How to transfer bank accounts from one branch to another

Are you relocating and worried about opening a new bank account in your new destination? Well, Indian banks now allow account portability, allowing you to transfer your bank accounts from any branch to any other branch in the country.

I have lived in many places in India as part of my job and one of the challenges when I move each time was opening a new bank account in the new place. I had an account with HDFC Bank which has been issuing "at par" cheque books, which made it easy to cash them on any branch. However, many times I face limits on daily withdrawal and other service issues in a non-home branch. As a result, over a period of time, I opened multiple bank accounts in different cities.

Bank account portability

In the year 2012, Reserve Bank of India issued a directive to all banks to switch to a centralized customer identification system, which was the first step in moving to bank account portability. The new generation banks like HDFC and ICICI were already following this system, which allows them to access the customer information from any branch. I have a single customer Id for HDFC bank and any new account I open in any city are attached to this same customer id. The customer Id remains the same when I open a new account or close an existing account.

According to the new directives from RBI, all banks are now required to provide a centralized customer id system and should allow account portability. I talked to various banks in India and they have different methods to transfer the accounts from one branch to another.

General guidelines for bank account transfer from one city to another

Here are some general guidelines regarding account portability:

1. Different banks have different procedure. Check with your bank and ask for the specific procedure. I have provided the process of some of the banks I have interacted with.

2. If you have submitted valid and up to date KYC documents to your previous branch, no need to submit them again in the new branch.

3. When you transfer your bank account from one branch to another, your account number, customer id etc will remain the same.

4. You will be able to use your internet banking facility as usual and you can continue to see all previous transactions, payees etc from the previous branch.

5. Most banks will issue you a fresh cheque book with your new address printed on it.

6. If your address is changed, you will need to submit new address proof document.

7. If yours is a join account, both account holders must sign the application.

8. You may use this same procedure to convert an NRE account to a Savings account.

9. Some banks require that you must surrender your cheque books, pass book and debit card before you can transfer your account. However, most banks will allow you to keep the credit card since that is not really linked with your specific to the location of your savings account.

State Bank of India

State Bank of India doesn't have any specific forms for this purpose. All you have to do is, walk into the local branch in your new place and submit a transfer request written in white paper. I have attached a sample letter, which you can submit to your SBI branch.

State Bank of Travancore

State Bank of Travancore also doesn't have any specific forms for this. Just like the SBI, you can visit the branch where you want the account to be moved and submit a letter in white paper. See the attached sample letter.


HDFC Bank has a specific process and an application form for this. You can either download a form from their website or get one from the local branch. Fill the form, sign it and hand over it to the branch. They will transfer the account to the new branch within a few days.

Download application form from HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Account Transfer Form

Axis Bank

According to the information published in the official website of Axis Bank, you need to fill a specific application form available in all the branches. They don't have the form available for download.
Axis Bank Account Transfer


This bank too have their own specific application for account transfer. You need to surrender the cheque book, however, you can keep the debit card and instruct the bank to link to your account in the new location. The application form is available in all the branches.

ICICI Account Transfer Form

Canara Bank

If you are a CBS branch customer, you can submit a letter to the new branch and continue to use the cheque book and debit card as usual. However, if you have an account in a non CBS branch, then you are required to fill in the appropriate application form available in the branch. You are also requested to surrender the Debit card, unused cheque leaves, if any.

United Bank of India

This bank requires submitting a request in plain paper. You can use the attached sample letter. You need to surrender the cheque book, ATM card and passbook to the bank. The new branch will issue new passbook, chequebook and ATM cards to you. Account transfer is done in realtime, electronically, provided no irregularities are found with the account and all KYC documents are up to date. Read more details here.

Bank of Maharashtra

According to the official website, Bank of Maharashtra requires you to submit a request letter to your home branch (old branch). You need to surrender your unused cheques to the home branch before the transfer can be initiated. You need to submit the proof of address and new phone numbers in your new location. Read more details here.

Download sample letter to request account transfer

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Guest Author: C.Balaji26 Feb 2015

Thank you very much.

