3 Games like Borderlands - Action adventure games you should play

Borderlands has been a great hit throughout the previous and current-generation consoles and PCs. There is no doubt about it. It's pretty natural to look for some alternatives to Borderlands if you love this series. Look nowhere else as I am delving deep to scrounge a few best games like Borderlands for you.


I am running across a border frantically towards a glasses and a quirky voice with a huge gun in my hand. I know that things are going to go awry once I kill him and some of his friends will come this way when they hear gunshot, but that's where the fun lies in this game. The more, the merrier. I definitely don't want them to die the easy way. If I want, I can go for the sniping or go Rambo style with my shotgun. The choice is mine. This is where Borderlands is at its best. It gives you a lot of option to engage your enemy in whatever way you like. There are no boundaries or restrictions placed on your for this game. You are free to go wherever you want and do quests at your own pace. Don't like doing quests? You can take a break and enjoy the landscapes while going about shooting mutants. It's huge with tons of things to do. What not to like about it?

I am pretty sure you have heard if the Borderlands series by now if you are a hardcore gamer. If you have played this game, it's pretty natural that you'd want to play similar games like it. Don't worry, I have got you covered with this ultimate list of Borderlands alternative.


Destiny is an online first person shooter and RPG hybrid developed by Bungie and published by Activision for PS3, PS4 XBOX One and XBOX 360. If you are new into this game, you are sure to find this game dizzying as you won't get the hang off thing soon enough. It can take you a good couple of hours before knowing how you are supposed to make quick progress in this game and level up like other players who do it with ease.

Granted, it's frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of this game, you are going to love it for what this has to offer. You have tons of quests to do, events to participate in and giants to kill. It's going to keep you busy for days if not for months to come. If you are the type of person who loves playing with your friends and strangers alike, you are going to keep playing it for long time as there is no dearth of content for those who love playing with friends. On the other hand, while this game accommodates and welcomes lone wolfers as well, there is very little it offers back to them. So if you are planning to play Destiny, make sure you are not playing alone. Have some of your friends on the same server with you to enjoy this game. Otherwise, you are going to be disappointed. Yes, there are huge lands to be explore and guns to be acquired, but everything is dull when you don't have a companion to watch you back.


Dead Island series

What would you do if zombies would take all over the world and they are continuing on their mission to eat every alive human being or just kill them as painfully as possible? Dead Island tackles this question heads on and tries to find out the answer by placing you in the similar scenario. You are one of the lucky survivors who is not affected by the virus, at least not yet. As long as you are not infected, there is a hope that peace and stability would be back in that region.

It might look like an easy game in the first glance to you, but it's way harder than you think it is. These zombies might sleep a bit too slouchy for their own good, but believe be, the heavy blows will make you fall down just like that. Stay away from their grip if you want to live longer. Some of the zombies will come running at you while you least expect them to, while other would be so big that there is no way to conquer them. So your best bet should be to avoid them when you can.

While you will come across various guns, I would suggest you to stick to melee weapons. Not only the feel best for the scenarios you'd find yourself in more often, they surprisingly perform better than guns. Don't fret though, you can choose to sneak around, if you don't like the violence. That option is so rarely presented to you though. Sneaking around is not a genuine option in most of the scenarios when there are hoards of zombies waiting to eat your flesh.

dead island

STALKER series

Let me warn you first before you delve deeper into this series – it's a pretty difficult shooter that will have you throw your controller in the rage. You are going to die a lot of times if you are not patient with this game. Treat the enemies like you would in real life. Otherwise, get ready to be kicked all over and shot in the face eventually. Unfortunately, I learned this lesson later in this game when I almost played more then 75% through this game. Don't make the same mistake like me though. Otherwise, you are going to find it pretty difficult to enjoy this amazing game. Although, it might seem like you are just wasting your time doing literally nothing, you are ultimately saving yourself a lot of time by avoiding being killed so frequently. Why not go in with a solid plan than learn things by trial and error?

There are tons of things for you to do in this game. Here are mutants to kill, quests to complete and outposts to liberate. It's certainly going to keep you busy for a long time. So pack your gears and get ready for an awesome ride that you'll remember for a long time. If you ever find yourself getting bored, try some of the user created mods. You are bound to stumble upon some exceptionally good use made quests. That's why they call it game of wonders.

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