Insurance plans for Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac

Searching for information on coverage for your Apple product? This article provides information on the AppleCare+ plan for iPads, iPhones and iPods. You will also get details of the SquareTrade plan for these products with which you can compare it.

Any Apple product, whether it is an iPod, iPhone or iPad, is a high-end premium product with a high price tag. So naturally you are likely to take very good care of it and fervently hope you will never need to repair it or, God forbid, lose it! Why take the risk, though, and hang on to that slim hope? Why not get a cover for it? I'm not talking about some stylish physical cover, but getting it insured against possible damage and theft.

Now the best way to get coverage for an Apple product is to get it from the company itself. However, there are some aspects which the Apple coverage plan does not include so you will likely want to approach a third party insurance firm. Let's find out first what Apple offers and then talk about the third party.

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What Apple offers

Apple Care protection plan banner
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AppleCare+ is the name of the coverage plan offered by Apple for its various products. You can purchase it at the time of buying the Apple product or buy it within 60 days of the product's purchase. Check out the official Apple website to know the toll free numbers and list of Apple retail stores where you can avail of coverage for your country/region.

This plan goes beyond the normal 1-year limited warranty which comes with 3 months of complimentary telephonic technical support. For all the products, the AppleCare+ plan offers repair or replacement coverage from an authorized Apple technician.

Specifically, the official text is:
Apple warrants the Apple-branded iPhone, iPad or iPod hardware product and accessories contained in the original packaging ("Apple Product") against defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with Apple's published guidelines for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user purchaser ("Warranty Period")

AppleCare+ hardware coverage for Apple iPod

The service coverage includes, in addition to the iPod, the battery, earphones & USB cable. In the event of accidental damage from handling the iPod, you can get coverage for a maximum of 2 incidents, for each of which you need to pay a $29 service fee plus applicable tax in your area of jurisdiction.

AppleCare+ hardware coverage for Apple iPhone

The service coverage includes, in addition to the iPhone, the battery, earphones & accessories. In the event of accidental damage from handling the iPod, you can get coverage for a maximum of 2 incidents, for each of which you need to pay a $79 service fee plus applicable tax in your area of jurisdiction.

AppleCare+ hardware coverage for Apple iPad

The service coverage includes, in addition to the iPad, the battery and AirPort, the included USB cable & power adapter. In the event of accidental damage from handling the iPod, you can get coverage for a maximum of 2 incidents, for each of which you need to pay a $49 service fee plus applicable tax in your area of jurisdiction.

Note that you should have purchased the AirPort up to 2 years prior to purchasing your iPad or during the term of your existing AppleCare+ coverage.

The fine print

  1. The original included accessories are covered, not later ones.

  2. The protection is provided only for (a) any defect in the materials or in the workmanship and (b) battery depletion of 50% or more from original specification.

  3. Don't necessarily expect new equipment to replace the old one! Apple clearly states that it "may be new or equivalent to new in both performance and reliability."

ADH claim

You can make an accidental damage from handling (ADH) claim on grounds of facing an operational or a mechanical failure which was caused by an accident from handling due to some unforeseen and accidental external event (such as liquid contact) arising from normal use.

The ADH coverage excludes:
  • Misplacement of the device

  • Theft of the device

  • Consumable parts (for example the battery or the protective coating), but will apply if defect in the material or workmanship has caused the failure.

  • Cosmetic damage, such as a dent, a scratch or a USB port's broken plastic part

  • Damages caused by deliberate mishandling/use of the device

  • It gets damaged due to using it with another product

  • It gets damaged accidentally, whether by reckless abuse or misuse, contact with a liquid, earthquake, fire or other external cause.

  • It is damaged due to not operating it within the guidelines as provided by Apple.

  • It is damaged during servicing by an unauthorized representative of Apple or is not an Apple Authorized Service Provider ("AASP"), such servicing including any upgrades / expansions.

  • You get the product modified, let's say to improve its functionality or capability without the written permission of Apple.

  • Any defects arising from normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the Apple Product.

  • If any serial number has been removed or defaced from the Apple Product.

  • Protection against any other act or result not covered by the plan.

Note: When applying for an ADH claim, you will need to give a clear explanation of where (precise location/spot) & when (specific date/time) the accident occurred along with a descriptive write up of the accidental event. If you do not provide the requisite information as required, your claim is likely to be rejected.

Refer for more information:

SquareTrade insurance plans for Apple products

SquareTrade protection plan banner
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One of the most popular third party insurance coverage availed of by Apple product users are the plans offered by Square Trade. However, it is to be noted that SquareTrade does not offer loss & theft coverage because, in the company's own words "loss & theft coverage can cost twice as much as accident protection. Meanwhile, there are free apps to help find your phone if you ever do misplace it."

For Apple iPad products

SquareTrade offers plans which covers drops, spills and malfunctions and free two-way shipping.

The iPads covered: Apple iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad, iPad (other)

The coverage:
  • 2 years with deductible @ $49 per claim: $85

  • 2 years with no deductible: $99

  • 3 years with deductible @ $49 per claim: $105

  • 3 years with no deductible: $129


For Apple iPhone products

SquareTrade offers plans which covers drops, spills and malfunctions and free two-way shipping. The plans are for Apple iPhones purchased in the last 30 days or currently insured by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile.

The phones covered: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus.

The coverage:
  • $5/m for 24 months

  • $99 for 2 years

  • $129 for 3 years.


Important Notes (i) 3-year plans only available for phones purchased within the last 30 days.(ii) A $75 deductible applies to all claims.


It is a good idea to compare Apple Care+ coverage with insurance plans to get the best deal. Always read the fine print, namely: what is covered and what is not, when the coverage will begin, when it will be applicable (is it applicable if you bought the product a year ago or only recently?), what is the duration (monthly, annual, two years, three years), etc.

Of course, there is always the possibility that you may not need the insurance coverage at all if you are confident of the Apple product never giving you any trouble & you are an extra-careful caretaker!

[Note to the reader: The author is not endorsing any of the coverage plans mentioned in the article, but is merely providing general information. Readers are advised to check all coverage plans from the official websites to get detailed information and updates before applying for any of them]

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