windscreen to permanently place your old Android phone. You will also need a generic micro USB 12V car charger to recharge the phone when it runs out of battery. The mount and charger don't come expensive, and can be bought online at approximately INR300 a piece.

You can simplify things further by downloading Car Dashboard, a free app by Nez Droid. The app installs an easy to use interface on the phone, with large icons, a host of functional shortcuts and helpful voice commands. Further, you can tailor it to suit your requirement.
The Ultimate Car Dock is another option available to users. It functions quite like the Car Dashboard app, but is more sophisticated and is a paid service at INR250.

Turn it into a PC remote

Now, here is another alternative you can try; turn your smartphone into a PC remote. This works wonderfully on either desktop or micro PC connected to television. If your micro PC/desktop is connected to your TV you probably choose to sit a little distance away, for better viewing. You probably use a wireless keyboard-mouse to control the PC/desktop; but if you are lolling on a couch or on your bed, this will surely not be very convenient. So, what do you do? Just use your smartphone.

Download Mobile Mouse Lite a free app from RPA Technology, also visit www.Mobilemouse.com and download the server software. This is required because the server software is a vital component, and is accessible for all versions of Macs and Windows phone. You need to ensure that the PC and the smartphone are connected to a single Wi-Fi network. The server software will direct you through the rest of the process.

Mobile Mouse lets you use your smartphone in multiple ways – mouse, universal remote for a number of media players, a presentation controller and keyword finder.

An accelerometer gets added to the app if you pay for the premium version. This allows you to wave your smartphone in the air to manage the cursor and mouse.

If you are using iOS you can go with the Touch Mouse from Logitech.

Why would anyone use an old smartphone for extra storage etc; you might wonder. Imagine you're out on a picnic, having fun, clicking pics and your camera runs out of storage on its memory card. You can always create space by deleting unwanted pics or you can transfer the clicks onto old smartphone. Doing so lets you preserve the camera battery as well, as you can view the images on the standby smartphone.

To make this setup work you need to ensure that a micro SD card slot and USB host capability are available on your Android device. You'll need to get a 32GB micro SD card compatible with your smartphone, if you don't already have one. It'll cost you approximately INR.1,100. You'll also need a USB host cable with a full size female USB port at one end, and micro USB at the other. These come cheap, and can be yours for roughly INR100.

Once you have all the tools in place all you'll need to do is insert the memory card into the smartphone, and transfer the images using a file explorer. Alternatively, you can transfer photographs using the USB flash drive.

So, don't throw away that old phone or sell it off at a cheap price. If it's in working condition there's still a lot of juice in it. Let technology help you put it to some good use and leave you feeling smart about it.

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Guest Author: Bhasker Raj01 Jan 2015

Thanks for the guides and ideas for using your old phone. The tips are wonderful and worth trying. My first Android I bought earlier is Ainol Novo7 tablet. Now I have two more smartphones - HTC Explorer and Asus PhonePad tablet. Unfortunately, the Ainol Novo 7 does not have a SIM card interface. I use only the WiFi connected to my Asus tablet to work on this tablet.
Is there any external interface to connect an external SIM card?

Author: Sameer05 Jan 2015 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

These are really informative tips on using old smartphones. I want to some more tips on using old smartphones :
1. We can use our old smartphone as a webcame for our PC/Laptop.
2. We can use old smartphone as an alternative of USB dongle/netsetter.
3. We can use it as a backup device to store our important data.
4. We can use it as a camera.
P.S. : I think there is a typo error in second heading. You have written it as 'GBS Navigator' but it is GPS.

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