Be On Time with Pomodoro. Me - Time Management app review

At this jet age, we are all in a struggle for time and increased responsibilities. To help us out few endeavors have taken place among which is a popular one. It is a Calendar & Time Management Software based on pomodoro technique. It claims to increase Productivity by a better time management procedure. Check out how it does, and see whether it can make you work faster than before.

What is Pomodoro Me

Productivity is a term that is related to the proportion of time. It isn't new to anyone that Time makes Money, so if one can manage time, one can manage money. To improve the ratio of time to productivity, today there are quite a good number of technical support available in the apps market that helps you in framing your work schedule in appropriate time slots. One such effective time boxing productivity solution is Pomodoro Me, it is a Calendar & Time Management Software which is a simple to use app based on pomodoro technique. This FREE app, is ad supported along with planned upgrades that are based on the user inputs.


Key Features

Pomodoro Me is an amusing app that comes with a clean and simple design. There is no tedious process of data entry, the only thing you have to do with it is swiping and shaking. The fun inducing app displays Productivity in the shape of tomatoes. You can adjust the Timer from 5 - 60 minutes. There is also a Power Saving mode which is enabled by default to save the battery usage. You can set the Display to continuous on which works better when it is connected to the power cable. The Zen tune rings whenever a task session is been completed.


The Usage

Using Pomodoro Me is as easy as playing with a toy. Simply shake the app
to set the timer when the previous work is over. Then simply Swipe the app to the right to restart timer. To stop it Swipe to the left. The Default time in here is a set of 25 minutes, which is adjustable by going through "Settings" under the main section of it. It goes like this, first Choose a task you need to complete, then Set it either for the default timing of 25 minutes or a time limit of your choice, then continue with your task till the app starts ringing, then you can put a check on the task list. To calm down, you may take a short break of 5 minutes. For better results, if you by chance get interrupted during a session, you can put a different mark, like an alphabet or a sign like X. Remember that every 4 session would take a longer break than the regular ones.

The Preference Settings

There are many options to set your preferences in this app, like you can choose to keep the Display always on as the default is OFF. You can set the time of the Timer according to your convenience, as the default time slot is 25 mins. You can also adjust the Timer sound as the default is ON.


To run it you need an iPhone with OS 3.0 and above, it is Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, and an iTunes account. This is so because the developer has crafted this app with the purpose of making sure that each day gone by the user passes out with maximum productivity.


Updates in the Version 1.1

with the latest version 1.1, the Swipe has got much easier, after they received the user complaint about the hard swipe. The productivity icon in this app are tomatoes which are now auto calculated as the time of the timer changes. Now you will get Added sound whenever a session gets completed, it is working better than before in the power saving mode. The latest version also claims to have Fixed the bug in the preferences section which earlier needed to be accessed before starting the work. The timer continues to work even when your iPhone sleeps. The iPod music can be played simultaneously when the app is running, which is really a great news for those who love to work with music.

The Good

RecordsOne of the most important things that makes Pomodoro useful for everyone is the record keeping system which gives you the right picture of where you stand at the end of your day. The PT option is all about furnishing you with a record of what exactly you've accomplished that really increases the 'happiness index' after completing each set of tasks. For each and every session you cross with more or less a 25-minute activity block, you can write it down to curb down your memory pressure.

The Activity Inventory
If you are using a text file in the Dropbox, you will have an easy access to your phone via an app called Plaintext.

My list
On the left side of your laptop and on the right side of your phone, you can see an X which means a 'completed pomodoro', if you see a 'U' it will mean that your work was interrupted or it wasn't finished, and a # will stand for the tasks which are complete.

Focus is one of the greatest aspect of this app. Whenever you would be tempted to deviate to check your email or IMs, it will help you to remember that you are on the clock right now and time is passing out, that would remind you that you can get to that later once this particular session is over. Then you also have this simple timer in your menubar, which makes it all easy to see how much time you are left with. While most of the Pomodoro apps will help you set only for a few bucks, you can get a bunch of them which are free ones. Menubar Countdown is one such free version.

The Planning
Another great thing about the Pomedero method is the way it helps you in challenging yourself. When you start a day, set a goal for yourself which you would want to beat through your average task sessions you cover in a day. Getting that average picture is also good for indicating how much you are capable of accomplishing on a given time limit in a day, so that you can have a rough estimate of how much to compensate.

The Not So Good

Inspite of a good set of features, Pomodoro isn't a perfect one, but then, what can claim to be so? But it is always better to be aware of them beforehand.

All Or Nothing
In this app you can either choose to work for 25 minutes and get a mark like an X, or you don't get a chance to complete it. Also, it is obvious that you can ignore emails for the time being, but when people start dropping in person, it isn't possible to make them come back after a certain number of minutes.


In a nutshell

But overall Pomodoro is really a good stuff. It is actually the idea which I liked the most. Probably because it makes the implementation easy for a to-do list, management of an activity inventory or creating a chart sheet. It reminds you of stuff which holds you back from the temptation of killing time when you should not. In lighter tones, it has replaced the old school teacher with an inner sense of punishment and achievement.

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