Officevibe review: Rejuvenate your Company Culture

Officevibe is one of the latest gamification solutions launched for enhancing and rejuvenating the work atmosphere at the workplaces. It promises to improve productivity, team spirit, creating a healthy atmosphere encouraging employees to boost up their involvement and commitment to their companies. Check out its features and our review and see if it really delivers up to its promises.


Now create an awesome atmosphere at your workplaces! Promote the enriching Company Culture you have built so far with your relentless efforts and Engage your Employees through the newly launched unique Gamification platform through Officevibe.


What is Officevibe?

Officevibe is a newly launched gamification software solution designed with a mind to build up a healthy company culture in the workplaces. The program has jot down a list of challenges that are generally faced by the workers and it has all its tools in place to encourage them in becoming more aware, engaged and involved with their company. For instance there are cheering up options in Officevibe where the users can wish and congratulate each other after each of the tasks been accomplished, and above all, the product keeps by all means the company data maintained with full security. Finally, Officevibe integrates well in tune with Yammer to boost the functionality of each and every platform that exists in the company.

You can call Officevibe a social network in the companies that can be used internally for boosting up employee participation in five categories - Wellness, Productivity, Social, Environment, and Generosity which we generally associate with good workplace qualities to get the best out of everybody's efforts.

There are some challenges that every employee faces both in their personal and professional lives. A rigorous work schedule in the office stresses out the employees and as a result it becomes quite difficult to achieve those apparently simple things like: following a healthy lifestyle, excelling in duties at workplaces, participating in the exhausting team-building exercises, creating and maintaining a clean and healthy office environment, and performing acts with kindness.


Key Features of Officevibe

1. Officevibe has been integrated as a SaaS gamification software solution.
2. It is crafted to build up more productivity in the company and engagement among the employees.
3. Each Officevibe User is eligible for earning points by performing and completing their delegated tasks.
4. The Officevibe Leaderboard is an official display board of the scores achieved by each of its users.
Officevibe takes utmost care in securing every program data
5. Employees are encouraged through congratulating each other for whatever accomplishments they achieve.
6. Officevibe is integrated with Yammer

How to use Officevibe

Once you sign up and click on the confirmation email, log into the Officevibe where you would be prompted to go for a guide tour. Follow the instructions and get started instantly.

Here is how You can participate in 250 activities offered in Officevibe! They are divided into five categories marked by their color: Wellness, Productivity, Social, Environment, Generosity. Explore each of them to get the inspiration of finding out newer ways of improving your dull workdays.


Competing with your Co-Workers

There is this Weekly Mission that is quite straightforward and funny. Here set target reminders to reinforce and encourage positive behaviors in the office premises.
One can also choose to log activities externally from the Weekly Mission, helping in earning points and outranking one's co-workers.

Whenever an activity is marked as completed, Officevibe will ask to fill in a brief description of whatever is shared in the news feed where you can put your comment and mark a high-five or a 'like' for those activities. Additionally, you also earn points for whatever tasks you have completed.

The points are regularly tracked in a widget recorded in the sidebar, and the Leaderboard can be accessed once there is good enough participation from the employees of your company.

As per the gamification philosophy, you will go one Level Up when you complete your set of delegated tasks or have reached certain levels of points. This is another way of boosting up your confidence and certainly a trick that keeps you logging back for more.


The Officevibe interface wears a clean and fresh look that carries a feel- good charm in the first impression.

The pricing of Officevibe is primarily on a freemium model where the signing up is free and later one can choose to upgrade with additional features like customized activities, advanced administrating options, adding up multiple departments, and the API integration.


A Single Sign-on would have been better for larger companies, even though not a must-have.
Few coordinated campaigns and moral support from the senior leaders would have been a good idea to keep the employees charged up and involved.

The Final Thoughts

Over and above, Officevibe is an Intuitive and well-thought-out software solution that does reverberate the office atmosphere and the work culture in a company. The idea of breathing life into an average office idea is really appreciable especially when it doesn't burn a hole in the pocket of the employers to get one.

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Author: Bhakti Savla11 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Stress is one of the most common things experienced by majority of office goers today. In such a scenario, anything that offers to lift the spirit of people in offices is most welcome. Officevibe seems to be one such gamification software solution that builds team spirit and helps employees rejuvenate themselves. It is along of the lines of "Work hard, but party harder". Thanks to the author for sharing the features of Officevibe tool and I am sure this could prove to be a great stress-buster tool for companies in the long run. I hope similar tools are made available and promoted among the various organizations which will help increase employee motivation.

For the time being though, if Officevibe could roll out some updates in future to tackle the issue of lack of single sign-on, it could easily become famous with major MNCs.

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