How to make money online with websites like iWriter

This post explains in detail about how to find high paying clients in content writing market. It also lists the current trends and rates in the market for content writing work.

One can make a lot of money writing articles online. In order to monetize your articles you can either sell them online or you can put them on a blog and earn money advertising space on the blog. In this post, I will discuss the methods that involve selling the articles for cash. Once you have read this post you would be able to to understand how to get a steady source of income writing articles. Without taking much time let us discuss various aspects related to making money from article writing.

How much can you make writing articles online?

The amount you can make writing articles depends on a number of factors including:
•Your expertise in article writing. You can expect higher pay if you can write grammatically correct articles that are SEO optimized and contain targeted keywords.
•The amount of time you give to article writing. This relates to the number of articles you write in a month. The more articles you write, more money you can make.
•Finally, a very important factor that affects your earning by selling articles is the way you market them. I have seen writers selling articles as cheap as $1 per 500 words. Again, I had seen clients offering me $10-$20 for 500 words article.

If you are a good article writer you can expect a pay of $1 per 100 words. There are a number of clients offering such rates and later in this post I will give you details on how to find those clients easily. In case, you have excelling article writing skills, you can expect even $2-$4 per 100 words or even more.

Can I make a living writing article online?

Again it depends on your passion and expertise. If you are inclined to this work and can write quality articles on a daily basis continuously, you can make a living articles online. However, I would not suggest you to depend on any one field as a source of living. You can monetize your articles in many other ways too like making a blog or selling eBooks. I had done article writing work in the past and made some quick money too.

I was able to earn about $600 in a month working 4-6 hours a day on an average.

Let us discuss the possibilities of making money by selling articles online:
Let us suppose that you are working full time and you give 8 hours a day. Excluding four Sundays. you have 26 working days that converts to 208 hours. If you can write one 500 word article in an hour it will finally amount to 205*500=104000. At $1 per 100 words this will be $1040 which is not bad if you reside in a developing country. You can much more if you have some expertise as this not only results in better speed, you can even charge more than $1 per 100 words.

How to get article writing work online ?

Believe me if you have good writing skills you can get as much work as you can handle. You can get article writing works at the following websites:

•Webmaster Forums: There are a number of forums available online where people are looking for content writers regularly. Some of the popular forums are Digital Point, Warrior Forum and many more. Especially on digital forum you will find threads almost every day from webmasters asking for content writers to write some articles.

•Textbroker, iWriter: There are some websites like textbroker and iwriter that act as a platform between webmasters and content writers. There is a lot of work available on these websites, but the downside is that initially you will have to work at a lower rate.

•Freelancer,Odesk: You can also find content writing work on these websites where you have to bid along with other people looking for work.

Similarly, there are many other websites and forums where you can find a lot of article writing work. If you deliver good articles to your clients, they will stick to you. As a result, this can provide a steady source of income for writers who have excellent writing skills.

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