Is Elder Scrolls Online worth buying on consoles?

Elder Scrolls Online has already been on PC for more than a year now. Now that they are about to launch it for consoles, let's find out if it's actually worth buying this game for consoles?


Elder Scrolls Online – the more we say about this, the lesser it is for this giant behemoth created by Bethesda. It's pretty hard to explain for anyone why this makes for an amazing game and that makes it so successful. It's a mystery in itself for so many people, including me. If you have not played this game yourself, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this is just a shallow attempt by Bethesda to cash on the MMO market by ripping of its single player counterpart called Skyrim.

It's not though. Pretty surprising when you consider that gaming companies like EA and Activation have been ripping off people by using their big bang franchise names with almost every game they make nowadays. Dare they try something new and original like Elder Scrolls Online! You see, it's pretty easy to pick on this game as most people don't like MMOs. They have a certain kind of stigma attached to them. Most people consider it a a waste of time as it requires too much time to get them hang off it and claim the ladder to actually get to the fun part of the game – raids and end game content.

Let's not derail the topic though. It's not about how good this game is as we already know that this is amazing. The million dollar question is, is this game worthy of playing on consoles? Why this strange question? What's wrong with consoles? No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with consoles. The nature of the game is such that it won't generally be the best platform to play a MMO on consoles. It has traditionally been a PC stronghold. Not a lot of people will think about consoles when they ponder playing a MMO. So how is going to play on consoles? Will it be worth your $60?

Releasing on June 9

They have recently come out to finally announce a firm release date for consoles. Yes, Elder Scrolls Online is finally releasing on June 9. It's seems so far, but when you consider that it's been more than 1 year since this game released on PC, it's certainly starts to look like as if this game is finally going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Heck, thee wee talks that Bethesda might even whack this game as it was not at par with tier expectations, but thankfully for those who are waiting for this game to release on consoles, they decided to go on with their plan to give this game a home on consoles apart from PC. Only time will tell how successful they are going to be with the risk-infused decision they have taken this time around, but nothing is stopping us from taking a peek at Elder Scrolls Online well before its release.

PS4 and Xbox One

Just imagine the scenario if these consoles were not around and we were still playing on Xbox 360 and PS3. Would this game still be possible to do on consoles? The answer is a stern no without nay shed of doubt. What about the new generation of consoles though? Do they have enough raw power to make it through the whole game without any sort of slutter or annoyance, for that matter? Will it make for a perfect game just like it did on PC or will it plain bomb?

Unfortunately, I think it's going to be the latter, especially when I consider the huge scope and size of players waiting to get into this game. The game itself is so huge that it has taken them a considerable amount of time to figure things out as to how to fit this game into consoles that are marred by the limited memory unlike PCs.

Whatever may be the case, the bottom line is – it's coming to both PS4 and Xbox One and we are going to get our hands on it to know for sure if it's worth anything. Who knows, they might even figure out how to run this game on PS3 and Xbox 360, but that might not be worth it as the installation base is rapidly shrinking for old-gen consoles. People have been focusing more on current-gen consoles now more than ever. So it's better to be focused on delivering on current-gen consoles.

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