How to make your blog trending "this week"

Are your blog stats discouraging you? Want to make your blog trending from this week? Want to get higher page ranking for your blogs? Read the article to know about some magical tips to enhance your blog's fame and SEO in a week. Also read why only some blogs are popular and why not all, especially yours?

Blogging is incredible. It is a passion which needs work, caliber and patience. If you're new in the world of blogging you need to work hard and use your potential with patience. No blogger has got success within some days of blogging or some weeks.

Example, Tony John is a successful blogger and he might not have been so if he hadn't been patient for his blogging passion since 2002. He currently owns many popular blogs like IndiaStudyChannel, DotNetSpider and this site too.

Why only some blogs are known

There are unlimited number of blogs on web. And out of those uncountable blogs, every blog is not known.

For example, some "On tip of tongue" blogs for bloggers like us are Mashable, TechCrunch, TheVerge, LifeHacker and CopyBlogger. I am not intending to hurt the status of any blog but this is the reality that only few blogs rule the top search results of web search bars.

Problem lies somewhere in blogging tact. Fresh content is the best diet for healthy SEO. That is what the above sites have got.

Let's suppose a smartphone has just been announced by Apple, Samsung or Nokia. Also suppose some giant media sites, some among the above put the fresh topic containing fresh content on web. Now suppose many other sites tuned the topic in many ways and put the news on web. Still a fresh topic but does it contain fresh content now? No it doesn't!

Giant blogs have hold over every aspect in reality. They hire reporters and media men to get fresh content and that is why they have great priority than any blog which tunes their topics. But this doesn't mean that one can't stand in the competition. Yes, one can!

Just started blogging? Don't have a stronghold over fresh topic? What to do?

If you just started blogging and want to crawl up day by day in every manner, first forget there is any giant blog that would leave your content behind. Encourage yourself not to leave your blog empty and alone. Remember hard work is the key to success. Although you might face many problems in starting weeks or even months, but it hardly means success is away from you. Keep making quality content for your blog and you will see the difference every day.

How to make your blog trending from this week

To make a blog trending is very tough but not impossible. And you can make your blog to rank higher from this week by doing something magical. All you have to do is to:

1. Start following the media: Always remain in touch with media via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Remember that media owes a first-hand news and you can make your blog rank just after them by writing fresh news on what they have got.

2. Start following the tech giants: Top blogs have either first-hand topics that comes from their own hired reporters or 2nd-hand topics that they get from media subscriptions. In the second case, they are just like you.

3. Have a hook for your content: Hook is nothing but the special content of your topic that makes your audience curious. In other words, hook means something exciting in addition. No matter if you write about anything prevailing; what matters is "does your content add some value to what already exists?"

4. Keep your content rich with keywords: No matter how lengthy or brief content your resource contains, if it is rich in keywords. However, don't go overboard and destroy the reader experience.

5. Add virtuality in your content: Even science has proven that anything that is understood with virtual emphasis keeps an impression. So make your content easy to understand and virtual. By virtual I mean to write as to encourage, not to bore. Write in such a way that audience should feel like they are not reading but seeing.


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