Top 3 upcoming games for PlaySation 4 & Xbox One

Check out the top 3 upcoming games for PlaySation 4 & Xbox One. Read this article to know every detail & release date of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One games.

Mad Max

Top 3 upcoming games for PlaySation 4 & Xbox One
Mad Max game has been awaited by the gamers from the year 2014 but it is most likely to be released in the 2015 year. The game is developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Mad Max game is action-adventure and vehicular combat game. This game features Mad Max as the main protagonist of the game.

The gameplay will feature an aggressive melee fighting as well as some gun killings too! Mad Max has got a lot of dangerous melee attacks which can easily be carried out by a bunch of enemies. You can also equip weapons such as shotgun which is Mad Max's favorite. However, the ammo's for weapons are scarce, so better use it wisely. Another cool feature in the game is that it has vehicular combat, so that you can enjoy more while driving and killing! Also, you can combine your vehicle with different weapons such as Max's Magnum Opus. This weapon when combined with Mad Max's vehicle will let you to destroy enemy vehicles by powerful ramming. Although ammo is scarce in this game but the developers have got all covered up by crafting system. In the gameplay, you can craft new weapons and tools. The most cool thing is that you can even upgrade your vehicle parts like its engines, wheels, chassis, body works, paints etc.

Release Date: Mad Max's game release date is not yet confirmed but it is most likely to be released in the year 2015.

Dying Light

Top 3 upcoming games for PlaySation 4 & Xbox One
Dying Light game is the game for the lovers of survival horror. The game is developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This game is based on an undercover operative - Kyle Crane. Kyle Crane has to infiltrate the quarantine zone in the Harran (Urfa's Village,Turkey).

This game will be mostly based on melee fighting but player will also have access to more than 100 weapons. Dying Light has got a cool dynamic day and night circle. In the daytime, the infected are slow and you can easily pass through them. You may use rooftops for passing these infected in the daytime. During this time, you have to scavenge for supplies scattered all around the village and then send them back to the safe zone. You can also save survivors and help them to make their way to airdrops. But the surrounding will become dangerous without daylight, i.e, during nighttime. So during nighttime, the infected will be more dangerous, acute and accurate. Now they can run and chase you even on rooftops. So for such situation you have to prepared in advance like you may set up traps during daytime which will prove to be useful in nighttime. Also, this game has crafting system which will let you to craft weapons.

Release Date: Dying Light game will be released on 27th January 2015.


Top 3 upcoming games for PlaySation 4 & Xbox One
Evolve is developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K Games. Evolve is a FPS (first-person shooter) and action genre game. It is asymmetrical multiplayer game which will also feature a single player mode. The game is set on the other planet - Shear. The humanity which has traveled to this planet has established colonies which are soon attacked by alien monsters. So, a former planet tamer named William Cabot is given the duty to deal with these alien monsters. Now, Cabot assembles a team of hunters which will eliminate the monsters from Shear planet.

Evolve revolves around hunters and alien monster where the 4 hunters will try to kill a monster (5th player). So overall five players can easily play the multiplayer mode of Evolve game. Basically, the objective for hunters will be killing the monster and monster has to either kill all 4 hunters or complete a secondary objective. Both hunters and monster will have unique abilities and both can obtain different power-ups by killing the local wildlife. Evolve game has a variety of different maps and modes. Also, hunters team will comprise of four classes: an assault class, a support, a trapper and a medic. And there will be a variety of monsters too. Evolve game has three game modes - Hunt, Nest and Rescue mode. Different modes will have different objectives for both hunters as well as monster.

Release Date: Evolve game will be released on 10th February 2015.

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