List of top insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets

Check out this list of top insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets. Read this article to know some of the best insurance plans for your smartphones and gadgets.

Have you recently bought the new iPhone 6 or any other expensive smartphone and are worried about its protection? Then you must be looking for the best available insurance provider for your gadget. Well, even if you buy an expensive smartphone, a single screen crack may cost you hundred bucks or even more than that. In such cases it is a good choice to insure your gadget or smartphone. For your simplicity, I have provided you the list of top insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets.

Mobile Rhino

List of Top Insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets
Mobile Rhino is one of the best mobile insurance provider and it can be purchased at any time. Mobile Rhino's insurance policy covers loss and theft. It is renewed on an yearly basis but still Mobile Rhino's plans are a bit costly. The insurance plan covers loss, theft, accidental damage, water damage, mechanical malfunction, electrical malfunction and accidental drops. According to its policy, users will be given a replacement of the same model as their damaged phone; however, equipment may be reconditioned. Moreover, in normal cases, the replacement will take no longer than 24-28 hours.

  • Personal: $129
  • Business:$119
  • Education:$99

Deductible: $99

Coverage Length: 1 year


List of Top Insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets
SquareTrade is the best mobile insurance provider and offers a wide range of protection plans for all types of devices. With SquareTrade, you can easily secure your smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras and even TVs. For smartphones, the policy holds good for protections against drops, spills, mechanical failures, display failures, broken ports and other malfunctions. With SquareTrade, you can even insure your older phones. This amazing insurance provider even lets you ship your broken device to any local repair facility for free.

SqaureTrade's Plans start at $7.99 per month for iPhone and $6.99 per month for other smartphones.

SquareTrade provides a $50 deductible for each iPhone claim and a $99 deductible for other smartphone claims.

Protect Your Bubble

List of Top Insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets
Protect Your Bubble provides your phone an extended protection from daily use which includes accidental damage, mechanical issues and liquid damage. Additionally, their policy also insures against theft and lost phones. As a bonus, it also provides you with credit monitoring services which in case of a theft, enables you to keep track of your personal information while you wait for a replacement.

Plans start at $7.99 per month.

There is a $120 deductible for each iPhone claim and a $100 deductible for other smartphone claims.


List of Top Insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets
Asurion plans mainly focuses on replacement and in many cases provides an overnight replacement after a filed claim. The insurance plan covers accidental and mechanical damages, including liquid and physical damage, as well as loss and theft. Asurion also provides you an option to include accessories in your protection coverage. So, you can insure a wide range of accessories ranging from ear-buds to car chargers. In addition, Asurion provides you sufficient rights to cancel its plan at any time. While doing this, you can receive a pro-rated refund of your monthly fee. If in case your phone is lost or stolen, Asurion software will allow you to remotely lock your device so as to prohibit the thieves from accessing your personal information. And the software will also try to locate your device.

Price & Deductible:
Asurion works in collaboration with the user's mobile providers' insurance plan, so the cost and benefits will be different for different Asurion plans.


List of Top Insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets
This amazing mobile insurance provider offers three different types of plans according to the user's needs. Apart from providing the regular insurance against accidents and damage, ProtectCELL also offers recovery of stolen identities and provides protection of personal information. Moreover, unlike other mobile insurance providers, the basic Plan is free for anyone to keep their data and personal information secure.

Plans start at $29.99 on yearly basis.

Currently, no deductibles are provided.

Geek Squad

List of Top Insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets
Geek Squad's protection plans provide an amazing 24/7 support from Geek Squad. Geek Squad provides two kinds of plans - basic & advanced. The advanced plan covers accidental damage from handling which includes drops and spills. While undertaking any of the plans, you should keep in mind that both the plans include a one-time battery replacement and one-time accessory replacement. Their insurance coverage also includes mechanical failures and they do not provide any deductibles. Moreover, you must purchase your phone from "Best Buy" in order to qualify for Geek Squad's insurance protection. While for older phones, you can only qualify if it is still within the product-specific return policy period.

Plans start at $14.99 per month, or $229.98 for a two-year plan. (Prices may vary with make and model)

No deductibles are provided as of now.


List of Top Insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets
It offers two tiers of plans for the iPhone and other smartphones. The first tier includes regular insurance coverage from damage and accidents while the second tier includes additional insurance against theft and loss. The second tier also includes data protection. Each plan comes with three claims of up to $1,000 worth of insurance coverage each. But users should keep in mind that Ensquared will only insure those iPhone which are up to 30 days old and smartphones of up to 90 days old.

Plans start at $89.99 for two years for iPhone and $58.99 for one year for other smartphones.

There is a minimum $129 deductible for each iPhone claim, and a $75 deductible for the first smartphone claim, which increases to $100 for each additional smartphone claim.


List of Top Insurance providers for mobile phones and gadgets
Their plans cover accidental damage, water damage and normal use failures. Unlike Ensquared, GoCare will also insure any phone regardless of its age. But according to their policy, the phone to be insured should be fully functional with no previous repair work. Each plan includes unlimited claims for repairs, but GoCare will only replace your phone once.

Plans start at $59 per year for iPhone and $57 per year for other smartphones.

There is a $50 deductible for each claim for all the available plans.

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