Dragon Age inquisition review: Tips tricks and cheats

Dragon Age is an iconic Role Playing Game series for last couple of years. So how does the latest game stacks up against the likes of Thew Witcher and Skyrim series? Let's find out more about it.

I never thought I would ever say this for any game, but as I near my 100 hour adventure in this game, I still feel like there are tons of other things I have not done in this game. Yes, there are still a lot of caves waiting for me, a lot of skills I am yet to pick up, a lot of forts yet to be liberated and a lot of areas I haven't even explored. I will admit that I am pleasantly surprised by Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it turned out to be. I mean, I was thinking that it's going to be anther Dragon Age game in this series published by the greedy EA. But it's not just any other game, it's 'THE' game that you would love to play as an RPG fan. You'll just have to give it a shot to find out how amazing this game really is.

Updated Engine

Part of the reason why this game looks stunning is because of its updated engine. Yes, it's EA's trademark engine – Frostbite which gives it an almost real look. It's kind of hard to believe that they managed to fit this huge game into the last-gen consoles as well. Props to them for doing it. Good job Bioware and EA. You deserve all the praise you are getting for making this amazing game. It seems that they are finally coming to their senses after all. EA has realized that they are not doing themselves any favor by rushing out all the games instead of giving them some time to polish it up. They have finally woken up.


Unlike in Dragon Age 2 which felt unnecessarily constricted, you are free to explore the vast lands on your own. There are no restrictions here. You are free to go wherever you like at your own wish. I never felt the need to keep going in the same direction even though I had my marker set for the main quest. I was amazed by the freedom I had on every corner of the street. There were multiple directions I could go from almost anywhere in this game. Unlike in other games, there were no invisible walls. You can go wherever you like in this game.

Now, don't start comparing this game with the likes of Skyrim and Just Cause 2, because it's not that type of open-world we are talking about here. Both of those games are seamless open world games, but Dragon Age Inquisition has chunks of open-world areas. There would be loading screens if you'd go from one area to another. That's something I hope gets sorted out in the next installment of this franchise.

Plays great on PC

If you are a PC gamer, the good news for you is that this game will play almost flawlessly on PC. They have not disappointed their PC fans this time wound. You can play with the controller if you want, but let me tell you that Keyboard and mouse works just fine as well. The game is less taxing on your gaming rig than the likes of Far Cry 4 which is testimony to the fact that they have really worked hard in optimizing this game.

Less buggy

You may find it hard to believe, but this game is almost flawless in every way. I encountered very minor bugs during my play through. It's quite possible that I may have been lucky as my experience was flawless, but it's pretty apparent that no major media channels have said anything about this game being buggy. They would have lashed on to it in a flash otherwise. I am not sure about consoles, but if you are playing it on PC, I can assure you that you are not going to encounter any major bugs.

More mature

Not only the story is amazing, but it's a more mature setting and lore that fascinates me. What maturity means is a lot of kids won't understand much about it as it's not about killing enemies anymore. It's about the story which can only be comprehended by an adult due to its complexity.

Amazing lore

The lore is going to keep you hooked up until this game finishes. I can guarantee you that for sure. The story builds up pretty slowly, but it picks up pace midway. There are only fireworks after that. The twists and turns are surely going to keep you on your toes. It's a Bioware game after all. You know that they are going to be heavy on the story as always. Unlike other games, I listened to most of the conversation instead of skipping them through as they were really intriguing instead of just being mere filler. I love every aspect of the story. They might not have the multiple choices of ending like you have seen in Telltale's most games, but you don't need one here.

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Wow, the graphics of Dragon Age looks superb. I will definitely give it a try. By the way, what is the price of Dragon Age Inquisition on Flipkart or SnapDeal ?

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