3 Games Like Bioshock: Games you must play

Bioshock series remains a mystery to most of the people as it has been an underrated game and presented unfairly to people by critiques. Sadly, though, there won't be anymore Bioshock games as the studio is shut down for good. Join me as I look at some of the best alternatives to Bioshock.


A game set in the underwater world? Really? How in the hell is it going to succeed financially? Will it ever manage to strike a chord with its audience? Those were just few questions that were swirling around my mind when I heard that they are going to make Bioshock. I thought it was a horrible idea which must be stopped in the middle without any shed of doubt as it's going to spell doom for the company.

Of course, I was proven wrong when the game finally launched a few months afterwards. It turned out to be what I didn't expect it to be. How did they manage to bring about a change of a perception in thinking of not only me but a lot of others who were thinking the similar way about this game? The simple answer is, they made a great game, better than anybody else could ever have imagined. If you have played Bioshock, it's only fitting that you'd look for some other alternatives to it. Let's take a look at some of the similar games.

Far Cry 4

The first question that pops up in mind when we talk about Far Cry 4 is, open-world and guns. This is all about freedom to do things your own way. Set in Himalayas, this game plays as good as it looks in the first glance. From the fascinating sunrays to the suburban lives of people in that part, everything is depicted pretty precisely. The Hindi actors they have used are not that impressive though. It doesn't matter much as there are not a lot of dialogs to be honest. It's all about guns and violence. Kyrat is a place where you do the talking with guns. You should carry at least 2 weapons with you all the time as those thugs know no other language than of violence. If you don't carry the firearms, you are going to wind up dead in no time for sure.

far cry 4

Talking about guns, there are at least 50 varieties of guns for you to see and use. However, you won't be able to carry more than a couple at any point of time, so you will have to make sure that you are expert in using some guns as adaptiveness and quickness are the only things that matter here. One thing is sure though, once you get a gun in your hand, you will own that place. You will feel like a god and that's where the real fun lies to be honest. This hellhole might look pretty from the outside, but it's not!

What are you waiting for? Gear up and get down to business. There are people that need to be terminated as they don't deserve to live. Of course, you are the hero!

Tomb Raider

How any years have passes since the first Tomb Raider game? The first game they launched was back in 1999 – the very first 3D gaming experience in adventure genre. No other company had attempted to do what they did successfully before that. That's what made them famous and known to the whole world. Heck, it's the sole reason why we still love Lara, the main character of that game, so much. Even if you think long and hard about loving this game for any other reason besides Lara and some hip-hopping, you wouldn't find it.

Launched as a reboot in 2012, Tomb Raider proved that it's not about Lara. It's not going to be confined to be a male product only. In an effort to appeal more to the female masses, they made Lara more of a vulnerable character, someone who can connect with us pretty easily; someone who looks as if she is in real trouble instead of just being a badass in worst of situations.

The game travels back to the time when Lara didn't use to be a Tomb Raider. She was just a naïve, vulnerable women who found herself in a nightmarish situation after her ship crashed and all the crew members died. And that's where her journey began as a pure survivor who just wanted to get out of the island teeming with bandits and maniacs. Later on, she realized that there is more to this island that what appears on surface. She decides to dig deep, and to her surprise, she finds out that there are treasures on this island. She could make a life out of it!

Not the greatest of ideas if you ask me, but hey, it's Lara. How dare I question her? She is a lady and she is a boss!


Thief: Deadly Shadows

Not a lot of people talk about this game nowadays. Sure, it's more than 10 years old now, but if you give it a go, you realize how amazing it still is. It casts you in a role of a Thief whose only job is to rob people in the broad daylight as they wander around the streets nonchalantly, completely ignorant of the fact that someone might snatch their jewelries dangling from their waists. It doesn't matter though, that's what we want as a thief after all – to know where the stuff really is without having to work for it. Don't get all worked up over it though. It's not as easy as it might seem to you in the first glance. Actually, stealing is one of the most monotonous and challenging task ever here. The advance AI mechanism ensures that it's not an easy feat as guards keep a watch over the city all time. As long as you are cautious, though, you should have a fun time playing Thief: Deadly Shadows.



Yes it's true that another Bioshock game will never see the light of the day, but there are so many alternatives of this game that you will not have to shed a single tear for the loss of this series. What do you think about this list of games like Bioshock? Let me know your thoughts and suggestion in the comments below.

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