List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games

Check out this list of the top 10 upcoming games for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. Read this article to know every detail of the best PS4 and Xbox One games which are scheduled to be released in 2015.

Are you a hardcore PlayStation 4 or Xbox One gamer? Then you must be looking for some of the best upcoming games of 2015. After doing a lot of research, I have come up with my list of the top 10 upcoming games for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One for your ready reference.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is the upcoming third-person shooter, open world and action-adventure game. As the title suggests, the story is set in the Hell. You will play as Johnny Gat (saint in previous saints row series) and have to rescue the saints boss from Satan. This time too player will have superhuman abilities in gameplay. Also, you can use a new superhuman ability known as angelic flight which will give wings to the player, doesn't this sounds awesome? And just like its previous installments, this time also Saints Row: Gat out of Hell will feature a lot of side quests and collectibles.

Battlefield Hardline

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Battlefield Hardline has already set up a blaze in gamers. It is an upcoming first-person shooter game. This time the Battlefield series has diverted from military settings and has come up with Battlefield Hardline showing their focus on police and war on crime. The plot is set in Miami where two detectives Nick Mendoza and his partner Khai Minh Dao have to stop the drug war. You will have access to different weapons and vehicles giving a fabulous touch in its gameplay. Battlefield Hardline has got 4 new modes - Heist, Hotwire Mode, Blood Money and Rescue.

Batman: Arkham Knight

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Batman: Arkham Knight is an upcoming action-adventure game and the next installment from Batman game series. The gameplay will be quite similar to its predecessors and will also have some modifications. But the one and the most anticipated feature has been included this time and that is Batmobile. You can drive Batmobile and it can also perform jumps, rotate on the spot, speed boosts, fire missiles, etc. Just like Batman abilities, you can also upgrade your vehicle - Batmobile.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an upcoming action and role-playing game. This upcoming season get immersed in the adventures with the Geralt of Rivia (series protagonist). The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has got all the new combat combined with the use of magic. This time the setting is more than 30 times larger than its predecessors. This huge and detailed open world will also have a lot of side quests to complete. Moreover, there are some unique features in the game this time, such as swimming underwater, combat on horseback, witcher-sense, using a crossbow, etc. With this huge world, you have to use horses and boats or may even use fast traveling feature for your ease.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Dead or Alive 5 is one of the famous fighting games just like Tekken series and Street Fighter series. This game has total of 24 characters including 2 new characters and 3 unlockable characters. Dead or Alive 5 has four main modes - Story, Online, Fighting and Extras. So get ready to fight and rumble with different characters and unique styles with this upcoming game. Fight with a huge variety of attacks including with a new feature called Power Blow. Power Blow is a powerful attack which can be executed when the opponents health is below 50%. Also in this game, you can use environmental settings to execute your elemental attacks.

Mad Max

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Mad Max game is an action-adventure and vehicular combat game. The gameplay features an aggressive melee fighting and some chunky gun killings. Mad Max features a variety of melee combos which can easily defeat a bunch of enemies. The game also features some gun fighting but you have to carefully launch every shot as the ammo for the weapons are really scarce. As the game also features vehicular combat, so the developers have also provided an additional feature which lets the players to upgrade their vehicle parts like its engines, wheels, chassis, body works, paints etc.

Dying Light

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Dying light is an action-adventure based open world game. The game works on a horror theme where the humanity has undergone serious zombie mutations in the quarantine zone of Urfa, Turkey. Dying Light features a mind blowing dynamic day and night cycle. In the daytime, the zombies become slow, thus allowing players to easily pass through them. Players can use rooftops for passing these infected zones in the daytime. While at night, the zombies become much more aggressive and can aggressively pursue the players when they catch sight of them. In the absence of daylight, the mutants inflict much more damage to the players and it becomes really tough to defeat them.


List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Evolve is an action genre first person shooter game. The game is set on an other planet namely Shear. The humanity which has traveled to this planet has well established themselves there and have build their colonies. But soon, they are attacked by alien monsters. So, William Cabot (a former planet tamer) is given the duty to deal with these alien monsters. Now, Cabot has to assemble a team of hunters so as to eliminate these monsters from the Shear planet.

Project CARS

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Project CARS is an upcoming racing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios. Unlike Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, this game provides a "sandbox" approach which permits the players to choose between a variety of different motorsports paths. Hence, it allows players to gain an immediate access to all the included racing tracks and vehicles. The game is powered by an improved version of the Madness engine which was used by all the NFS Shift titles. Project CARS will be released around 17 March, 2015. The game will provide a unique racing experience which the leading racing titles were not able to provide.

Mortal Kombat X

List of Top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 & Xbox One games
Mortal Kombat X is an upcoming action-fighting video game which is being developed by NetherRealm Studios. Like the previous Mortal Kombat versions, the game will involve two fighters who will compete against each other using a variety of attacks, special moves, and gruesome Fatalities. This time NetherRealm Studios have refined the several gameplay features including the energy meter which allows the players to perform special moves like X-Ray moves. In this title, fighters can now interact with the environment to complement their attacks so as to make them more powerful and gruesome.

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