Google+ game: Zynga Poker review

Zynga Poker is a poker game in Google+ developed by Zynga Inc. It is similar to just as an online poker game but with many added features especially for the Google+ user. So here is the guide for you which help you how to play this game. I have also given some issues which Zynga Poker is facing and how you need to play with over coming all this problems. You would also know all the features added in Google+ Zynga Poker.

Google plus added Zynga Poker to Google plus games along with the start up 20 games. Already Zynga Poker is a popular game in other social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and it has huge numbers of players and fans all over the world. To this now the Zynga Poker is also now available in Google's social networking platform, Google+ for all its members. One of the more popular free online poker games in internet and Google+ is Zynga Poker. Zynga Poker has over 30 Million active users monthly who play on the site.
The Google+ offers the user to take the control over the game whether they like or not about their games and their updates on how they choose and partake with others in the game. The players can also check and receive the latest game updates and also game accomplishments on the games page from their friends and family and.

About Google+ Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker game was the first social game in Google+ which was developed and released by Zynga Inc. Zynga Poker is the largest free-to-play online poker game to be played by many members in the world. The main reason for this is because the players have the option to play at any table, meet new people from around the world and join friends for a game. You also have the options of choosing from casual Hold 'Em tables, tournament play or VIP tables. A leader board is the most important board which shows the players on how to compare their chip ranking with their friends and also to the gift shop. Players can also personalize and decorate their seat at the table. Each and every player in Zynga Poker can interact with each other players by chatting, completing challenges and sending and receiving gifts between each which also includes poker chips. According to AppData, Zynga Poker is the fourth most popular game on Facebook and it is available on Google+ attracting many users in recent times. To say in short about the Zynga Poker game,
1. Zynga's very first game in Social Networking sites is Zynga Poker
2. Play with people all over the world
3. World's largest free-to-play online poker game

Merits of Zynga Poker:
i) It is a wonderfully paced game which keeps moving without any feeling of being rushed.
ii) Challenges and Tournaments add a great deal of excitement to play Zynga Poker.

Demerits of Zynga Poker:
i) Visual effects are quite not up to par when compared to other Zynga offerings.

Zynga Poker Bot

Zynga Poker Bot is a program which is written in AutoIT. This program automatically attempts itself to fully automate the process of playing Texas Holdem Poker in Zynga.
1. Works on all the Zynga Games Network.
2. 100% automated with joins tables, closes popups and also when reloads when stuck.
3. Full SourceCode available to download.
4. Works in any size of table with any bankroll.
5. Plays are selected with pre-flop hands, and then calculate the odds to make right decisions.
6. Allows custom Player Profiles.
7. Table hops, if there are too few opponents.
8. Table hops, if the blinds are too big or too small to compete.
9. Allows custom user image.
10. Auto-Detects the number of opponents.
11. Allows to run multiple back ground Bots.

Issues with Zynga Poker

Well, on talking about all the features of Zynga Poker don't get over whelmed by all this. There are also some issues which this game has which make it to be considered as not a good Poker game. Yes, there are several issues which really make the Zynga Poker waste in both time and also your growth as a good poker player. zynga
Not Realistic
The first and foremost thing which you will notice on playing at Zynga is that, it is really not all that realistic. In Zynga Poker the players do not play with any semblance of strategy when they play at Zynga when compared with many other poker games which is available on internet. The goal of this game is to get as many fake money chips as possible. All these will make it into fest soon. Would you shove with 9-2 after two raises ahead of you in a normal game? Surely it can no. But here in Zynga poker it happens. And also would six people go all-in in one hand in a live game? No. But all these happen frequently on Zynga Poker.

Buying Chips
Another big issue which I want to say about this Zynga Poker is it is not a free game. Yes, you have with this game mentioned as "free" but the fact that they regularly sell players additional chips. In a live Poke game, you can add onto your stack but you cannot get 100,000 times your money when you do so. Also you will find some tags like "Want to buy 36 Million in chips? Just pay 75 bucks and you are set." Well, where does this strategy come in? It was actually stated to be a free game but when you can sit down to play in a table and play any way you want by paying some amount which really makes it to care about going worst.

Slow Game Play and Spam
Finally, the game play of Zynga Poker in Google+ is much slower than most any reasonable online poker site. Also in addition to it, there are 100's of ads that you have to look up with. Some ads are Do you want to send chips to your friends? Do you want to invite them to play? Do you want to accept chips from your friends? Do you want to paint your monkey blaze orange? Ok, maybe it doesn't ask you about your monkey, but you get the point. And this isn't even including the ads for you to buy new chips.

These are issues which are with Zynga Poker in Google Plus. So on keeping this in mind start playing your Zynga Poker game in Google+. All the Best.
About Zynga Poker in Google+:AboutZynga Poker

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Guest Author: Carl09 Dec 2011

started off well, but its crap. I continually get dropped before I can play my hand. Not recommended.

Guest Author: 15 Jan 2012

Hi Carl,

Well, that has been a good response from the experienced player. So this would be your words for others who are going to start the game play

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