Top 10 tools to Increase Office Productivity

This is an article where I try to jot down those essential tools which increase the productivity of any organization by boosting up the morale and encourage their creative acumen. Today, socializing is the mantra of success. So, a social network has to be installed within your office premises as well. That would make the picture perfect within your enterprise. Check out how.

Increasing Office Productivity

Productivity as a word does mean something, but the implication goes much deeper when it comes to implementation. It brings about meeting expectations, aspirations, exploiting the maximum propensities and capabilities of every soul who is working in that organization. And all these are applicable not only for the employees but for the employers as well. It is all about bringing about a motivating atmosphere in the organization, boosting up the morale and energy of the team members apart from building up a strong sense of team-spirit.
When all these come together, only then can one organization aspire to excel in its business and override their rivals and competitors.

Now to put all these issues in proper place, one can employ the technological support that is available right out there to help everyone who is looking for help, along with the right spirit of ushering the modern outlook of being socially in tune.

What I found helpful in gathering all these aspects together is a set of tools, availing which your organization would breathe a fresh air of spirit automatically, with a new encouragement that would unleash the creativity and technical skills within everyone who are attached with your enterprise.

Increasing Productivity1

1. Sqwiggle

Swiggle is an online collaboration software which can be used everyday at your office. It would create a virtual presence which would eradicate the disadvantages of physical distance.

2. Officevibe

It is another collaboration tool that makes it super easy irrespective of which place you are working from. Though Officevibe doesn't have a screen sharing feature, it is a very handy tool as it allows free access for up to 3 people which is apt for a small and close knit group.

3. Trello

It is always better to have a clear picture of what you've done, and be aware and alert about those things on which you're currently working on, and the most important what is still in the pipeline. And all that needs to be recorded in a clean and easy to read board which will make your work-life so much easier to sail through. Trello is helpful to achieve these objectives.

4. Yammer

For those who are working in a team where there are more than 10 people, the most intriguing internal social network where you can share links, creative ideas and build up a strong communication, it is Yammer. Try and check it out.

5. Google Hangouts

Hangouts is a free alternative of WebEx or It has a lot of positive impact for those impressive CultureTalks.

Increasing Productivity2

6. Google Docs

Who doesn't know Google Docs? Store everything in the cloud, access them from anywhere, and all of them are saved automatically. You can even choose to work directly on that platform. A great relief from manual security actions.

7. Grooveshark

Isn't it nice to listen to some music sometimes when you're struggling for a long time "in the zone". Grooveshark is the one to get you that relief.

8. is the fantastic alarm tool that helps you in time management just by allotting the time slots efficiently in 25 minute small blocks.

9. Greenshot

Greenshot is a screen shot tool that is today a must-have for any PC user. But it doesn't work for Mac users, and that is quite an unfortunate blockage.


If you are updated with the latest news feed while on the go, then you are ready for the show. Feedly does that with ease and speed. Get it free today on your smart device.

Increasing Productivity3

Last Moment Thoughts

Among all these above tools, you might be using many of them well in advance, but there must be some which can make a better tomorrow by building up a strong bond of communication, a smarter way of keeping records and a smoother way to do things, in replacement of the old strategies, which unknowingly might have been taking your time and effort without giving in return the benefits which you need.

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Author: Bhakti Savla11 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Good to read about several softwares or tools that help increasing office productivity. I must say the author has done a thorough research and described so many tools, out of which I have used Yammer, Google Hangouts and Feedly. From office goers perspective as well as company's point of view, I somehow found Yammer to be a great networking tool for employees of an organization. It could be used to coordinate for car pooling activities, for team building events, for company's annual events, getting certified resources, knowing about achievements of other employees and teams, etc.

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