Guest Author: Chidamparam07 Apr 2015

Thanks a lot for the details on transferring an account from one bank to another. It was helpful.

Guest Author: lkjad22 Apr 2015

Beautiful and knowledgeable article. Recently I wanted to transfer my bank account so got knowledge about it already.

Guest Author: Achuta ramaiah24 Apr 2015

A good informative article on transferring an account from one bank to another.

Guest Author: Ravinda Gadade24 Apr 2015

Very good article. Any idea about Bank of India and Uco bank?

Guest Author: satish27 Apr 2015

ICICI, Axis offers branch tranfer through Internt banking.

Guest Author: Awanish13 May 2015

For SBI, I have submitted application for account transfer. However, I have not received any slip as reference from the bank. So please let me know if it is necessary?

Guest Author: T K ROY30 May 2015

I am very satisfied to learn the method how to transfer an account from one branch to another.

Guest Author: SRI TEJ12 Jun 2015

For SBH branch transfer, go directly to your old branch and submit the form given by them. fill the required details like acc num, old branch, new branch, mobile num.
Then your branch is changed accordingly but you won't get any confirmation message or letter that your branch is got transfered.

Author: Anwesha04 Jul 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Sir I have got an account with Dena Bank with my maiden name in Kolkata. If I want to transfer my account to Hyderabad, do I need to undergo the procedures in Kolkata by being there? Or can these procedures can be followed online? Can I continue to keep the account with my maiden name as well?

Guest Author: sujeeth05 Jul 2015

For SBI it is better to go with the IFSC code of the new branch where you want to transfer. I visited 2 days back, and they refused to entertain me as I did not have the IFSC code. I had to search in Google and then give it to them.

SBI is still in 18th century and their branches are not integrated fully. So You cannot walk into any branch and give your application. You have to go to your base branch even if it takes up a lot of travel time! Even calling up the customer helpdesk is futile.

Guest Author: manoj07 Jul 2015

My SBI account is transferred to Bangalore - it is Mangalore account. Please guide me - I want my internet banking renewed.

Guest Author: DSS22 Jul 2015

Last week my friend got his SBI account transferred from New Delhi to Jaipur just by sending an email to old branch email ID along with scanned copy of application on plain paper.

Guest Author: Siva Srinivas Koluku24 Jul 2015

Thanks a lot Mr. Tony John for required useful information all at one place. I can understand the effort you have put for blogging.

I have a doubt in this present regard; is it possible to open a new SBI account in a branch without transferring/ closing the existing SBI account in old branch? I have a account in SBI, Tamilnadu. I want to open new SBI account in Telangana keeping the Tamilnadu account active. I approached the new brach, I was said by them that it is not possible to hold two accounts at a time in the same bank. They are insisting me to transfer the existing account. They say it is a new RBI rule. What is your comment on this?

Thanking you in advance.


Author: Tony John24 Jul 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3


In the past, banks used to allow multiple accounts by the same person. However, now a days banks are insisting on transferring the accounts. Probably, the new RBI rule is the reason.

With all internet banking facilities, I think it is better to have just one account instead of accounts in multiple branches.

Guest Author: Siva Srinivas Koluku24 Jul 2015

Thank you for the instantaneous reply to my query.

Guest Author: P.Gonmei31 Aug 2015

I have requested my current sbi branch manager to transfer my account to another sbi branch which is nearer from my curent location. At the of my request they never asked for any documents and i am very happy thnking that this is something very easy and hassle free which anyone can do whenever necessary. But the sad thing is that now it almost a month since filing of my request and still i could not do any transaction. In this circustances i dont understand how long will it take to complete the necassary procedure of trsnsfering my account?

Guest Author: kaushik chowdhury13 Sep 2015

Thank you so much for this useful information on transferring an account from one bank's branch to another.

Guest Author: Sreekala K P30 Nov 2015

How can I change my UCO bank SB account from Ambevane branch to UCO Bank in Kharghar? Please provide guidance.

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