How to track AdSense wire transfer payments

Did Google issue a payment to you but it didn't receive in your bank? Read this article to learn how to track your AdSense wire transfer payment and how to report it to Google and your bank.

Google upgraded most of the AdSense publishers from India to its new wire transfer payment method. The wire transfer is an easy and smooth process for most publishers and it saves a trip to the bank to cash the cheque. In addition, there is no need to wait for the bank to send your cheque for collection and give you the cash.

However, not all is well with the wire transfer method. I frequently get a lot of pings from social media complaining about missing payments. In case of cheques, there were more complaints about the missing cheques but those was easier to trace since it was delivered by courier and you could get tracking information from the courier company.

How to trace AdSense wire transfer payments?

Believe me, many people who complained that the wire transfer didn't reach their bank account actually didn't have a payment issued by Google. They just assumed a payment was sent to their bank and were looking at the bank account everyday to see the payment. When I logged in to many such AdSense accounts to help them troubleshoot the issue, I figured out some of them hadn't even reached the minimum payout, some others hadn't set up the wire transfer payment method and many others had wrong bank details provided.

So, let's get started with the solutions to this problem.

Checklist to troubleshoot missing AdSense wire transfer

I know most of my readers are smart and some of these troubleshooting ideas will sound silly to them. But since not all my readers are experienced in this, let me start with the basic troubleshooting tips:

1. Login to your AdSense account and check if you have added a wire transfer payment method. If you haven't done already, follow these steps to setup wire transfer for your account.

AdSense Wire Transfer

2. If you have already setup bank details, then check if you have given correct bank details. Some people would have multiple bank accounts and they may be looking at the wrong bank for the payments. Unfortunately, once you add a payment method, you cannot review or edit the bank details. All you can see is the last 4 digits of your bank account. Make sure you are looking at the right bank for the payments.

Troubleshoot wire transfer payments

3. If the last 4 digits of the account number shown in your payment settings page do not match your bank account number, then remove that payment method and add a new payment method with correct details.

4. Check your payment history. Did Google really issue you a payment already between 21st and 25th of the month? If not, check what is your current balance and compare it with the payment threshold you set. Also, check if you have any payment self hold. Google will issue you a payment only if you do not have a self hold and your balance has exceeded the payment threshold you set. The minimum amount you can set is US$100.

AdSense payment settings

5. If your payment history shows a payment was already issued, then look at the correct bank account for payment after 5 working days. In case of some small banks that do not have branches abroad, some intermediary banks are involved in the wire transfer. In such cases, it may take up to 10 working days to get the payment completed.

6. After 5 working days, if the payment is still not reflected in your bank, approach your bank and discuss about the expected wire transfer to your account. It involves some manual process to receive the payment by the bank. In most cases, the foreign remittance is handled in a centralized location and not in your local bank. For the first time remittance, most banks will do a preliminary enquiry about the account holder and the nature of the payment. Sometimes, they will simply put the payment on hold until they get some details from the account holder. Your branch manager may be unaware of this hold. So, discuss with your branch manager in detail and ask him to check with their foreign remittance department regarding any payments on hold for you.

Read more about how to approach your bank regarding AdSense wire transfer payments.

7. If you have tried all the options above but can't trace your payments, then you may need to request Google to re-issue the wire transfer.

Read how to request a wire transfer re issue.

NOTE: Do not rush with a request to re issue the wire transfer. Wait at least 2 weeks before you report it to Google and ask for a re issue. For many first time payees, it may take 1 to 3 weeks of efforts and discussion with the bank to get the money deposited into their accounts. If the bank manager says there is no payment arrived in your account, just keep visiting every 2-3 days and ask for the same for next 2 weeks.

Have you faced any difficulties in receiving AdSense payments via EFT? How did you resolve it? Please share your experience below as a comment.

Article by Tony John
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Guest Author: Malik Junaid Rasheed28 Feb 2015

I need your help..!
Previously I was using SBI default swift code and had received payment in my bank account but then they deducted money like I received 20$ less from the total payment. Then I changed the swift code to a nearby bank branch of SBI swift code. The payment was made on 23rd Feb and it's 28th Feb and have not received the payment, earlier I used to receive the payment in 2 days. Please help.!

Author: Prashant21 Apr 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Hi Tony John,

I have a question about payment.

I verified my account on 19th April and now there is no red hold option for account verification and my earning is also around 300$ at the end of March. I also added the wire transfer details. So when will I get paid? Please help me to know the date of payment.

Guest Author: Prasad13 May 2015

Hello Tony,

I have added all details,and i have more than threshold,but still my payments are failing. Can you help me on this. I am getting below error.

Automatic payment declined: Wire transfer to bank account • • • 4188 for ($143.79). No reason provided by your financial institution. IN0008B24G

Guest Author: Shashi Vardhan Reddy17 Mar 2018

After I Add The Payment Method To Adsense, Why It Shows "Bank Transfer To Bank Account ••••9691" Instead Of Showing "Wire Transfer To Bank Account ••••9691" Is There Any Problem, Did You Receive The Payment? I Came Here Seeing Your Screenshot.

Guest Author: Khan28 May 2018

Hi Tony,
Recently I received my first Adsense payment on 25/05/2018, but I was shocked when I checked my bank account that I have received$18 less amount, approximately₹1250, My account is with Bank of Baroda, what should i do in such case.?
Will I get this $18, Should I switch to another bank to save my hard earned money.
Thanks, Awaiting for your helpful reply.

Guest Author: Kavitha02 Aug 2019

Hello Sir,
I am from Bangalore, I am getting my adsense payment regularly from the past 3 years. But this month July 2019 pament not received 250$.
My Adsense page shows. Automatic payment cancelled,
I received a mail from google that,
Payment didn't go through
The payment we sent to your Google AdSense account on Jul 24, 2019 was unsuccessful.
Unfortunately, they didn't give us a reason why. Check with them for more information.
Please contact your bank or credit institution to resolve the issue.
Note: If you're paid by check or Western Union, click the re-enable button on the Payment Settings page, so we can try processing again.

Asked in my SBI branch , they says no tracking source found for this payment. They don,t know how to track, whom to contact, How to solve my issue. I believe that, based on your adsense experience, you can find the reason for this issue. Please help my to get back my payment.

Guest Author: APURBA23 Oct 2019

For Indians, my advice is not to use SBI account for AdSense wire transfer. Use a private bank like ICICI, HDFC or Axis bank because branch manager will hold your payment and he will never release it, after 3 to 4 months if you don't fill charge dispute form then they will eat it.

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